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  1. Ava is you’re lurking here I hope you find a new dream. They will never, ever bring you back to training camp.
  2. I doubt it. Micah is at an age where he can just pick up and go. He sold his boat so there had to be some premeditation. I think they upped the drama for the show.
  3. Trust me, Moriah’s look isn’t out of place in Tampa. She’ll be fine.
  4. My issue with the Lydia scene is 2 fold. 1. It should have never been filmed. Reality TV can sometimes go deep and uncomfortable and this made me feel like a voyeur. It was too private to film. 2. When religion is used to a tool to control, manipulate and guilt people I become anti-religion. Lydia has been mentally and emotionally abused under the guise of God and religion. That is disgusting. There is no reason why Lydia should have needed to stop texting the boy and for her parents to lead her to a place where she could potentially deny her own feelings because of God is gross.
  5. This, this, so much this! This information was out there, but finding proof and people to talk isn’t always easy. I hope this helps more of his victims come forward.
  6. Isaac wanting to be there to make sure nothing happened and Micah saying "This is what my mom has always done" was the highlights for me because it's not just Ethan and Olivia. These children have been abused because their mother is a narcissist and no narcissist will raise children unscathed.
  7. Olivia has friends but that isn’t the focus of the show. This is very edited and not a total capture of her life.
  8. I think you’re projecting a lot. Olivia is a 21/22 year old child who grew up in a sheltered environment and is trying to create a more normal life for herself and her husband. When someone sets boundaries, that isn’t manipulation. Olivia’s mental health means more than Kim’s inflated ego.
  9. I have been in Olivia’s shoes before. Just knowing someone is there, and worse yet, see them would put me into a full blown panic attack. No amount of logic or trying to put someone else first, is going to overcome that level of anxiety.
  10. This one hit hard. I didn’t see the new about EVC until after I started watching. Then, because I’m weak, I googled halfway through and saw it. Given the circumstances I think they handled it well.
  11. Finding out why VK left is the only reason I'm watching this season. The petty side of me really wants to know.
  12. VK yo-yo'd a lot! Her entire first time in training camp she continued to get bigger and bigger. Not that she's big, but by DCC standards, her stomach was rolling over the shorts. Her first DCC year was the same thing. Another yo-yo. VK and I have very similar builds. The DCC standard is not a reality for us---it's just not. But she was more on the DCC heavy side then the small side for most of her time in the boots.
  13. DCC standards of weight flew out the door when VK made the team.
  14. And, Taylor. For the love, she needs to retire already. Probowl. She hasn't gotten Probowl yet. I'm very happy to have traded in one legacy for a better one. Also, getting rid of VK and Lisa in the same summer makes me irrationally angry. I'll actually watch this season now. Yeah...no. I don't see any rolls. She looks great to me.
  15. Before that drama imploded, they seemed to actually care about good dancers being point. Kashara, while pretty too, had a big pop about her dancing that someone like Holly also has. Then we got stuck with Amy and Maddie---which was like watching paint dry. Holly was far more dynamic.
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