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  1. How is it fake news? That she has a successful business?
  2. I think that Bravo agrees with this. I just don't. I do not think that Vicki is a strong anchor. At all. She is not well liked by the cast or the audience. She in not funny, likable, or interesting. What she is is ridiculous. On some shows you have it and it works. On the BH show it would be unthinkable to not have LVP in the cast, which I can say even though I am not always her biggest fan. She is just too central to everything, is beloved by the audience (to the point I sometimes throw up in my mouth), and the rest of the cast always wants to interact with her. Even if they don't like her,
  3. On the one hand I am with you because I love the group stuff the most. But then it takes all of the reality out of our reality TV show. The answer, IMO, is to not hire and renew contracts for gals that no one likes. Quit bringing in people for them to film with like they do for Vicki. I read where Jac's contract wasn't renewed for this next season on the NJ show and she said that she was told she no longer had an "authentic connection to the rest of the cast". Fair enough. Of course she is also crazy and probably a thief, but that has never stopped Bravo from renewing a contract before. The le
  4. I don't care about any of it at this point. JUST BRING HER THE FUCK BACK. This season totally and completely sucks. There is zero chance she is half as bad as what we having going on now. Vicki = cancer scammer. Kelly = racist.
  5. It looks to me like Bethenny is taking this very seriously. She has given over her Twitter feed to it. And her FB page. She seems intent on making sure that she is updating anyone who might be interested constantly. Answering questions live on FB. Being transparent. Getting her partners like Arizona involved. I am seriously impressed.
  6. I love her, but I don't think she rolls like that. Girl went on the Wendy Williams show (amid much controversy at the time, which she just brushed away). When you go on the Wendy Williams show, you are just one step away from being an honorary HW.
  7. No one is stronger than MO. She has been linked to and accused of supporting much more controversial people than Erika (was Erika even on the list - I didn't even notice). My girl is going to stand up for what she believes and not worry one bit about what folks say. Once you have been called an "ape in heels" and just go about the business of being awesome, being called out in a request for charitable funds from a reputable and well thought of organization along side Erika isn't going to get you all bothered. I do wonder however if the folks she sent it to have been involved in the chari
  8. Who knows why she selected the women she did. Maybe they are people she knows already support this particular charity? I love Michelle Obama to pieces. She is my hero in many ways, but it would be hard to compile just a list of people that are that extraordinary in the way that she is extraordinary. Others are going to go on the list right along side her. And some do think that Erika is a strong woman.
  9. My guess is that folks who give to this charity are comfortable with what is going on. Better to not help anyone if you cannot help everyone? And they are not going to be able to help everyone. Its nice when folks do what they can.
  10. Wait. What? Is there a market for folks who want their skin to look like Vicki's?
  11. I think she planned the trip with Lu and the Pirate? Of course she was also the first I remember to break the 4th wall about these trips. She had no idea that the house where they were staying was the same house she had stayed in years before with Anthony. So clearly, she didn't really plan it. But I think the purpose of the trip had something to do with her and she invited the others along. I could have that slightly wrong. ETA: I think that trip had something to do with that dude she was dating at the time. He had a gig there or something?
  12. I think it is a good question - what does she do all day. Probably lots of stuff, but nothing that Bravo finds interesting enough to show to us. She seems to currently be focused on training for the NY Marathon so maybe we will see some of that, although I believe it takes place in early November, so not sure if they will be filming or not. But then I wonder this about most of these gals. Maybe because when this show started everyone pretty much had a day job, save for Lu, but she was busy letting her nanny raise her kids, so there is that. But what do most of them do all day long?
  13. Ugh, the stuff with Gretchen. Tamra absolutely came across as so jealous of her, right from the very beginning. I think that Tamra was miserable in her marriage, struggling with issues related to her dead-beat son Ryan and the tensions they brought into the household, and faced with a younger and more beautiful (at least back then) gal on her turf. And she was nasty as hell to Gretchen, a person I didn't care for at all. But I think there was something else there. Tamra was a super sleuth long before Meghan joined the show. It seemed nasty and self-serving at the time in the ways she wen
  14. I agree this franchise is different, and also agree that Heather changed the overall dynamic in a big way because of her aim to get to know them all on camera as well as off (except Sonja - she said they never really had a big connection off the show). But I also think that Carole did the same. She tends to become close to the women off camera as well. We have seen it with Heather, Lu (she said they often hung out at Lu's Hampton pad), Bethenny, and now Tinsley. After her first season she talked in her blog about how she had spent a lot of time with Ramona in the off season getting to know her
  15. Well, then Bethenny is in good shape. DFS has a higher rating than does the American Red Cross.
  16. Someone who has more experience working with charities will have to weigh in, but my guess is a lot of money is going to organizations that are not 100% certain of how funds will be used. I would imagine they will be assessing the needs as they better understand the scope of the problem. But as was mentioned above, you strike while the story is still on the front page and everyone wants to do something to help. In a couple of days this won't be on the news 24/7 and memories are short when images of folks suffering are not beamed into our living rooms all day long.
  17. Well, like most people, she would probably have issues if she lost her job. While not a Tamra fan, one thing I have noticed is that she doesn't seem to be that involved in living the high life 100% of the time. She moved into Eddie's home and redecorated instead of buying a new one. I seem to remember her saying he owned it outright so no need to take on a mortgage. To me, that was a big deal. She has nice things and likes nice things, but it doesn't seem to be the highlight of her life the way it was when she was married to Simon. Didn't he buy her a Rolex or something back in the day a
  18. My hope for next season - no matter who comes and who goes - is that they learned that the formula they had this season largely worked. Not a ton of drama, and gals who actually have a fondness for each other. They still argue and fight, but they don't hate each other. There might be a lapse in filming - one gal doesn't want to film with another for a while - but they get over it and move on. And lots of group events, right from the start of the season, which I love. I thought it was such a good season. And the OC sucks, yet still averages better ratings than this show does. Go figure.
  19. Lu had a great season her "friend of" season. I liked her that year (the one and only year I think). But her great season was absolutely made - in part - by the other gals and the way they reacted to what had happened to her. All of them rallied around her to an extent, and it could have gone south for her quickly. For all the talk of how horrid they all are to each other (and they can be) it should be recognized when they treat each other with kindness and compassion and credit should be given (IMO) where credit is due. It takes a village after all!
  20. But those people are going to need clothes as well. Watching TV today at one of the shelters, they said they were in desperate need of clothing. Everyone does what they can. I work for a food company and we are sending down trucks of food. My husband works for a retailer, and they are sending trucks of clothing. The devastation isn't just about today. It will be days and weeks from now, when women who have lost everything need to go back to work. They will need something to wear. Bethenny is encouraging other women to make donations to help people in need. I just find it hard to criticize.
  21. I also think that Tamra said that Kelly would be the one who would surprise us the most as the season advanced.
  22. Oh my, so much screaming and mischief over dinner at nice restaurants. Hard to believe there once was a time when we all found the sight of Teresa basically flipping the table to be shocking back in the beginning. It even made the news after that episode aired. Now it is just par for the course.
  23. How did they need her? I think she ended up making that gig good because everyone invited her to everything. If anyone had wanted to exclude her, they could have, but they did not. Heather interviewed once that Lu was frantic when told she would only be a "friend of" and that Heather promised she would try to include her in as much of her filming as she could so she could get a lot of camera time. She encouraged others to do the same. Her fate was kind of in the hands of the other gals.
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