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  1. Did we ever get a ROTY, VOTY for this past year? I missed it.
  2. You can look thin and have a very weak core. That is her problem, she doesn't lift from her center when she does leaps and jumps.
  3. If VK would stop trying to do ish she can't do then she may actually have a decent looking clip. She does look DCC heavy in the shorts, but better in the leggings. I imagine she was bloated.
  4. Yes, their team is much larger than who is featured on the show. This picture is from their website. That isn't a house, it's an office building.
  5. I feel bad for Claire---she seems like someone they're bringing in just to cut because of the uniform. Marissa seems like a good dancer, but that comp video made me think she is less training than I thought. I'm 100% behind Sheridan. Glad to see more POC ladies in the bunch. I like diversity. Stands out to me, facially, are Kelly, Shannan and Elli.
  6. We got Kristen's side of the story, we really never saw Kelly's. Yes, she stormed out but I'd be frustrated talking to Justin too especially when she could tell how she was going to be painted. And Justin didn't exactly let her talk much. Kristen claims she was ghosted, but was she? Kristen admitted to blowing up about her because of a rumor, which Kelly didn't start, got blown up. That is on Kristen and her own insecurities. I'm not cackling at the end of the marriage, I'm cackling that Kristen's feet are finally held to the same fire she held others too. Also, the guy Kelly is dating has 2 daughters and those bead sets are all the rage in that age group. My husband has several of those bracelets...Jay doesn't own the market on it. So, if Kelly did it with or without purpose, I don't think it makes her a better or not better person for it.
  7. I'm reasonably certain that it isn't Jay, but I'm also reasonably certain that Kelly is doing this on purpose and it makes me cackle a little bit. Frankly, after the blow-up and trashing of Kelly all season, she owes Kristen nothing. I also felt that Jay had more personality and human connection with that small snippet of interview with Kelly then I saw with Kristen in any scene in all 3 seasons.
  8. This doesn't really surprise me. Kristen seems like she'd be happier living in LA, going out on red carpets and constantly working in the spotlight. Jay wants a quieter life with animals, family and land. I feel bad for the kids, they're very young to be dealing with this.
  9. I really hope the current situation is giving these ladies the clarity they need to see that the world does not, in fact, revolve around the DCC and that they can make choices to better their lives and the treatment they receive without plastering a smile on and taking whatever Kelli dishes. I also can't help but chuckle at how this is going to turn out for Vikkie. I know, I know, talking about her is as old and tired as her 80's hair and make-up, but I know this isn't how TK saw her precious wombfruits time at the DCC going. At this point, we don't even know the fate of the football season, let alone whether or not they'll have cheerleaders---if they play to empty stands, there really won't be a point to cheerleaders if we're being honest. Though my heart breaks for the girls who dreams may or may not be ruined, the fact that we may not have another summer and fall with VK thrown in our faces bring me joy. Even though it's petty, bitter, mean girl joy...it's joy none the less. I hope all of my fellow boardies are healthy and safe and that your families are as well. Virtual hugs to you all!
  10. Now this is a sister combination I wouldn't hate seeing on the team.
  11. Gabi would never make it through the DCC audition process. She doesn't have the dance experience or technique needed.
  12. They have an official social media account that the organization sets up, but I've seen this claim on here a few times about the girls not being able to have their own personal social media accounts and that just isn't true. Most of the girls have their own accounts and post whatever they want. I'm sure they're watched, but they're not DCC controlled...and while I think the angle of Hannah's body is too severe to make a good photo, this photo fits within the DCC image so I doubt anyone would look sideways at it.
  13. I co-sign this. This was posted on the Dallas Cowboy website. Dallas Cowboy employees read this and though, "Okay, sounds good, post it!" And, not just miss 1 questionable answer, but 2? I may have been able to ignore the 5 year old Junior DCC because, let's be real, that says more about Tina than it does Vikkie...but the 15 year old Vikkie knew she should have been 16 and admits that she purposefully "snuck in". As if the blonde on a wrecking ball can actually 'sneak' anywhere.
  14. The fact that Vikkie doesn't realize why she shouldn't admit to these types of behaviors, literally tells me 100% of what I need to know about Vikkie.
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