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  1. emma675


    So, I've been doing modified low carb for almost a year now (I have a target carb number I stay under during the weekdays and it's a carb fest on the weekends) and today I fit into what I like to call my "inspiration pants". It's a pair of pants I bought that were the target size I wanted to be when I started. What's weird is that while I'm happy, I think I'm going to buy a smaller pair of inspiration pants because I don't feel as excited about fitting into them as I thought I would. It's nice to be this size but I'm not doing cartwheels of excitement.
  2. See, that's adorable and symbolizes your relationship. I love that. The two Duggar boys taking a pic in Home Depot is contrived and ridiculous.
  3. Seriously! And who took this picture of them? Maybe my Home Depot isn't as social media savvy, but I've never seen any of the construction guys in there pausing to take a staged pic.
  4. What the hell was that? I have no idea what he is trying to say.
  5. I think it's a filter. If you look closely at her eye, there is no color. It just looks like a white ball. Plus, the logo on her headphones is slightly blurry.
  6. I wonder what it feels like to sit with that thing? Is her ass numb? Does it feel like she's wearing a full diaper? The whole Brazilian butt lift fascinates me.
  7. BexKeps, if you find any, please share. My hair is currently a smidge longer than shoulder length and it's a super fun mix of totally straight and corkscrew curly (I lost a ton of hair last year due to being on prednisone for a few months and the new growth is all curly). I prefer to straighten the curly bits and I was looking for inspiration on a blunt cut bob or lob, but every picture is freaking beach waves.
  8. His happiness just comes through the pictures, what a sweet kid. Austin seems to have mellowed out a lot over the last year and he seems to be happier in general, too.
  9. emma675


    Sandman87, thanks for the update on your progress, I hope you get a concrete release date soon. Knowing your house is so damaged from the fire, where will you be living? And if it counts, I knew you were a guy. 😉
  10. Oh, Nysha, that is way too much for one person, I'm so sorry.
  11. Cane Rosso for pizza. Pecan Lodge for bbq followed up by Emporium Pies for dessert (they are relatively near each other in the Bishop Arts district). If you want to shop, North Park mall or Snyder Plaza.
  12. emma675

    NFL Thread

    That was such a nice moment for Jimmy Johnson and I loved his quick speech and how excited the whole crew seemed for him.
  13. beckie, my deepest condolences on the loss of your dad. I wish you and your family peace and comfort in the coming days.
  14. emma675

    NFL Thread

    This KC/Houston game is so fun but OMG SHUT UP ROMO. Ugh, I cannot stand him.
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