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  1. Meghan looks so much like her mom when her face is a little fuller. I think Doria is so beautiful and regal looking. I do wonder if Meghan and Harry will post anything when their daughter is born. If I were them, I might post a written announcement with the basics (day, weight, name, etc.) but no images and leave the comments turned off. There are too many crazies who feel the need to post horrible things, even on the announcement of a new baby being born.
  2. Given who Meghan's father is and how he's treated her, it's probably wonderful for her to watch Harry and their son interact and bond.
  3. Yeah, I don't give a flip about boys. The ladies still have so many open ended stories that need to be covered first.
  4. No, it's NP Thyroid. I can't take Synthroid, though, I'm allergic to one of the fillers in it. Plus, it doesn't have all of the thyroid hormones that a naturally dessicated med does and having no thyroid, I need those. It's a hard game to play finding a thyroid medication that works, I'm over it.
  5. I'm so irritated, my thyroid medication is under another recall. The manufacturer just announced it last week but I've noticed I have had symptoms for at least the last month or so. I just thought it was because I wasn't eating as healthy as I should or working out enough. As someone without a thyroid, a medication recall can be serious, I literally have nothing in my body as a backup if my medication isn't working correctly. And it takes weeks to months to get back on track with a new med. 🤬
  6. I'm fine with blood being drawn (which is good since I have to do labs regularly), but I've learned I can't watch the needle going in. The poor nurse who was doing my blood draw when I learned this probably had to buy new shoes after I threw up all over her Nikes. I'm sure I'm her "story" now when she's trying to reassure patients, lol.
  7. I LOVE Leverage! Did you see they are having a reunion? I'm so excited! Also, Aldis Hodge is just yummy (and freaking bulked up right now for a movie with the Rock).
  8. I think Josh is too lazy and too full of himself to get snipped. He probably thinks if they need to stop having children it should be Anna who has to do something to her body, not him. I can also picture him being a wuss who is scared of needles or the doctor or the procedure in general. Something I wouldn't normally make fun of someone for, but it's Josh so...
  9. Three hours in and the party has moved into hard core rap/hip hop. Keep in mind this is a group of middle aged white people with their small children in tow. I like Post Malone as much as anyone but I don't think the uncensored version of "Rockstar" is appropriate for 10 year olds to dance to.
  10. He looks like an older guy cosplaying as a much younger guy. 🤣 He seriously looks like he's wearing a costume.
  11. My pet peeve at this minute is my next door neighbors who are having some sort of party in their backyard that involves a bounce house and blaring honky tonk country music so loud I can hear it in every room of my house. I can only hope that since it started around 4:30pm it's not something that will last all night.
  12. I wonder how she's going to sell it (I'm assuming she's publishing it herself a la David's home printing press)? If you self publish, can you get it listed on Amazon or is she stuck selling it herself via her online blog? She'd have to set up online payments and processing on the blog, I would assume.
  13. Can someone name the girls in order? I can't tell who is who. I think it starts on the left with Evangeline, Felicity, Ivy? Then I get lost, lol.
  14. How many of you already had pets when your kids were born? And which adjusts better, cats or dogs? ‐‐------‐------------------------- I don't have kids so I shouldn't comment, but I can't imagine having a baby or toddler and a puppy or kitten. I think I'd lose my mind, lol. *Stupid quote function isn't working on my phone today.
  15. I shouldn't be surprised when they announce another pregnancy and yet, I still am. And my first thought was not charitable, it was "you idiots." They are adding another baby to a warehouse living situation, with a father who has no discernible job and is an accused molester, a mother who is basically a doormat, and a herd of children who are looking at a future with very little to no education. What a bleak picture.
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