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  1. emma675


    After reading the Elle profile of McKayla, the FBI can suck it. They completely screwed all of Nassar's victims by doing nothing until they were forced to. They could have stopped the abuse so much sooner than it was stopped and maybe even prevented more victims. I hope these ladies burn them to the ground.
  2. I discovered something interesting this morning while I was playing around with things. If I switch themes to IPS default, I can get into threads from my saved forums page if they have a little sub-area to the right (see below). I was able to get into the Everything Else section by clicking on the Family: The Good, the Bad, etc. link to the right:
  3. I could screen share later today, if anyone is available.
  4. So why would it be having issues on our end when we are signed in and not on your end when you're signed in as us? What's the difference?
  5. I just tried it on my laptop and mobile phone and it didn't work (I get the below error). I also tried to access a few other forums from the main forum page and it didn't work.
  6. Thanks for setting this up! I've tried all the same things @SoMuchTVhas tried and nothing has worked on my laptop or mobile. My issues started happening a few months ago first with my laptop (mobile was fine at that point and I could access everything normally), then a few weeks ago my phone started having the same issues. I can't access any thread I don't have a notification in. I have to go into my Notifications, find an old post that was liked or commented on, click on that, and then I can access those threads. If I try to get to a thread from the main forum page, it times out and I g
  7. emma675


    Yep, @SilverStormm has been trying to help me, too. I'm just glad I'm not the only one being impacted, though it sucks so many of us are having problems.
  8. emma675


    Thanks! I'll let the mod who has been emailing me know you're having similar issues.
  9. emma675


    Yep, I can't get into that thread because I've never posted in it before, lol. I had a fellow poster go into the Bugs thread for me and post my issue, so a mod could email me. It's so annoying, I've tried everything I can think of to fix it, but no luck.
  10. emma675


    Can I ask what kind of issues you're having? I've been emailing with one of the site mods over an issue I had randomly pop up, first I couldn't access any threads via the main forum page on my laptop and now it's happening on my phone. I've literally changed nothing, it just suddenly started happening. I can only access threads if I've posted in them before and people have liked or commented. I have to into my notifications and click on the like/comment to get into the thread. It's so annoying.
  11. I had chips and dip for dinner, too, so the circle is complete. I did literally no adult eating whatsoever today.
  12. I feel you. I ate tortilla chips with guacamole and spinach artichoke dips for lunch today. I'm turning into Oliver from Only Murders in the Building (he claims to live on dip).
  13. I'm 5'8", a size 6, and a 28 or 30DDD. I look like I should topple over, lol. And yes, it's impossible to find those band sizes! And soooo expensive.
  14. That doesn't and shouldn't matter. You should not have to feel unsafe in your own home because of a neighbor's dog. You should not have to adjust your routine or worry about opening the door at the right time because of a neighbor's dog. It's your house, your property, and they need to control their damn dog. Sorry, but I get worked up over people who cannot control their animals.
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