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  1. The acting and the cast are far outpacing the writing, which is a shame. I like the premise, and a lot of the actors are bringing it, but the major plot gaps/stilted dialogue are just making it difficult to keep watching.
  2. Not a high point in the series for me- a lot of it just seemed to be beating us over the plot points and characterizations that had been set a a while ago. But it looks like they'll be doing it for many years in the future, so I'm still all in. This episode seemed a bit poorly though out and done for the sake of doing it, but as viewers we probably won't care as much in a few decades.
  3. I'd be thrilled if the franchise went to someone new, instead of just retreading past contestants. Except for boring Sean and Catherine (and the really disturbing focus on their 'honeymoon bed'), isn't it a given now that past contestants have a much better 'love' track record on Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise? I'm cringing at the thought of sitting through Jade and Tanner's wedding, and I had a huge thumbs up for Marcus not being on the horrendous Bachelor float- I just don't find re-treads that interesting. I liked Amber the first few times that I saw her, but she just emphasized t
  4. I'm actually enjoying this season- usually by episode 3 I'm hate-watching it. I still think that the show's a crock as far as being a useful way to find a partner, but I think that Ben's doing a great job, and most of the women aren't incredibly annoying. Obviously the producers have to maximize drama wherever they can, but really, they all seem like pretty decent people. My only real problem is that everyone is so young- thinking that you're going to find 'everlasting love' when you're 23 and your brain hasn't even finished developing is a bit icky to me. I watch the show with my 20 y
  5. More like Andi's history wasn't talked about because it didn't fit the narrative of the show. Even aside from her religion- remember her intro about her being a law and order type prosecutor? No mention that she walked out on a trial and (apparently) gave up her law license to be the Bachelorette, and hasn't made any attempt to get it back. It's like Kaitlyn being Canadian- Chris Soules couldn't travel to Canada because of his DUI conviction, so her being Canadian wasn't worth mentioning. The show doesn't talk about things that they don't want to talk about- there's a reason that we n
  6. The twin thing just pisses me off. I've got multiple birth kids, and I hate the 'let's have sex with siblings' thing. Ben's apparently the next thing to asexual, so why even go there? Cute mini-horse...chicken lady should have brought her pets along. Enough of the women were almost fainting at the sight of the horse (who presumably pooped everywhere off-camera)...the chickens might have livened things up a bit. At least it looks like they're going abroad this year- I guess that Ben doesn't have any travel restrictions on him. If he is sane, nice, a great catch, etc- why is he o
  7. The Countess/Gaga is really the least interesting thing about this season, and that's saying something. Nice costuming and a bit of screen presence, but she just has nothing to work with. Sarah Paulson's character is also boring me to tears- I've liked her on occasion, but she doesn't have much to work with. I think that the supporting players took the cake this episode- Dahmer and Gacy were spot on, and while Lily Rabe was awesome, it seemed like she was trying to even more overact Charlize Theron's interpretation? Was that Twisty or Pennywise at the end? Too bad that that Manson or Jack
  8. When Charming said "Merlin?" and Merlin responded with "You were expecting someone...." I just filled in the "whiter" part of it. I don't think that "older" was the first thing that crossed dumbass' mind. I like this Merlin- not only is he easy on the eyes and the ears, but he seems fairly stable, which might be a good addition to the show. I'm sick of Henry's storylines, but I think that the actor is doing a fine job with him this season. And for a change (even though it was fake), it was nice to see someone getting friend-zoned for a change. Every time prospective couples me
  9. I'm finding the season a bit uneven so far- some very great performances by some of the actors, and a (very few) interesting storylines. No discredit to Gaga as I don't think that she's doing that horrible a job, but well-dressed, fairly stupid vampire has been done to death. And despite Murphy's 'they're not vampires, they've got a blood addiction' insistence, if it walks like a vampire and kills like a vampire and doesn't in any way stray from the vampire myth, they're vampires. Especially now that Angela's on the scene, it's hard to believe that she wouldn't have been killed off long ago
  10. Not my favourite season before, but at least there's no Frozen. I'd hoped that Arthur might be an interesting character- I never liked the Disney version of his story. I hope that they actually do the Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot treatment with some subtlety, not just having Arthur be evil. So far I can't see that he's done anything wrong- getting his squire to drink the poison was pretty hardcore, but I think that you could make a case for him just trying to get his people home. If he'd left Charming with the Black Knights on the pond then I'd assume he's evil according to the show, but
  11. H.H. Holmes house was full of chutes leading to incinerators, lime pits, false elevators etc. From everything I've read about the series so far, the actual hotel is based in great part on Holmes' house of horrors, even though the show isn't really plumbing the depths of that yet. If you look at the schematics of his house, his number of victims, and the ease in which he made a living off of insurance claims etc., it's a lot scarier than fake vampires and whiny ghosts. The one thing that really rang true to me about this episode was when Gaga said that her favourite year was 1979. It was
  12. Still binge watching this season, and I think that it might have been better to wait a week between episodes. I'm still giving thanks that Elsa and Anna are gone (at least for the moment.) I'm becoming much less fond of the 'your destiny is predetermined' storylines. Yes, there may be an 'author' or a God, but if everything is predestined then how you live your life really doesn't matter. Margene's and Josh's reactions to having an adult daughter just seems a bit weird, to say the least. No matter what your parenting skills are (and they haven't shown many), at some point, it's a
  13. Binge watching season 4, and damn, I hope that the Frozen storyline is over now. Loved the actress that played Elsa, but the characters were just abysmally stupid. Could Anna and Kristoff together put together two syllables in a row? The reindeer seemed more interesting than either of them. What would happen if they had a child? And if you're an ice queen, wouldn't you perhaps not choose to be clad in cheap sky blue polyester with skating school sequins haphazardly sewn on? I did actually like this episode- no real surprises, but it was nice to see a bit of snark, and humour. I'm a
  14. I think that the show has pretty much jumped the shark for me. I'm vaguely invested in a few people, but either I've watched too much Unreal or it's just become so stupid that I don't care that much now. The editing has been so horrible this season- people have sunburns, then they don't, people go on dates or have wet clothes, and then not. Edits that paint someone as a villain or victim are done and gone after 10 minutes of airtime- more power to them. I don't care about Joe, or Samantha. I think that the producers pretty much beat that storyline into the ground a few episodes ag
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