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  1. I enjoyed the episode well enough, but holy poop, did it feel like it was directed by the biggest Star Wars fanboy ever! I lost track of all the callbacks to the movies: trawling imperial star destroyer; biker scout pedal acceleration; obi-wan fishman on the reactor cooler; stormtrooper dialogue. There were so many, it was ridiculous. I'm pretty sure they used some of the same lines from the early films as well. I also lost track of how many Wilhelm Screams were used. Same. I'm pretty sure they make green oreos for the holidays, which is what I thought they were.
  2. Mando needs to teach Baby Yoda to stay away from Facehugger eggs.
  3. Anduin- Thanks for the info. I confess that I haven't kept up with much Star Wars canon since the first Thrawn novels and a couple of the others after that. This makes sense, if they communicate through a non-verbal language.
  4. I can buy the Mandalorian doing that, but what struck me is that it was the Marshall (Vanth) that called the bartender "Weequay." I guess it could just be what the bartender goes by in town as a nickname (he looked like the only non-human living there), but given that Cobb and the bartender seemed to have a kind of camaraderie going back a ways, it seemed odd and maybe a little bit racist. Like calling the Native American bartender in an Old West town "Injun" or "Tonto" or something. Something I could see the average jerk/racist townsfolk doing, but not someone who seemed familiar like Cobb. This may just be my modern day cultural sensitivity speaking and not align with the "real world" of deep space territorial living. πŸ˜€
  5. It looked like the Marshal only had the upper portions of Boba Fett's armor (helmet, jetpack, breastplate, gauntlets, pauldrons). Otherwise, it looked like he was just wearing jeans and cowboy boots (correct me if I'm wrong?) Which might suggest that someone else has Boba Fett's boots. And, personally, if I'd- I don't know- just crawled out of a Sarlaac Pit and was stuck in the hot desert with no air conditioning and decided to toss away some of my hot armor, I might want to keep my boots so that I didn't step on any cactuses or womp rats. β˜€οΈπŸœοΈπŸ₯΅πŸ₯ΎπŸ€πŸ’© Speaking of which... did anyone else find it weird that the Marshal called the bartender- who he'd clearly known for a while- "Weequay"? Unless I'm mistaken, Weequay is the name of the race, not an individual. Calling him by his race seems odd, to say the least. "Human, fetch me a drink!" "Wookiee, break that guy's arm!"
  6. I thought the same thing re: single file banthas. And I also loved the treatment of the Sand People as... people (even if it was a bit too on the nose with the Native American parallels). They have always been treated pretty one-dimensionally in prior movies and shows, at least as far as I've seen. I expect it is something like a gallstone, then? Good question. Do we have any idea how long their hibernation periods are, when they aren't being disturbed by Tusken Raiders emulating their call?
  7. Explains why a Sarlaac might not have stopped a certain someone.
  8. They're leaning completely into the Space-Western theme this episode: powwow by campfire with the natives all under the shadow of Ennio Morricone-like score. And add Timothy Olyphant in a ghost town for good measure.
  9. She could have a phone strap on her armband or vambraces, maybe. I felt the Stormfront thing was a bit rushed, and thought it was kind of ridiculous that she survived the triple attack from the three female supes relatively unscathed. Also not a huge fan of how they basically reset the status quo back to the beginning of season 1. Still a much more enjoyable show to me than its comic source (I find myself liking Ennis' work less the further I get from my college years).
  10. Was I the only one flashing back to Aaron Stanford's Pyro from the X-Men movies when watching Ashmore's play with the lighter?
  11. Any bets on which member of the Timeless cast will appear on this show next?
  12. Didn't they say back in S1 that Homelander has super hearing? Why doesn't he ever seem to use that to spy on people's conversations? He'd be even more dangerously creepy. The lighter he's holding is a clue.
  13. I caught it, but only because I was a Power Company reader back in the day (I miss that title. And I hope that Kurt Busiek's Astro City tv series finally gets made.) I was wondering when that particular shady character was going to show up, though I admittedly didn't see the Eclipso thing coming. I'm guessing Yolanda's feelings about killing Brainwave will be explored in S2, since it seemed to be a big deal when they telegraphed her telling Rex he shouldn't kill. They seemed to gloss it over a bit during the X-mas celebration and goodbye to Justin, but I guess they didn't think it would fit to have her the only one moping around. All in all, this show was solid. I was a little unsure it could do everything it seemed to want in the first couple episodes, but the writers, actors, and entire creative team did a great job. I think this is the most well-done of all the DC series.
  14. It seems to be a theory that there is one singular timeline, and any deviations from it need to be corrected by the Commission. Now, how it is determined which is the "true" timeline and which is a deviance seems to be a matter of interpretation. That the Handler was willing to bend the rules for Five and his siblings suggests that the Commission (or particular members) aren't afraid to impose their own deviations when/where they want to. I also thought it was strange that Herb seemed to not know that JFK was supposed to be killed in Dallas originally. At least that is the impression I got based on his reaction to Diego; I may have to watch that scene in the operator's room again.
  15. That was a fun season; I think it ended a bit stronger than the last season, and was more consistent throughout, although episodes 7 and 8 started to go a bit off the rails for a second. My guess is this Sparrow Academy came about because of how Diego messed with Reginald's timeline by turning Grace against him. In any event, glad to see that Ben will continue to be a part of the show. I feel like he still didn't get utilized as much as he could have been (and Klaus was really selfish in keeping Ben from being able to interact with his siblings for so long). I wasn't sold on the Swedes at first, but man, I really came to like them. Those actors should be commended for being able to do so much with so little (virtually no dialogue, etc.). This show continues to be much more solid than the source material (sorry; wasn't a fan of the comic). Looking forward to S3, whenever that eventually comes about.
  16. I think they definitely are doing that. Which reminds me: am I the only one that is under the impression they may be Frost Giants or somehow related to them? I seem to recall them mentioning Niflheim while at dinner (or something similarly Asgard-related). Add to that Icicle's frost powers and...
  17. Didn't see that coming. I will say that this show keeps me on my toes, and that is great. It has definitely gotten a lot better at balancing the light moments with the dark, so there isn't as much of a stark contrast- but boy, it keeps getting dark. I really want to see our intrepid heroes start notching up some wins. I'd also like to see a bit more development with the new JSA relationships; Rick is just too one-note angry, and the turmoil of Courtney's choice to stick with Henry vs. the JSA didn't quite feel as wrenching as I think it was intended to. Curious to see what the deal is with Sam Kurtis, and I wonder why some of that couldn't have been resolved with an actual honest discussion between Barbara and Courtney about who her dad really is (and possibly Pat, too). Hopefully there is a real reason behind it, and not just "dragging the mystery out for dramatic purposes"; too much tv writing goes this route IMO, at the sacrifice of believable human interaction. I'm kind of with Primal Slayer in thinking maybe this isn't the last of Brainwave Jr. I'd like to see Yolanda doing a little more boxing and a little less slashing, and would like Dr. Mid-Nite to have something more to do than share whatever Chuck is telling her. Anyone think Mike might stumble across STRIPE in the garage and decide to go for a test run? Or will he instead show up unexpectedly sometime in the next three episodes with a certain pink pen to (accidentally) save the day?
  18. Side note: Seems to me Niles is still being a manipulative SOB. His promises to Cliff to work on upgrading him might be sincere, but the caveat that it "might take decades" seems designed to push Cliff to help Niles with his continuing quest to prolong his life. Similarly, Niles' pushing Jane to let Babydoll out to play with Dorothy seems very manipulative of both Jane (using her as a means to an end) and Dorothy (trying to appease her childlike instincts to keep her from growing up is just another type of prison).
  19. Where do I sign up for the Steele and Stone show?
  20. Cthulhudrew


    You're right; I did miss it. I think I must have started watching, not finished, but moved on to the next episode or something. That gives much more context to things. Thanks!
  21. I think that's the idea, but to me the characters on Buffy had a much less naive innocence to them than the characters on Stargirl do, and that's the disconnect I'm having. Buffy and the Scoobies had a much more worldly, sarcastic demeanor that made it a bit more palatable that they were also dealing with these evil menaces. Plus, even the darkness in Buffy- for the most part- was tinged with humor. The baddies in Stargirl are deadly serious.
  22. Or... dragon eyes... I enjoyed this episode. I think they could do a better job with Wildcat's costume (even after the magical makeover, it looked a little awkward), but I liked the relationship that developed here. I am having a little bit of trouble reconciling the tone of the show. On the one hand, we have some of this wide-eyed, relatively light-hearted coming of age story that is fun to watch. On the other hand, we have this increasingly dark tale of mayhem, murder, and possible genocide that is our super-villainy realm and the two just seem like too much of a contrast for a comfortable fit. I'm also unclear on what the status of the JSA and ISA is in this world. Courtney knew who Starman was in the pilot, and there is a Wikipedia entry on Wildcat. Yet Yolanda- who appears to have grown up in Blue Valley- has no idea who any of these people are, and even Courtney was unfamiliar with the ISA and its members until Pat filled her in.
  23. Cthulhudrew


    I didn't really watch Scrubs while it was on, and watched it intermittently while it was in reruns, but always enjoyed it. I've started watching it again while listening to Fake Doctors, Real Friends, and have been loving it. One thing I thought I'd ask, though: I just finished S2, and am starting to watch S3. There is a huge bit of discontinuity between the end of S2E22 and S3E01, IMO. It seems very strange to go from Cox punching out Kelso to apparently everything being okay, Elliot dating Sean again (and having shorter hair), JD pining over Elliot (what happened to Jamie?). Was this something that was commented on at the time, or ever really addressed?
  24. Glad to see that when Pat said "some guy named Ted Knight" created the Cosmic Staff, I wasn't the only one thinking of this Ted Knight: I got the impression her difficulty with sewing was more due to some inherent durability of the Starman costume, but maybe your reading of the scene was more accurate than mine.
  25. I'm with the minority of posters here that thought this episode felt like filler. It had a lot of interesting things going on, but ultimately I thought it just threw a "full stop" right in the middle of the escalating tension and action of the past several episodes, all for the sake of a (slightly amusing, but overplayed) gimmick premise. And it really felt like they had to strangle Charlie's character to make the plot fit. I'm also incredibly biased because I hoped never to see the Mona character again.
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