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  1. You can see a clip of the Royal Family documentary and hear some viewer comments at https://www.elle.com/culture/movies-tv/a29774568/the-crown-royal-family-documentary/
  2. I like LDP's version of Henry but I do wish they had incorporated a bit more of the Henry from the books.
  3. Giving Malachi a little bit of complexity is great. And Vic was good with the girl who stole Granny's check.
  4. So disappointed that they went with Vic's pregnancy storyline. Ugh. And Walt is more of an a**hole than I can stand.
  5. I love the nascent team developing here too. I hope the final episode lets us see Carter, Thompson, and Souza working together to defeat Leviathan. Or at least to beat back the immediate threat.
  6. I'll miss Chief Dooley and am sad that he had to sacrifice himself to save the others. Heroic, though. I agree: the amputation scene certainly hints at the development of the Winter Soldier story-mind control so powerful it convinces a man undergoing severe trauma that he is strolling with his mother. I'm eager to see the conclusion but sad to see the series end.
  7. Agent Carter has become the brightest spot in my (admittedly slim) roster of weekly TV watching. I am on edge about the last two episodes and can't wait to see how this week's interrogation sequence resolves. Will Peggy give them a piece of intel that resonates so much they have to check it out? And will that sway them to give her more credence? Will Dottie interrupt things with her sniper rifle?
  8. I too, want Tim to live! And Rachel. Ii think that there is a good chance that Boyd and Raylan die but am on the fence about Ava dying. I think last season took Art out of the field so he won't die.
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