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  1. Ben's sister is really pretty and she has the face to pull off that hair cut.
  2. emma675

    The NBA

    I watched the 76er's game today on the NBA network (because I've been charmed by Thybulle and his on-camera teammates, tbh) and the announcing was just awful. The announcers kept talking over each other, one sounded like he was in an echoing basement and he was SO LOUD, they kept randomly cutting to three people who had hosted a pre-game show and they never seemed to be talking about the live game going on, etc. It was one of the most frustrating games I've ever watched.
  3. Teddi's house is not my style (I think Kyle's house, minus the horrible decorating by the morally corrupt Faye Resnick, is more my style) but I wouldn't call it fugly. I would constantly worry about earthquakes with it perched on a hill and I would be terrified of someone falling over the edge of the pool deck down into the canyon below.
  4. OMG, be more dramatic, Jill. Nurie isn't dead (like the thousands of Americans who died from Covid because you couldn't get them all Plexus), she's married. I shudder to think what this does to Nurie's psyche and the rest of the poor kids still stuck at home. Hopefully, none of them feel guilty for wanting a life away from Jill.
  5. Happy belated birthday, Zella, you crazy hillbilly (and hopefully you remember us joking about that, lol)! 🤣
  6. I finally got a chance to watch this and this, this is the kind of DRAMA I live for in a HoWives show! So. Much. Juicy. Fun. Just a few random thoughts, I'm still digesting everything: 1. I usually hate Erika and Dorit's glam on trips but for some reason I'm really enjoying it in Rome. It's stupid, it's over the top, it's dramatic, it's glorious. Kyle was right, Erika looked like an accident victim in that white hat get up but she laughed along with it. And yes, Dorit is a total narcissist wanting her picture taken every 5 minutes, but I thought it was cute that she did a karate kick at Kyle when she made fun of her leather motorcycle outfit. 2. Sutton is back to being superior and snotty and haughty, ugh. Yes, Garcelle's question about money was intrusive but I feel like she would have been fine had Sutton laughed at her and said "girl, it's none of your business." Maybe getting stuck sitting next to Teddi at dinner drove Sutton over the edge. 3. Kyle cracked me up several times during the episode. Making fun of Erika and Dorit, saying Dorit was going to go home speaking English with an Italian accent, the weird sex story during drinks. 4. I thought Dorit was right to tell Kyle to stop talking over her at the reveal dinner. Yes, it was stupid to claim she liked Denise more than Kyle, but she did have the right to tell Kyle she never lets her finish. I agree with Dorit, someone help me. 5. Garcelle is so fun. Trying to order breakfast the first morning (eggs? bacon? coffee, coffee, coffee!), laughing at the price of that ridiculous Fendi coat, being gracious and apologizing to Sutton at dinner, saying in her talking head that she wanted to know the dirty details between Brandi and Denise. I would latch onto her if I were among this group. 6. Teddi is just....such a buzz kill. 7. I don't know who to believe between Denise and Brandi, I really don't. Brandi is a known liar, but I also believe she has a big mouth in general and I find it hard to believe she has the brains to make something like this up. Denise has made it known she enjoys sex and I could see her getting drunk enough to have a one night stand and regret it the next day, but with Brandi? I just don't know. 8. I like seeing the behind the scenes stuff. If Denise is constantly yelling "bravo, bravo, bravo" when she doesn't like how things are going or demanding producers cater to her or not showing up for filming, I will really lose a lot of respect for her. She had to know what she was in for when she signed up for this, it's not a new or secret show. I can't wait for next week! And I haven't said that in a long time about this show.
  7. emma675


    I'm in Tornado Alley and have been through a couple. You go to the most innermost room without windows on the first floor of your house. If you have time, grab a thick blanket to keep over yourself, family, pets, etc. It helps to practice a few times a year so it becomes a routine because you won't be thinking straight in the moment.
  8. Happy birthday, Suzn and ohiopirate02! I share a birthday with Tom Cruise and Bill Cosby, oy.
  9. Oh, Jinger. You are not an influencer. You can try all you like but it's pretty sad and transparent. Real influencers are naturally charming and engaging and make you want to learn more about their lives and what they like and buy.
  10. That looks like what happened to my tomato plants a few weeks ago when we got a random wind storm with 60+ mph winds (and no rain). That was the same storm that knocked out my power for almost 12 hours. We had a freak tornado in October in my city almost two years ago that went right through the middle of a heavily populated area (there hadn't been a tornado in that area since the 70s) and some stores and homes are still not fixed. I accidentally turned down one of the streets that was hit about a month after (I try not to be an "damage tourist") and it was insane. One side of the street was totally fine and the other side was a war zone--trees stripped bare, second stories of houses just gone, cars flipped over, etc. I could see the tornado from my house that night, it was a few miles north of me. Weather can be crazy. Speaking of weather, Mindthinkr, I hope you're safe with the hurricane on its way to the Carolinas.
  11. I can't figure out Nurie's veil. It went under her hair in the back and hangs over her shoulders in the front? But it's also over her head like a headband? I'm lost.
  12. Jeeves, could you use those little heater/warming packs made for gloves and boots? I used to work with a woman who had Raynaud's pretty bad, her fingers would turn blue in the summer in our office because the A/C was so strong and she would hold those little heating packs to help. Scarlett45, oh my, I'm so sorry. There seem to be no easy answers or solutions to a hoarding situation, esp. when there are multiple people involved.
  13. Damn, Anna is looking rough. Sex pest looks like crap, too, but I'd expect nothing less from him. Jill is walking barefoot down the aisle and David looks like he just rolled out of the print shop. Good lord.
  14. I thought she flew to Seattle (?) to get treatment from some "cutting edge" doctor who used some weird form of treatment? Guess that didn't work?
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