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  1. Most of our stations have the anchors and weather people working remote, too. One of the weather guys posted a picture of the "reality" on Twitter today--he had on a shirt, tie, and suit jacket, and shorts and no shoes. He works at his desk so you can only see the top half.
  2. Thoughts on those two pics: 1. At first glance, it looked like "Si's" shirt either had marijuana leaves or a hand giving the middle finger. 2. "Si" is getting very bottom heavy, he is definitely a pear shape.
  3. Yeah, we're not doomed. It's going to suck and probably for a long time, but we'll bounce back. I hope our new normal involves more time with family and friends and less time stressing and working ourselves to the bone.
  4. My neighborhood Google group has been posting updates offering to shop for seniors, relaying which stores still have supplies, planning neighborhood activities for people walking (we did a put a shamrock in your window last week for kids to find on their walks). It's nice. My work finally slowed down over the last two days and I've had a chance to enjoy quarantine. I've tried an online pilates class the last two days and I'm sore in weird places. I worked out twice today, which never happens.
  5. I saw a post on FB the other night where people were taking diapers and turning them into masks! I guess this is better than just a bandanna, but have we really reached a point where people are going out with diapers on their heads? Maybe so.
  6. No, we do not. And nope, he can't claim us if he wasn't born here. 🤣
  7. I thought it was Wednesday pretty much up until about an hour ago. Today was the first day in the last 10 where I didn't work 12-13 hours straight. Knock on wood, we've reached a point at my company where we're on top of things now. I actually cleaned, painted two windowsills, and did an online Pilates class. And the sun came out for the first time in 16 days.
  8. Don't come to Texas. Our idiot Lt. Governor was on tv tonight talking about how we all need to get back to living normally and the older generations should sacrifice in order to keep the country intact. I cannot believe the arrogance and stupidity. Like this only affects older people and not anyone else.
  9. Hey, Jill, sweetie, dumbass. I don't care how "VERY sanitary" it was, if one person was carrying the virus, everyone there was potentially infected. Moron.
  10. I stocked up on some box hair color so no roots here, but I may have to figure out how to move up my own extensions if this goes on for weeks, lol. Another 12 hour day working from home with no end in sight. I thought working on the couch in my sweats would be fun but this is not.
  11. Jake is such a fuzzy butt, I love it!
  12. I have a list of house things I want to get done during quarantine (painting, deep cleaning, etc.) if my job ever slows down. It's just one fire drill after another right now and I worked pretty much all weekend, too. I really need a break pretty soon. Which I know sounds spoiled and bratty--I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, a paycheck still coming, etc. I'm just so worn out.
  13. I wish I was bored! I'm in corporate communications for my company and we haven't had a break for the last two weeks. We are cranking out communications faster than I can breathe (my company is a financial institution so we won't close). I'm hopeful this week we'll reach a point where we have templates for everything or just minor updates to things. I'm exhausted. My county issued a shelter in place order today until April 2, so I'm home for the foreseeable future.
  14. Those "graduation" pictures are just bizarre. It looks like Not Nurie's head was photoshopped onto someone else's body in a few.
  15. Did she surround the breaker box with fake flowers?? And I'll bet $50 David didn't get permits for any of that.
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