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  1. Reason #105 why Kelli is a heartless swine...when Bridget passed out her immediate reaction is "Oh God..." like it's an inconvenience not "Oh my God..." like is she okay.
  2. Whitney, Jenna and Holly were all current DCC's when those things happened. We're talking about a TCC, someone who hasn't made the team, causing some sort of scandal and then was allowed to come back. Comparing Kelsey not knowing the yards on a football team to lying, being immature/evasive, gaining 13+ lbs and being openly disrespectful to a DCC employee isn't even in the same ball park let alone sport. And don't confuse me with understanding that Vikkie was a dumb teenager, I get that---but if 'dumb' teenagers were so easily forgiven then #metoo Taylor would have made training camp again this year. Too bad for her, she came out of the wrong vagina.
  3. Eeek! Thank you! Once you told me where to find it, I could find it quickly. Now I will link it so I never lose it again and will continue to reference it anytime anyone suggests Sam F should try out for the DCC. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bj8xdzEnU42/
  4. So it's taken me like 3 weeks to actually get caught back up with this thread but I have finally read all of it. Woo... Regarding Sam F, the girl can't dance. I wish I could find the old video that showcased her during a prep class, but it got lost in the archives. She is a pretty girl who could likely be uniform ready if she wanted to be, but that won't mean she gains rhythm...which is what she lacks. The video showed zero musicality. As for Julia, her cut makes sense now even if I disagree with it. I do think she put her foot in her mouth, but I appreciated the route she tried to take. The fact that Meredith and Kat have made the team, but Julia was cut is just...well, I have no words. One of Kelli's best attributes is her eyes and unfortunately, they give her away even when her mouth is trying to convey something different. I firmly believe Shaina got cut because she didn't give Kelli the show worthy segment with the pastor visit that she wanted. I didn't see Shaina marking it and even if she was, maybe an office visit to check on her mental health would be in order. I don't have many feelings towards Lisa, positive or negative, but she strikes me as a one-year girl. I also think Kat and Meredith should be 1 year girls, but probably won't be. The point editing was horrible and Amy's interactions with her husband awkward. I'm glad it's her last year. I also hope it's Maddie's last year. Unfortunately for Heather, I think her past incident has cost her any consideration for the spot but I think she deserved it more than A&M. That said, Gina was and continues to be robbed. Bridget please eat...please.
  5. If Vikkie wasn't Vikkie, she would have never had to opportunity to do any of the things you listed. That is why she did not earn her spot on the team by herself. If any other rookie had done a tenth of what she did in her first year, she would have never made it back to finals let alone training camp. Anything Vikkie got after her stunt with Jinelle (which really was the final nail in her coffin last year), was gifted because of the vagina she came out. No one else, except maybe Cassie Trammell, would have survived in the DCC bubble otherwise.
  6. Gina is also too small for the space she is in. She looks like a toddler next to Maddie, Amy, Tess and Caroline.
  7. Judy should consider a new ophthalmologist. Last year was horrific, this is equally as bad.
  8. Yes there is. Amber, Bridget & Amy. Honestly, after last years horrors, this isn't much better. they didn't even center them right.
  9. This white girl would be up in arms if I found out a local school was doing this---not acceptable at all. Yes. Let's be real, if Jalyn did anything negative during the previous year she would have been cut like Gabby. But Jalyn's 'offense' was after training camp started and because Kelli is a vindictive witch, she will use it against her if Jalyn tries out for year 3. If I were her, I would not be back. This is very true and a similar path that Cassie took. She may end up like Lexie and get married and stay on the team, but Vikkie is going to have to marry up if she wants a nicer life because Lord knows that girl is never getting a career of her own. It may be in the rules, but it's not enforced. That said, Vikkie was taking classes at the local community college---she could still be doing that. Kelli's daughter can't dance. If Sam F. had any dance ability of musicality, I firmly believe she would be Cassie 2.0 and Vikkie would be no one. But, Sam F. can't dance and therefore was replaced by Vikkie. *nods* Well, beyond the fact that Jalyn's name was crossed out for Vikkie's; Vikkie isn't a stronger dancer than Amanda or Kelcey so she couldn't have beat them. To be honest, I'm surprised Vikkie made it over Lisa. Because she'd have to actually be good, take corrections and have proper technique. 😜 Idiots. The internet is forever, though I do believe Kelli & Co. forgets that from time to time.
  10. Hey @ShellyB any clue on how many more years until Kelli retired from the organization? I know Judy is older, so she should probably retire first, but I'd really like to see Kelli voted off the island so I'm hoping it's soon.
  11. I don't think it's Maddie. I don't think she has the maturity or life experience to pull it off. She's also not a very effective public speaker. I could see Amy because she is an animated/happy person with wisdom. I think the other Vet is likely someone who's not even on our radar and honestly may not even be one of the leaders but likely hopes to be one. We saw how fragile Miranda was last year so she doesn't have the mental fortitude. Gina has been kicked in the gut and, while she seems to have stepped up in the teammate category, is a little too selfish to care. Alexis and Lexie are known mean girls, they don't have the personality for it. It might be Heather, because she has seen the wrath of Kelli and come out better on the other side so she can speak from that angle of experience. I honestly don't know enough about Tess to tell you if she could do it.
  12. Kelsey was vapid, but she could dance. Blender for sure, but she wasn't anywhere near as rough in training camp. Kelsey's issue was that she's dense.
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