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  1. The final bonus round was indeed painful to watch. Ugh. I would have preferred they cut the stupid singing when coming back from commercials in favor of telling us which answers were left out of the cup pong game. (I suspected Ellen Degeneres would be in top 20 for twitter followers and was shouting Facebook, YouTube, Twitter for top 20 websites. I realize I could look them up but still) At least we avoided Jane singing which is my absolute least favorite part of these shows.
  2. In general, I agree that we don’t need so many reaction shots of the judges, but I confess that Mayim’s reactions made me smile. She seemed so genuinely into it and having fun, it was infectious. And while some jokes are fine and keep the show light, I also generally prefer the “really playing the game” questions. I also had to smile when the fighter guy came out with his basket of crocheted goodies, including headbands.
  3. MILA LICKED A STEAK. I had seen this story in my twitter feed before I watched the episode this evening so I was on the lookout. I rewound and played in slow mo. She. Licked. A. Steak. With her tongue. After being sick. I cannot. https://people.com/food/below-deck-med-chef-licks-steak-mila-kolomeitseva/
  4. I was excited to hear this show was coming back since I did like the original version. Now I’m struggling to make it through the 30 episodes. The food looks gross, she barks at her husband and staff, repeats the same things ad nauseum. I cannot listen to her “I chop onions differently” bit one more time. Or that her mother doesn’t like an herb. She is infinitely more annoying than I remember. How many rotisserie chickens has she used? “LBS” “sexy beast” “ridge” Being excited over setting off the smoke alarm. “Tee hee I’m so short, isn’t that funny?” I am annoyed by oh so many things I’m going to do my best to finish this run of episodes because I’m not a quitter, but I will be glad when I don’t have this homework sitting on my DVR anymore.
  5. Do you watch The Resident? It reminded me of a storyline on that show where they are suggesting a Doctor is over-treating patients w chemo, hiding medical records, etc.
  6. Well I think this is the first time I ever cried during EHG! RIP Mr. Hooper.
  7. My Comcast just notified me that they are adding the Universal Kids channel BACK, but the only upcoming episode that is airing that I can see is a repeat of the Un-Bee-Lievable episode. I hope we’ll get to see the end of this series at some point! I’ve already been deprived of the Great American Baking Show ending!
  8. I also thought the Carmen "injury" was out of left field. I can't wait until Melissa leaves. She is so over the top and camera hungry. Please leave my TV!!
  9. http://people.com/tv/jon-kate-gosselin-police-called-over-custody-dispute/?utm_campaign=peoplemagazine&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&xid=socialflow_twitter_peoplemag
  10. @Athena Thank you for the recommendations! Downloading now!
  11. I feel like I'm committing adultery, but I actually listen to both ATK and Milk Street. I'm obsessed with podcasts and love food podcasts. (other food ones I listen to: the Sporkful, Foodstuff, Gastropod, The Splendid Table, Prince Street, and Bite). They're a nice distraction from all the politics podcasts!
  12. A "new" episode appeared in my feed today - but the intro just said the ATK Radio was taking a hiatus and then they played an episode of "The Splendid Table"
  13. Ha anyone seen the Sticky Bun episode yet? When Bridget and Julia were eating them at the end and then kind of got the giggles, it seemed the most real I've ever seen them. I like them both, but do feel a certain level of phoniness from them. (Maybe the phony comes from pretending to teach someone who already knows). But the end segment was so out of character and real, it made me seek out this board and post. Curious as to other thoughts.
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