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  1. Only when Maci isn't in the scene. You have to know when Farrah is making more sense than you, you need to reevaluate your life choices. And you have to know that 98% of her outrage at paying child support is because she is the mom. Same reason why she thinks she deserves more custody/rights, even though she hasn't done much to earn anyone's trust back. Not to go off on a tangent, but a lot of these girls (Leah Messer is another that comes to mind) claim that because they're the moms, they are just automatically better parents. They would never acknowledge that if they were da
  2. truelovekiss


    What the ever loving fuck...? That's disgusting. First of all, if you're going to commit a crime, why are you posting evidence? Also, does he think anyone who is friends with him on social media would approve of this? I'm going to go out on a limb and say most people would be disgusted by this, as we all are. As far as Maci and Bentley go, I really feel bad for poor Bentley. His dad has always been clearly disinterested in him, and now we know that he's a psychopath who is capable of violence. And I don't blame Maci if she seriously reconsiders keeping Bentley away from Jen and Larr
  3. That happened to my sister. She fell when she was like 18 months old or something, and the dentist let her keep the tooth in for a couple of years, since it would have taken at least 5 years after that for it to fall out on its own. The fact that Grace is like 6 1/2 now, and the teeth would be coming out on their own within the next couple of years made me think that her existing teeth would be in the way of/harming her adult teeth and gums. Randy tried to help Leah save face, but she made it plenty clear that Grace had some rotten teeth.
  4. I'm not going to pretend I know much about dentistry, but I don't think it's overly common to have TWO of her front baby teeth pulled at age 6-7, when they should be falling out relatively soon. My instinct (knowing nothing about dentistry) is that if they were really unhealthy and decayed, it could cause the incoming teeth to be decayed too. I saw a show once where there was like a volunteer dentist who went to West Virginia in a traveling dentist office (like a food truck, but for dentistry). There was a disproportionate amount of tooth decay and rotten baby teeth in the poorer communit
  5. If it was just a regular belt, I would have loved the outfit. The shirt dress with leggings is pretty, simple and comfortable
  6. Didn't think of it at the time, but I think it is fairly likely. And frankly, despite the privileged upbringing, I think that she (and the other beautiful daughters) probably has some real, unresolved issues that she might deal with by drinking and stuff. Not just the last year of being pseudo mom, and the next few with her dad out of the house. She's been on national tv since she was 5-7 years old, pushed into acting, pageants, etc to feed her mother's need for validation and attention, and constantly surrounded by fueding "adult" relatives bringing unnecessary drama to her life. Having mon
  7. Well that guy's a jerk. Correct, but a jerk. It's just like how Selena and Chloe Grace tried to take the "there are real issues in the world to talk about" stance because Taylor was wrong. Yeah, it's 100% true that Kim is famous because of her dad, stepdad and Ray J. No one is arguing that. But she was still right about this. Her lack of talent doesn't nullify the truth, and Taylor's talent doesn't nullify the fact that she lied.
  8. What Chloe Grace said was completely benign and in no way offensive. But the timing of her comment (and Selena Gomez's similar comment) it kind of reminded me of a politician caught in a scandal, and all they and their party can say is that they just want to focus on the "issues." Taylor lied to make herself look good. It's obvious now. What both of those girls said was probably the closest they could come to supporting their friend who is being attacked by the media, without jumping on Taylor's obviously wrong bandwagon. I think it's actually pretty appropriate. No one bullied Kim. Again, Ki
  9. Oh my god, this movie was hilarious and excellent! Kate McKinnon for president. She seriously knocked it out of the park with her delivery. Perfect combination of character and Kate herself. She said in an interview that Holtzmann is the closest she's ever come to playing herself, and that just makes me like her more! Chris Hemsworth (all Hemsworth brothers, really) can really just be in everything. His comedic delivery was excellent, though! He's much more than a pretty boy. Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy were also hilarious and amazingly good. I love seeing Charles Da
  10. I think this is the first time Kim ever outsmarted anyone. Kanye or Kris probably came up with the idea, but let's just say it was Kim. This is probably her only shot.
  11. I don't even know how it's still up on twitter (if it is). It's very graphic. I feel bad for the poor girl in the picture (I believe Chloe that it isn't her), whoever it is, she clearly isn't aware that she's being photographed. She was caught in a candid, wardobe malfunction moment at the beach that probably lasted for less than 5 seconds but some creep got a picture. What Khloe is really trying to do is (sorry to even say this, it's for lack of better term) "slut-shame" her. In the most base, crude way, she is basically saying "oh you disagree with me? Let me put a revealing photo of
  12. Ah, yes, I'm sure he'll see get ever dime of it too! ?
  13. True, I forgot the finer details! Thank you! So the real loser in the whole situation was Bey. She got dragged into this huge awkward debacle, and her achievement got overlooked.
  14. I'm sure it's killing Little Lord Fuckpants that an esteemed gentleman such as himself has been cast aside in favor of Juicy Joe. Amber definitely thought she would be the new Teresa, and that season 7 would feature her as the star, with Melissa as the jealous wannabe and the twins as her loyal henchmen.
  15. I think it might also be a good idea for Chelsea to speak to an unrelated accountant or financial advisor in addition to a lawyer. I think having her dad help her out with her financial planning was okay for awhile, since she trusts him and listens to him. But now that she's getting married, it might be better to entrust her and Cole's finances to an impartial professional. I think they should find someone who will give fair advice that suits both of them. Randy is a good guy, but we all know he dotes on his little princess and I think it's likely that his advice is "what's Chelsea's is Chels
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