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  1. Cocidius

    S04.E09: Queen Death

    Right I'm sick of magic redheads named Hope altogether(for some reason they're always powerful kids). They really need to stop. I thought the episode was fine until she walked in and saved the day again. Somehow she's going to beat this big bad so it's safe to fall asleep til next season.
  2. Cocidius

    S08.E16: I Was Feeling Epic

    Maybe that was it, but something was definitely off.
  3. Cocidius

    S08.E16: I Was Feeling Epic

    I only have one complaint. Nina's acting was hella off. I want to say it was a phoned in performance. Every scene of her's took me out of the moments. Maybe she was out of practice or didn't really want to do it. I just wish it wasn't so bad. It one of those cases be careful what you wish for lol. Other than that it was a satisfing ending.
  4. Cocidius

    S07.E20: Kill 'Em All

    Another Great episode. Did anyone notice the change in Bonnie's expression after she unsealed the vault? So maybe she will be more than the witch/Huntress. They do have an episode called "Gods" & monsters. Might be a alluding to something.
  5. Thank goodness for Netflix suggestions. I would have never found this show called Roswell. It had me even more disappointed in the finale and Elena as a character. I thought I was just biased against Elena because she's the lead female love interest(The character I usually hate), but this character Liz showed me the light. I just hate Elena because she's a bad character. Now onto why this finale and this sleeping curse is retarded (mostly DE as a whole). TVD is a example of the negative side of fans being able to voice their opinions so visibly. I'll be honest I caught up on TVD with Netflix in the fall. So thankfully I was able to skip most of the DE saga(Especially when things got repetitive). 1. The writers ended up losing how they originally wanted to tell their story. 2.They wrote themselves into a corner by trying to cater to a certain fan-base. I.E the sleeping curse. As I've said before no matter what happens in Damon's story line it won't mean anything in the end because he'll end up with Elena either way(Unless ND won't return for the finale and than he dies with Stefan. Which I hope that's the case). Also the whole plot hole of when the witch dies they're spell is undone(mostly this applies to the Silas story. Because up until that point witches died all the time and their spell wasn't undone). I have a lot more points but these two were the main ones and I don't want to go on for ages. Basically if Roswell were made in this day and age I shutter to think how it would have turned out with fans being so vocal(Story wise. Thankfully they saved the finale season). Unless fans are trying to save a show I hope them having a major impact on the story loosens up and the writer can follow their vision all the way through.Not switching up mid-way. If you haven't watched Roswell yet than Netfix isn't doing you any favors.
  6. That was underwhelming. Elena should have officially died. Not a damn sleeping curse. The biggest draw back to this any Damon stuff won't mean anything in the end. Connecting Bonnie to the curse. WTF Plec give the girl a brake. The showdown Chris said we'd get was no where to be found. Cliffhanger was dumb as f*ck Skipped nearly all the meaningless goodbye scenes. The only one I watched was the girls. Favorite scene of the night. Enzo and Lily who? Bye Gemini you were annoying while you were here. Thanks for blessing us with Kai. Plus side they can focus on plot instead of love lives. Fingers crossed they cast great actors for the heretics next season. No Cami's,Hayleys, or Freyas. Oh and Livs.
  7. Cocidius

    Vampire Diaries In The Media

    Paul is one of the richest actors. I'm sure he'd be fine either way. lol
  8. Cocidius

    Vampire Diaries In The Media

    I for one am happy. Season 6 has been refreshing and season seven will basically be a new show. Now that we won't have to deal with Elena's love life or save her anymore. Some fans are just doing the most and not in a good way.
  9. Cocidius

    S02.E22: Ashes to Ashes

    This is for your other response as well. I agree with everything you said. However being a regular on The Originals unless you're Joseph or Daniel means absolute shit. Hell this season alone proved that. My original point was we're going to get her back in one form or another. Most likely with Maise although she'd likely have to stay on recurring status.. Which is smart on her part since she's doing movies. As long as I get a decent amount of Bex I don't care what her status is. .
  10. Cocidius

    S02.E22: Ashes to Ashes

    Right and it'd be a safe bet to keep the gig they already know will be safe. Just in case their shows flop.
  11. Cocidius

    S02.E22: Ashes to Ashes

    For the people who keep on saying that Rebekah won't be back next season. Question: have you never seen a season finale or am I missing something? Because characters always leave and come back in the season premiere. So all these "I'll miss" are pointless. Ugh hopefully Freya's actress will improve next season. and P.S Daniel Gillies is still doing two shows. So I'm pretty sure the rest can manage as well.
  12. Cocidius

    S02.E22: Ashes to Ashes

    It was an okay season finale. Things I liked 1.As much as I like Claire I'm glad Maise will be in the role next season. At least she's committed to the Job/Role. Unlike Claire. It was my fear that if she took the role back we'd only get Rebekah here and there or a shitty replacement. Since Rebekah is my favorite character I'm looking forward to next season. 2.Dahlia being the bad-ass that she is/was. What she did with the white oak stake was freaking epic. She was great. She will be missed . 3.No Haley or Jackson was great. Things I hated 1. That neither Cami nor Freya met their end this episode. Still Hate them both. 2.No Josh in this episode. 3.Original Kol didn't get resurrected. 4.No big cliffhanger. Wow I didn't realize how bad OG Esther's actress was until this episode. Shame when a replacement does it better. Guess not everyone can be Claire and Maise. smh.
  13. Cocidius

    S06.E19: Because

    Good enough for a set up episode. Things this episode accomplished. 1. Solidified Bonnie as half of what is making this season great. 2. Made me Miss Bonnie's other half even more. 3. Made me somewhat care for Steroline. 4. Continued to prove that the show will survive without Elena. 5. Why Liz is the best parent this show ever had. 6. Damon will never be that great of a long term friend. Hope next episode gives us more #BonKai scenes.
  14. Cocidius

    S06.E18: I Never Could Love Like That

    What a crappy return. First they leave out the best characters of the season #BonKai. Than they focus on the worst Who does that? Vitches are real now or at least kinda sorta? Stereoline continues to grate my nerves. Damon betrays Bonnie again(think this will be common season 7). The bore Stefan is back. I hope they come back next season with The Originals level of writing. So it can be around a few more years without Elena's annoying ass. .
  15. Cocidius

    S02.E12: Sanctuary

    Love the new Rebekah.Glad they let her(Maisie) keep her native accent wouldn't have wanted her to try an american or australian one . Hope she sticks around after Star Wars makes her big and if claire isn't coming back to stay. I find her Vamp fighting Hilarious still. Glad Cassie died hated her. Freya seems like she'll give them a good fight. I wasn't really into the Klaus/Haley/Jackson storyline. I wish Klaus spent his time looking for Rebekah instead. Loved their scene at the end. I can't express how much I love Finn he is one of my new favs. Glad he was made a regular. Since Kol wasn't made a regular I guess he'll be the one to die. Although they might pull the Freya/Ester/Mikeal gets killed so they're(the writers) keeping their word that an Original will die. Even if it is a copout.