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  1. I thought this show had some promise right up until the 40-something DOCTOR accidentally got pregnant. I'm sorry, but I hate this plot device with the fire of a million suns and yet it happens in pretty much every single family drama (Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, A Million Little Things, Manifest, etc. etc. etc.). It's just so lazy and played out. Also felt like the family was just set up to check every diversity box. The emotions felt very contrived with very little heart. Still trying to decide if I want to bother with another episode or not...
  2. Yeah she said "Let's do Kev's real quick and then I'll go talk to her". Yikes! Then even though he had Cs (and Ds?), she was more concerned with Randall and didn't even want to talk about Kevin's report card. I agree with everyone that loved the Rebecca/Kevin scenes. And I do think Randall won't understand when Kevin is trying to keep things light and fun with Rebecca. He doesn't know that that's exactly what she wants/needs from Kevin...
  3. I have to admit I am quickly losing interest in this show - in fact this board has been more entertaining than the actual episodes. It's like the characters are frantically running all over the place, yet nothing really happens. No progress is made towards anything. It's just one mystery on top of another on top of another. And I just don't like any of the characters enough to really care about any of it. So what is the ultimate goal - the thing they are working towards? Stopping the death date? Figuring out what happened to them on 828 and why? Fulfilling the callings? At least with LOST it was a pretty obvious goal - getting off the island. This show just feels like constant floundering.
  4. Along those same lines, I saw a clip where Lana was talking about how incredibly inspirational Regina was and that she was like the "Superhero of Storybrook". I know she had to get inside Regina's head, but she seems to have completely bought into her fans' delusions about Regina (either that or she was just playing to the room). And the show has been over for more than a year and a half and it appears she has yet to move on from Regina. I don't believe she has done anything since the show ended (I don't follow her too closely, so I could be wrong).
  5. So mark me down as someone who is totally confused by Rebecca's decision to go see a 3 1/2 hour movie alone on Thanksgiving! If she wanted to do that, why wouldn't her husband go with her? Did she walk there? If she wanted to get away from Randall, why didn't she just take a walk around the block or go lay down in her room? Just seemed very extra of her. I noticed that when they showed that she left her phone behind in the grocery store, she was getting a call from Randall. Wonder if that means it's only Kevin who is not speaking to him. I actually thought Tess might end up posting Kevin as her celebrity crush :)
  6. I could have sworn that at the end of last season the show runners indicated it was a 12 year time jump (I recall b/c many of us thought it had to have been longer based on Tess' age). Anyway, if that's the case, and it's been at least 6 months since the end of S3 and Kevin's son appeared to be 10-11, the timing is perfect for it to be Cassidy's. I'll look for the article and then take it to the Spoilers discussion topic.
  7. So do we really think Toby was THAT excited about Jack eating his first solid food? Everything between he and Kate feels so forced and fake these days. I have a really bad feeling about where this relationship is headed...
  8. I agree with what you're saying - Kevin isn't nearly as messed up as he thinks he is. However, I've actually enjoyed the story with Cassidy and Nicky more than any of the other stories happening now, so I guess I don't mind that that's where he's been. I do hope that he's now able to forgive himself, accept help from others and move on in a healthier way. On an unrelated note - do we think that's the last we'll see of Cassidy? I ended up liking her character (and Nicky's) a lot more after this episode...
  9. Has there ever been a more unlikable TV show kid than Rory? I don't always love kids on TV, but I like all the others on this show (or at least find them amusing). Rory is so obnoxious, and acts like a judgy bully not only to the other kids, but to the adults as well. Really wish they acknowledge how horrible he is rather than having Poppy practically worship him and his terrible behavior. (Ok, sorry - rant over). I did enjoy the story with Graham and Douglas :).
  10. I know this is pretty unpopular, but I totally agree. Maybe it's because I'm not a fan of Jack (another UO!), but I don't understand why the show is spending this much time on an unlikable character who has not shown any growth at all. I do too - she seems to serve a similar purpose as Nicky, but I like her much more than him. And while I wish they hadn't put her and Kevin together so quickly, I do really like their dynamic. Finally, I hope this doesn't come across as offensive, but I really wish they hadn't cast someone as big as Chrissy for the Kate role. I do think she's a good actress, but at her size, weight is going to be at the forefront of every storyline for her and it's getting really old. If they had cast someone overweight but not morbidly obese, I think they could do a lot more with the character.
  11. Yeah, there is nothing healthy about where their relationship is at right now. In fact, I feel like poor Toby has been on pins and needles for like 2 full seasons hoping not to say or do the wrong thing to incur Kate's wrath. It's funny b/c I really like Kate when she's with other people, but I just don't like her and Toby AT ALL.
  12. I actually really enjoyed this episode. Present day Kevin remains my favorite character. Yes, he can act like a "Hollywood douchebag" sometimes, but overall I like where they are taking his character. I liked the scene with him and Cassidy in the manager's office. It shows that down deep he really is a kind person. Even though he's having a crappy day, he made sure to turn it "on" to please his fan. I generally like Jennifer Morrison, so interested to see where they go with her. I'm guessing she will end up back with her husband as her being a love interest for Kevin is way too obvious. And I have to add that my favorite thing about the episode was NO Jack! (runs and hides)
  13. I also think their egos cost them big time in S7. They thought the rebooted show could go on for several more seasons. If they had been realistic about it, they would have made S7 more of a self-contained, short-lived curse with the goal of reuniting Henry, Regina, Hook and Rumple with their loved ones left behind in Storybrook. Instead they brought the wish realm back, added 100 new characters, made everything super convoluted, and lost chance for any real emotional attachments. For me, once I saw 702 and knew that the real Hook was happy back in Storybrook with Emma, I had no desire to watch the rest of the season. If it had been the real Hook, who had actual connections to Henry & Rumple, separated from Emma and trying to get back to her (and maybe looking for his and Emma's daughter), that would have kept me watching. But they knew they couldn't drag that out for multiple seasons, so they had to bait and switch with a new version of Hook and a daughter that not only wasn't Emma's, but was the product of a rape by deception. So even though they kept Colin (who played my favorite character in S2-6), they removed anything that would have made me want to watch.
  14. So some fans got a picture of Justin and Jennifer Morrison filming together last night. Of course this feeds into the speculation that they become close/involved. However, Jennifer also posted a selfie from set last night and she's still wearing Cassidy's wedding ring, so perhaps they aren't setting her up as a love interest for Kevin. I'm not sure which episode they are shooting, but I would guess maybe 5 or 6?
  15. Seriously! As someone whose least favorite characters are Jack and Deja, this episode did not bode well for me. The speech at the table was so incredibly awkward, I was watching through my fingers covering my eyes. Sorry, I just cannot with him. I also agree that the Jack & Rebecca courtship is completely played out. Not at all interested in Deja and her 12 year old dad beau (even if I do love Omar Epps). Baby Jack all grown up was just kinda meh to me. I'm most interested in the Cassidy/Kevin storyline - but that's mostly because I like Jennifer Morrison and Justin Hartley so much. Hope we get to see way more of the Pearson's next week!
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