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  1. Huh, I didn't think 3 out of 4 of them had that in them. Pics or videos?
  2. For the sake of the timeline, Cheer Athletics was alerted to these allegations in May. I have a very hard time believing the family didn't also reach out to Monica.
  3. Sam can't dance. Even if she wanted to be a DCC, she can't. There is a video posted ages ago of her in a prep class and it was bad...like, no rhythm or musicality bad. So, Sam has my vote only because she accepted her path and didn't push herself into a route she couldn't fit on. I think Cassie was bred to be a SAHM mom---and she's doing exactly what Judy destined her to be.
  4. I'm sure it will. What else do we have to occupy our time with these days?
  5. She doesn't live locally anymore, so that could be a factor. Just to state for the record, if Kat is sleeping with a player I am not slut-shaming her. I am, however, questioning the DCC organization for not enforcing their own rules across the board. Whether I think the rule is archaic or it, it's their rules and they should apply to everyone equally. Also, Holly was one of the best DCC dancers they have ever had in their entire history. If this is the hill they wanted to die on, they should have ignored that transgression and not excuse the former Honeybee who has two left feet!
  6. Hannah was cut for speaking out about unsafe conditions in TCC. We speculate that Brennan was cut for something similar and/or not being recovered enough from her 2 cases of COVID. We don't have answers for Lily or Meredith yet.
  7. Can someone cliff note me on the new TCC that followed her boyfriend to DCC? Is he playing for the Cowboys? And now she's a DCC? I've been distracted...
  8. Since Char isn't going anywhere, there is a chance Vikkie wouldn't go anywhere either. She seems to love her as much as Kelli does.
  9. Dang right we are! I spread this into one of the Facebook groups and the normally sunshine and rainbows is not so sunny anymore. Oh, how the tides turn!
  10. I won't downvote you. I do think it's telling when Hannah said her concerns were heard and she expected going in to find a safer environment. TCC was only 2 weeks and a lot can happen in a short period of time. She may have continued to voice concerns thinking it would lead to more, instead of just throwing her hands up in the air, and then when reality hit she realized that they never intended the girls to be safe.
  11. Leave it to the red head not to shut her mouth and leave quietly! As a redhead myself, I'm gonna enjoy this fire...I hope it takes both Char and Kelli out!
  12. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy watching this burn...before they're deleted.
  13. Thanks! I hope you're doing well and staying healthy. I can understand a Vet like Meredith or Lily being cut when they barely made the team last year; I was prepared for that. But, Brennan and Hannah? And Kat is sleeping with a player and is kept? That's a hard no...
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