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  1. My grammy was the same way, peacheslatour. Stubborn as hell, was the driver for both herself and my papa for years (he lost an eye in WWII and did not feel comfortable behind the wheel once he retired), a speed demon, and kind of mean when someone told her something she knew deep down but didn't want to hear. It took her running into her own outside garage wall before she gave up the car (she couldn't judge the distance and ran smack into the bricks). Thank God it wasn't another car or house or person.
  2. emma675

    NFL Thread

    Good for the Bengals and sucks for the Raiders, but I hate that it was another game dominated by the officiating and some odd calls.
  3. I think he said they also maxed out his 401K, which his dad was totally against, so I bet they are probably in a lot of debt. I wonder if season 2 will be after the B&B opens and we finally start seeing guests? They shoot in Montreal so I don't know if Covid rules have restricted how many people they can have on set or not.
  4. Thorfinn: "What is personal massager?" 🤣🤣🤣 And because I rewatched it tonight: Sam: "look, I'm not crazy or at least I'm not lying. And I can prove it. Thor, lights!" Thor: "Sam, chair!" Sam: "no, get the lights." Thor: "oh, right, yes."
  5. What's funny is that the pic is actually a real life pic of the actor and his dog. Even though this episode wasn't my favorite, I still loved it. This is just such a wonderful little show and I look forward to it every week. I love how even showing his softer and more sensitive side with Bela, Trevor still got in a compliment about her boobs, heh. I wish Sam had said that part, I feel like Bela actually would have appreciated it. Jay flailing around the room trying to walk through Trevor was hysterical. And I feel like we learned a lot about Sam and why she is the way sh
  6. And then in the comments the MLM people swoop in with "work from your phone! become a bossbabe! work on your own time whenever you want and make a real salary!" My cousin got caught up in one (Monat) and briefly turned into someone I didn't even recognize before she got out (and lost quite a bit of money from it).
  7. emma675


    Plus, apparently the rapid tests are unlikely to be accurate with omicron, according to my manager's doctor. My manager took two rapid tests and both were negative, then she finally was able to get a PCR test and bam, positive. She got hit hard but is finally recovering.
  8. emma675

    The NBA

    Any team that takes him is just asking for trouble. I get not wanting to play for a team where you feel like you aren't valued and the fans don't appreciate you, but that's life no matter where you play. At some point every player alive has a bad streak or season and teammates and fans start questioning things. And yes, maybe Joel Embiid and Doc Rivers threw him under the bus a bit for losing the playoffs last season, but Simmons cannot take any bit of questioning or criticism AT ALL. He's shown that since college and he hasn't changed. I lost any shred of respect I had for him with his action
  9. Thorfin got struck by lightning. Although, yes, he got separated from his friends and they sailed off without him. And Thor died before Sass (I remember Sass trying to come up with how many times he had sex and Thor said he knew, because he watched, lol).
  10. There are so many good quotes (and thanks, SoMuchTV for starting this!). Just off the top of my head: Alberta: "oh, nooooo, don't make me hate my own face, Todd, ya creepy nut!"
  11. Thanks, but I can't. I'm having site issues on all of my devices and can't start new threads or get into ones I haven't posted in before. The site owners are aware, there are quite a few of us having issues.
  12. This is totally what I think! And I believe Pete doesn't even realize he's holding a grudge against the little girl who accidentally shot him. We need more backstory on Hetty, Trevor, and Sasappis. I want to know how each of them died at the manor or on the grounds. Aside from Flower, Pete, the cholera pit ghosts, and the headless guy, no one else has visible injuries.
  13. I feel like the show will stay away from religion or where the ghosts go after they get sucked off (heh) in the first season, but maybe they'll broach the subject in later seasons. At some point, I feel like one of the ghosts will get sucked off (seriously, Trevor, heh). It seems only natural now that Sam is involved and helping them research and resolve their outstanding life issues. I hope it's a random cholera pit ghost and not one of the upstairs ghosts, I love them all too much at this point. BTW, do we have a quotes threads for this topic? I'm having site issues and can't get into t
  14. I think the ghosts said Jay put the remote in a drawer. Trevor was saying something about how he could push the buttons but opening a drawer was beyond him. I hope Sam realizes how lucky she is. Jay is a delight and I love that he thinks it's great that Sam can see ghosts. And he actually goes with the flow of all the weirdness. His forever calling Pete "arrow guy" cracks me up. Sassapis being so sweet to Sam before they left as a way to constantly remind her to leave the TV on cracked me up. And blurting out that Pete has a crush on Alberta was so him. He just can't keep a secret. A
  15. emma675

    The NBA

    The whole thing is a mess and I feel like Silver and the league are randomly applying rules without any real consistency. A few months ago, more than half of the Sixers were out with Covid and had to call up G League players to field a team and none of their games were postponed. The Mavs are doing the same thing right now; it's like their list of players out on protocols is longer than the list of those available to play. It's not going to get any better over the coming month as cases peak from the holidays.
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