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  1. EATherrian


    What did the audience guy say that upset the middle comedian? I couldn't hear it.
  2. EATherrian

    S06.E18: Young Adult

    To theatremouse, I had several cats who just would not keep a collar on. I'd find it somewhere in the house every morning. I do remember Ferguson having a collar though, but I'm not willing to rewatch the series and see.
  3. EATherrian

    S03.E06: Brick Hotel

    Over 9000... :)
  4. EATherrian


    He said surprise, not miracle. :)
  5. EATherrian


    Watching the Tuesday episode. I think Chris has now talked for 20 minutes straight. Do the guests get a chance to talk at all?
  6. I felt the exact same way. ISIS is pretty much a direct result of removing the Baath party membership and the military without any options.