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  1. Hey y'all. 20 minutes in, and this kid is more likeable than 95% of the other people on this show.
  2. S'up y'all! Her friend is afraid of losing her food buddy. I understand this completely having a mother who tries to sabotage me at every turn.
  3. Well that was a downer. Gonna go watch the pimple popper now.
  4. Is that lint or nits in his hair?????????????? WHY IS APS not stepping in here?
  5. I was going to say Sean actually appears to be on the lower IQ side.
  6. If he is having gallstone fuckery, he may be only able to eat meat and bread. That was all I could do when mine shit the bed.
  7. That kid is awful big to still be in a diaper.
  8. Let's hope she's taking care of Landon now instead of ignoring him.
  9. Here's hoping his dad will put a foot in his ass.
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