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  1. road_to_dcc on instagram; now deleted.
  2. Except she made it. I really wanted Madeline S. to make it after her dig about not being a legacy until you make the team. I hope she comes back.
  3. Feedback from last season wasn't good and she blamed CMT for making her say certain things and she didn't want to give them that control anymore.
  4. She was not there this year; try outs or SG auditions. We won't be seeing Kitty on the show this year from what I've been told.
  5. Not at all. Women run marathons while pregnant...there is nothing to DCC do, beyond the jump split, that would warrant modifications. Obviously the uniform isn't built for a baby bump and I doubt Amy is pregnant, but if she were, there would be no reason for her to stop dancing unless she had complications. Welcome to Cassie 2.0 We actually won't see her get a negative edit this year; they've been doubling down on the VK is amazing since auditions started and we've already seen the shift in focus in the 2 episodes. We may get a "You have grown and learned from last year...we expect better..." but we won't SEE the poison. It's still there though. **************My thoughts, so nothing to quote.***************** What a lackluster year. Point should be 1 person, we get 2. The squad is set at 36, we get 37. SG is normally 16, we get 18. We have officially entered the Twilight Zone and I'm already over it.
  6. She now lives in Colorado because of her husband's job. Wouldn't be the first time...
  7. The answer to this will largely depend on what you consider 'the best'.
  8. This may seem true and fair, but if they want to brand themselves as role models then they need to consider racial diversity when selecting a team. If they want to inspire young girls to get into dance class, follow their dreams, aim big and aspire to be them aka spend money on their merch, come to their meet n greets and try to attend their performances...then they need to make more effort to actually look like their customer base. That is why racial diversity matters. But, it's the DCC, it's Texas and it's the Jones family so it'll go ignored, but it really shouldn't.
  9. Vikkie could answer that for you. It's mostly milkshakes and burgers, oh and she loves cake. Remember, despite the rigor of TC, she put on 13 lbs in a single summer.
  10. I'm going to miss wondering why she continued to make it back even though she bombed every panel interview we ever saw her in. She was nothing if not consistent in that arena.
  11. Even if they don't cut Lily on the final night, Kelli still hasn't had a soul in quite a few years. They should take your advice.
  12. Doesn't mean she'll be well liked. How much is it going to suck to know the ladies in the room are only being nice to you because they're scared you'll run to Auntie Kelli about them and breathe a sigh of relief once you're gone? Being at the party, while not being wanted at the party, is such a sucky feeling. If only Vikkie could read a room...
  13. Loves2Dance

    The Hills

    I kinda agree...Spencer is kinda leading the show right now.
  14. Go Pats 😜 Ehhhh...that may be stretching reality a little too much. Holy my taco, did you say Lexie is in the triangle with Amy and Maddie, but Gina isn't? What in holy guacamole is Ked & Jud smoking and is it legal? They should bottle that shit quick because they're higher than Rachel W's tanning bill. Like, truly, is this opposite season where the worst get kept and the best get cut? I don't even like Gina and her annoying vocal fry and even I can see that she outdances every single dancer in that room. Even my beloved Bridget and Erin. Insiders, what did Gina do? And don't tell me she got outdanced because that isn't possible, so what was it? Sneaking Vikkie milkshakes on the DL? Kicked Ked's cat? Did they mistake her for Dayton? Was she banging a football player? WHAT WAS IT? Because there is no way this is about dance...none. If you claim to be the best, then be the fucking best---not some hap-hazard sorority traveling dress ya ya hood where seniority trumps talent and the best are hidden. Only with Sam Fin and Char's daughter who I haven't bothered to learn the name of. No one likes Vikkie, she just can't take a hint.
  15. I can definitely see how this would happen. The biggest deterrent for some of the truly amazing dancers is the show and it's design; what makes Kelli feel popular and makes the organization more money is also the show. There is a reason why Abby Lee Miller & Dance Moms are on Season 8 and Kim of Queens was cancelled after Season 1. Drama sells and Kelli has chosen to sell her soul to the Reality TV Gods instead of having the best squad possible. Oh and I forgot to address Shelley's move. I've said it once, I'll say it again---after their treatment of Dayton I would have burned it all down in my exit, but the fact that she has moved to a different state and is still working for the organization really disappoints me.