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  1. Gabi would never make it through the DCC audition process. She doesn't have the dance experience or technique needed.
  2. They have an official social media account that the organization sets up, but I've seen this claim on here a few times about the girls not being able to have their own personal social media accounts and that just isn't true. Most of the girls have their own accounts and post whatever they want. I'm sure they're watched, but they're not DCC controlled...and while I think the angle of Hannah's body is too severe to make a good photo, this photo fits within the DCC image so I doubt anyone would look sideways at it.
  3. I co-sign this. This was posted on the Dallas Cowboy website. Dallas Cowboy employees read this and though, "Okay, sounds good, post it!" And, not just miss 1 questionable answer, but 2? I may have been able to ignore the 5 year old Junior DCC because, let's be real, that says more about Tina than it does Vikkie...but the 15 year old Vikkie knew she should have been 16 and admits that she purposefully "snuck in". As if the blonde on a wrecking ball can actually 'sneak' anywhere.
  4. The fact that Vikkie doesn't realize why she shouldn't admit to these types of behaviors, literally tells me 100% of what I need to know about Vikkie.
  5. If Megan took to instagram to slam being cut at finals, it may be safe to assume she'll try out, but I highly doubt she'll make it back to finals. Dallas may be a big city, but in this regard, it's tiny.
  6. The year isn't over yet...there is still time 😜 Or, I hope.
  7. Yup, and so is Gabi. He has started up several businesses and continues on as the owner of quite a few. Yes, he comes across as neurotic and crazy but he's actually a pretty successful business man. In truth, he was mildly more sane before his daughter became famous. The Butler's are well known in the cheer world and some of the stories about them are quite a doozey. Also, money doesn't equal class.
  8. Did you listen to Milan's podcast? We could be twins. Not if she's smart. She doesn't have a prayer of making it. While blonde, she came out of the wrong vagina so she will never, ever get back into finals let alone training camp.
  9. We never predicted ROTY would go to Caroline last year so I think it'll go to someone we don't expect.
  10. La'Darius is now back on Navarro as well. They'll be on Ellen next week.
  11. Texas is nice. In Florida, you have 2 weeks after you move to change your license. And yes, it is the law. I was pulled over for forgetting to turn my lights on---it was night, I had just left CVS in the middle of the morning to get my sick kiddo medicine and I have daylight running lights so it was my taillight that was off. I had to amend where I lived because I had an out of state officer and he was very ready to write me a ticket for it until I pulled out my military ID---that exempted me from the law. This is fairly common and we've lived, thanks to the Army, in a few different states. This is a hard pass for me. I get what she was trying to do, but if you are THAT tone deaf in Texas, then you deserve the punishment you get. Most of the girls have a public social media account.
  12. Here is an article about the monopoly that runs cheerleading as we know it: https://mattstoller.substack.com/p/this-is-not-a-democracy-its-a-cheerocracy?utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=copy&fbclid=IwAR2a5CDXW8mIMD9CB_CmKv5NmVDwPAK9qGYlXif4UuyLeNfvjthiKZD0-lk
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