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  1. No, that pastry/cheese reaction was an invention of Sarah HuckaB Sanders, to come up with an excuse for the reason John Kelly was rolling his eyes when Trump was insulting Germany at the breakfast. So she insulted Belgium and Kelly's cosmopolitanism in one swoop. She is appalling. The attempt at realtime view correction was reported in by WaPo: https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/erik-wemple/wp/2018/07/12/morning-joe-attempts-an-impossible-task-fact-checking-trump-on-the-fly/?utm_term=.758262881d9e
  2. That's probably what they were trying to do. They were focused on him losing "just one state" but only ever said "Wisconsin ". As I said, it was confusing.
  3. Does Willy think Mondale was from Wisconsin? That was confusing. They were comparing this president's remarks on his "historic" Wisconsin win and the Reagan 1984 election.
  4. Now in the new hour Mika is reading Joe's tweet about the president's behavior-- while Joe sits next to her. now they are replaying their muttered corrections-- and I understand why this was incomprehensible while I was still mostly asleep at 3:45 AM.
  5. Indeed, Viva la France! Thanks for explaining what they were doing to correct the president's speech in real time. Niw they are comparing him to Stalin, who also was famously not willing to be corrected. Now they are promoting Lawrence O'Donnell's book. That's why he is there. super.
  6. Are they really congratulating themselves on their own show for how they interrupted that speech? It seemed like they were muttering under the speaking, and thought they were correcting the remarks. Maybe they were, but it's not even 4:00 AM here and I could not tell what they were doing. I also was surprised to see Lawrence O'Donnell on the show.
  7. I think that embedded Russian spy saga is fascinating (and yes, I watched all of "The Americans"), but I did not need to hear the whole story to know it was Peter Strzok who headed that. I wish him the very best; he has earned the high regard of this country, and is entitled to make idiotic yet accurate remarks about what he is seeing on television. I will not be watching the public hearing, but look forward to hearing highlights. It gets so exhausting to see each political party pushing partisan spectacles. I did laugh at the end of the show, when Rachel was relating Sarah Huckabee
  8. Also, I think Morse is close enough to being a clone of her father that it raises many issues for Joan, which she is intelligent enough to realize. So, I agree she does not want to "become her mother" in the near future, but also does not want to marry dear old dad. I don't mean this in any way except she so clearly has a complicated relationship with her father that she is imperfectly working through.
  9. At that point, Morse did not know about the sister plot, but he realized that there was a suddenly new connection between the train spotter and the 1964 murder, so was off and running -- while also figuring out the sister swap.
  10. MSNBC basically replayed Rachel's show instead of repeating Chris Hayes's show. Brian W. did a 14-minute update on the Court choice, so took the same minutes that the announcement had been at 9:00, then they cut to the original 45 minutes of Rachel's show.
  11. The husband had tickets to South America, so apparently the plan was to leave town almost immediately. That's why I said the wife (not murdered, but pretending to be murdered) should have gone to London instead of walking around Oxford where they knew people. Idiot plan. Cedric apparently was triggered in some way -- I agree we really did not need that final attack. They already had evidence that he had killed the girl back in 1964. I think what really pushed Bright's buttons was the whole scenario -- beyond Trewlove and the rudeness, to protecting everything he has stood for
  12. Oh, yuck, I had not realized that. Well, they don't take questions, so it should not last too long. But then her show slot will need to focus on the choice, and that might mean a panel led by Brian Williams. (!) ??
  13. The mother of the murderer/trainspotter was the piano teacher of the girl murdered back in 1964. Remember that he said in his first conversation with Morse that his mother wanted him to be a pianist, but he did not have an ear for it. Then the mother of the girl, at the nursing home, mentioned the teacher's name, and said the teacher had been especially devastated by the girl's death. I think there is a hint of jealousy we are meant to infer regarding the trainspotter. Remember Morse looking at her school picture and seeing the badge labeled "Prefect "? Very early in the episode, i
  14. It is three lines longer, where he says he will not come any closer, and tells Joan to come to him. The rest is in the PBS version. Glad you could get the full version! Colin Dexter makes an appearance as "Employee of the Month" as "Signal Man Dexter"!
  15. I think they shorten the shows to make time for the sponsor clips and then other promotions at the end. It's only four or so minutes, but sometimes the scenes are crucial. I quite liked the roof scene we saw -- it was emotional and rueful on both sides. Morse saw his records, but he just was not giving any indication that he recognized them. Again (see two posts above), I do think we are missing a scene about the stolen Morse items. Everyone certainly is giving George Fancy a lot of unearned breaks and credit. Including the baby name. Wife is going to be surprised if she ever t
  16. Now, *that* one was in this episode! After he gets his beer, they head to the roof. That is when she tries to fix him up with "Claudine". Was that Claudine he ran into afterward on the street? They were not just dismissive of the reporter played by Abigail Thaw, I thought they were rather rude to her. Secret red letters at the end spell out: PARLIAMENTARY TRAINS -- a special train service for the lower-income riders. So, where were the missing scenes? I think there must have been a scene with Fancy and the two jerks in the car before they blew into the office and attacked
  17. jjj

    S05.E01: Muse

    So, it was not clear who actually owned the Faberge egg at the end of the episode (was it Lake or Gray who owned it?) -- and it appears that the egg was authentic, but they were doctoring the provenance with fake documents. I still don't see why they did not just sell the valuable egg without the documents -- other art historians could have authenticated it as an actual Faberge product. I just watched the episode again, and realized they were doing all this to get insurance money for a fake theft. What idiots. Any insurance company would have invested considerable resources to try to authe
  18. I really think the accent was deliberately added or intensified to show that Fred's brother was of a different class than Fred has become. Britain is so class-conscious, and theatre uses accents to make the point of who belongs where. We were meant to understand that Fred's brother was not his equal. Yes, it's unsettling to see people pigeonholed. And they gave him behaviour to match the accent, like immediately calling Bright "Reginald".
  19. I'm not surprised Rachel is taking a long weekend, but I'm sorry she missed the show where Pruitt resigned (Joy Ann Reid said the Pruitt resignation was a "bombshell resignation," but everyone seemed to think it was inevitable). I hope the trout are bitin'.
  20. jjj


    Is there really no thread for "Meet the Press"? Also, there appears to be no general thread for comments on guests anchors MSNBC. Chris Jansing is guest host at "Meet the Press" today, and on many other shows (guest anchor), but I can't find the place to remark on this.
  21. I think it was recorded in advance? There were a few live hours on MSNBC midday (the Chris Jansing works project, filling in for so many vacationing anchors), and the afternoon and evening were all pre-recorded shows. I don't know why they bothered -- not going to tune in for canned shows on a holiday.
  22. I mentioned this speech above -- the red letters with the hidden message in the end credits spell out "RIVERS OF BLOOD".
  23. That missing dialogue is important to the plot, because Thursday talks about letting in “Chaz and Billy” through the side door. Those are/were his brothers (Chaz=the Charles we saw). So this does tell us that he had two brothers, and at the very end of the episode, he says “the best of us never came back” (Billy). So, we really were meant to hear that missing dialogue. Did you realize that the “archeologist” in the film clips at the opening was Shaun Evans?!
  24. I thought Rachel had grimaced a little, as she had just provided the illusion (which she knew that we know is not true) that she would be present tomorrow. "I'll see you tomorrow" said she, as she described the show about the Supreme Court nomination, then Lawrence waved her off to her canoe. Honestly, I can take knowing everyone will be away and they have recorded shows already. I don't need the illusion that they will be on the air live.
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