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  1. in2dust

    S01.E12: I Can't Leave Her

    Lol, I was so engrossed in the story that I didn't even realize until now that Amanita's mother was white. I feel really dumb right now. :D Also, how great was the exchange between Will and Lito? I like that they acknowledged that the orgy was a bit confusing, especially for the more "low on the Kinsey scale" participants.
  2. in2dust

    S01.E05: Art is Like Religion

    I'm bingeing through this way too fast. Kind of confused by how easily Freema's character believes in Nomi's visions but I do like her supportiveness. Now that the apartment has been ransacked it clearer though. Yay, Officer Guy for telling off Nomi's horrible mother. I really enjoyed the conversation between Sun and African Bus Boy. They both seem very ready too give up a lot for their family. The difference obviously that Bus Boy's mother seems like a good person while I have no idea what Sun sees in her family. They suck. Wolfgang and Maybe-Not-A-Bride-Anymore clearly are destined for each other. After that penis close-up you know she is over her fiance. Also I'm super jealous of that spa/swimming pool Wolfgang was in. That looked so beautiful. Not much to say about DJ and Gay Actor. The fighting scene they were shooting was fund and his freak out in the car was interesting but it didn't really do much plotwise.
  3. in2dust

    S01.E02: I Am Also A We

    Already heaps better than Ep1. Much better pace and the story is slowly emerging. If it keeps up this pace I'm in for the entire season at least. Still love Nomi (who get's the award for first name remembered by me) and her story. Wanted to punch her mother swiftly in the taint. Nothing riles me up more than the "I treat you like shit because I love you" nonsense. Ugh. Officer Psychic and his Scully Sidekick have a nice dynamic going on. Don't care much about the drunk dad though. I appreciated that he didn't just immediately trust the mysterious Sayid. At that point he should trust his poilce information more than his weird visions. Good decisions. Generally I have to say that barely any character fell into the "I'm stupid for plot reasons" trap so far. Interested to see where the "Save Nomi!" plot will lead to. I'm calling it now. German dude will end up with Indian bride. Also. Are all Indian brides ready to impromptu jump in when a surprise synchronized Bollywood dance number starts? Super impressive. No wonder Sharukh Khan't wants to marry her. Did I blink and miss Korean Business Lady and African Bus Boy? I guess not every episode will feature everyone equally which is a very wise decision. This episode felt way less crowded than the first one. Totally called that the Gay Actor's friend would be psyched about being his beard. Much better than a homophobic freakout though so I'll allow the transparency. And on a shallow note: How is the entire cast so incredibly good looking. Such a diverse group of people but everyone gorgeous. Fun. Quick Edit: Almost forgot to say. WOW, was I over those credits quickly. I enjoyed the shots the first time but was immediately ready to skip them the second time. Someone about the combination of music and weird cuts made it sooooo boring to watch.
  4. in2dust

    S01.E01: Limbic Resonance

    I'm intrigued. But I'm not 100% sold yet. There were some problems. Number 1: God, some of those character introdcutions were hamfisted. "Hey, apropos of nothing, nobody would fault you for hating gangbangers after what happened to your father." "Hey, honey, remember how I fell in love with you at last pride when you defended me from your TERF "friends"? Just thought I'd mention it." "Dear Ganesha, please let me tell you all about my life after I've had an awkwardly emotional conversation with my father in the middle of his workday." "Dude, I remember having heard that your father tried to crack the uncrackable safe and got caught. Might you be thinking about cracking that same uncrackable safe? Possibly?" Number 2: It was very slow on the overarching storyline. HOWEVER, there were more redeeming qualities: I like all the actors. Beautifully shot. Nice soundtrack. And most of all the very interesting and fresh characters: I looooved DJ Lady and Paradoxically-Not-Trigger-Happy-Cop mainly because they seemed to be somewhat used for the storyline. I was also really into the Blonde Trans Lady and her girlfriend Lesbian Dr. Martha Jones. Their storyline with the deplorable TERFs at pride was interesting (but unfortunately not well woven into the rest of the story.) Could have done without the rainbow strap-on though. ^^ Indian Bride-To-Be and Korean Business Lady seemed to get the short end of the stick this episode but I'm looking forward to learning more. German Daddy Issue Dude is cool even though his safe cracking while whatching "This is totally not DSDS, no copyright infringed" was a bit much. I like the actor from his movie "Freier Fall" so I'm interested to see where this is going. (Also: Netflix heroes seem to be into urinating on their fathers' graves. Weird.) No idea what to think about Boned-Up Cheesy Actor and African Bus Boy so far. All in all I'm hoping that the storyline moves forward a bit more and I can chalk up the problems to Pilot-itis. Also: Please more Morpheus!Sayid. On to episode 2.
  5. in2dust

    The Returned (US)

    I haven't seen the french one either. It isn't available on netflix in my country so now I'm debating whether I should go look for it elsewhere. Personally I really enjoyed it. So far the characters seem mostly likable. I really felt for the young woman who saw her ex-boyfriend(?) and freaked out. From the reaction I'm assuming it's his kid and not the new guy's. The sisters are okay so far and I liked their mother. Psychologist guy is cool as well, maybe because I love the actor. Not so hot on the father who kind of assaulted his psychic hooker(?) although I did like the actors performance. Liked doctor "Adopt-a-boy" but found her decision to just snatch up the boy and have a sleep over pretty sketchy. I kind of understand the caregiver attitude but come on. Someone is looking for the boy. (I mean, probably not really, but she doesn't know.) I can't help but see all kinds of red flags in this situation. Not cool, lady. Even though creepy satan-child Victor is probably not even a real kid. Still not cool. Seems like the show is going more for the emotional exploration than for straight mystery which is fine by me. I have been burned by "find out what's really behind [event]... eventually... maybe... but not really" shows before. If I even get a whiff of "the authors don't know either" I'm bailing. (Looking at you Lost, FlashForward,...) This show could turn out to be what I had hoped "The Leftovers" would be. It has a similar feel except that it isn't as unwatchably depressing and I find most characters likable and (so far) rational.
  6. in2dust

    S02.E08: Kirk Steele

    I loved everything about this episode. Trey's horrible porn videos, Illana's sef-love rituals, the store clerk, that amazingly weird kid, the weirder mother, gaybysitter, Abby's misunderstood "art". Everything. Pure gold.
  7. in2dust

    S08.E16: The Intimacy Acceleration

    Yeah,, I don't really get the Emily hate either. The actress is fun and likable (liked her very much in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries) and her character barely had a chance to grow. Remember how much Amy changed over the course of a few seasons. The first time we saw her she was a horrible female Sheldon clone.