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  1. Ankai

    S03.E10: XXVIII

    Was this the first time that Jack and John have met on screen? Maybe, they could have in the first season, especially when everyone was trying to get that map that John had.
  2. Ankai

    S03.E10: XXVIII

    Actually, this was one of the shorter episodes. It was, what, 50 minutes?
  3. Ankai

    S03.E10: XXVIII

    Very nice. I did find it a little amusing that the battle, as big as it was, was almost treated as a prelude to whatever might happen in Season 4. I mean, Hornigold, Scott, Vane, and that guy whom Billy's group killed are dead. Pretty much all of the other important players on both sides are still around. That council of...five? Yeah, that might not hold for long. And do they plan on still using that island as a base? I kind of liked how the talk between Flint and Silver was spread out through the episode, as if that was the crux of the episode as opposed to the battle. I did find it a little odd that they skipped over Flint telling Silver about his relationship with Thomas and went right to the fallout. On the other hand, I did not mind the more "tell" aspects of it. Silver's insistence that his men would not betray him framed that sequence leading to the ambush in a different light, less of a "will he/won't he" and more of a how. And all that stuff about Silver noting a pattern and refusing to be part of it was just his laying his cards on the table. While he may have tried doing stuff behind Flint's back before and may do so in the future, I think that he respects Flint too much now to pretend that their relationship will not be tested and be found wanting. And I think that Flint may not have liked what he heard, but he at least respected Silver for not lying to him about it. Actually, the whole back and forth reminded me a bit of the Red Cliff movies, even though it is not quite the same. The two protagonists were military leaders of two rebel groups and formed an alliance to repel the Empire. They also formed a pretty easy-going friendship, based on respect for each other's character and strategic intelligence. Throughout the movie, however, they each casually alluded to the distinct possibility that they would end up on opposite sides of a conflict in the near future. According to the histories, the two actually would become bitter enemies, and the audience is expected to know this going into the movie. The movie, however, ends long before this happens, with them bidding goodbye not just to each other, but also to a friendship that was genuine, if only temporary. It is as if that they knew that it would not last, but instead of that knowledge keeping them at a distance to each other, it brought them closer, as if this is something that should be cherished before it is destroyed. So...yeah, not quite the same, but it did remind me of that.
  4. Ankai

    S03.E07: XXV

    Well, he did peg someone while getting head at the same time. To be fair, haven't they all given up their claim to the gold at this point? At least temporarily? Except for the black stones that Woodes plans to give to the Spanish along with Jack, the Urca treasure is not coming back unless the Spanish are keeping it nearby for some reason. What is the plan, exactly? I think that I may have missed something. 1) Anne turns over (supposedly) the rest of the Urca treasure, appearing to hold up her side of the deal. 2) Woodes is forced to break his part of the deal, and transports Jack to the Spanish. 3) Flint and Co. paint Woodes as a man whose word means nothing and turn the former pirates against his governorship. 4) Flint and Co. rescue Jack and maybe take whatever that they can find of the Urca treasure. 5) The Spanish attack Nassau as the former pirates rise up against Woodes. 6) ???? 7) Profit.
  5. Ankai

    S03.E03: XXI

    Maybe he still holds out hope that Thomas is alive, whereas there is no ambiguity with Amanda. It is not so much love as it is guilt. I guess that that makes sense. So, they do not plan to attack so much as destroy, even worse than in last year's finale. If they don't get the gold they will make sure that none of the people currently on Nassau will get it either, because they will be all dead. But, say Rodgers fails to take control in time. Does he have a plan B? I mean, he has his eight ships and his 700 men. If he gets branded no better than a pirate, then what is stopping him from switching sides and leading the counterattack himself? On the subject of transferring the gold, is that a known thing on the island? The triumvirate had only recently agreed to start doing it in secret, but now with Rodgers right there, would it be stopped? And what about if someone on the island finds out about the Spaniards?
  6. Ankai

    S03.E03: XXI

    That was a nice little twist: I was wondering whether the Spanish would get involved at some point. At the same time, I am not sure how that would work. If Rogers fails to pacify Nassau in time, then the Spanish will come with 1500 men to attack both the pirates AND Rogers? Did I hear that correctly? Wouldn't the pirates plus Rogers be 1700 men? Men with no illusions about the possibility of negotiation? And the Spanish would have only two more ships than Rogers? Sure, the pirates and Rogers may not be able to put up a united front, but I would not imagine that the Spanish would be able to actually get the gold back with that plan. At most, they would just destroy the town and the gold will get buried under rubble.
  7. Ankai

    S02.E09: The Castle

    I had little problem with the flat circle that was the flying saucer. If I had to choose between this and Molly being sidelined at the end of Season 1, I would go with this. Also, even with all of the buildup to this event, I figured that there was no way that the event would compare corpse-wise to the stuff in Game of Thrones or Spartacus, so it would make sense that the whole thing would go in a different direction. That said, I am surprised that the story did not have the Kansas City people not send a gang up to the motel, if only to try to take Dodd for themselves and get the drop on Mike.
  8. Ankai

    TDS 3.0: Season One Talk

    The Nightly Show also did a bit about the Republicans pandering to Jews, but wasn't this the same place where Trump said that both the Jews and Palestinians had to do their part to bring peace to the Middle East? And that the Jews in the audience have bought candidates, but won't be able to buy him?
  9. Ankai

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    My father is 70 and grew up in Hong Kong. He has a Western name and has never used his Chinese name since coming here. Not even his childhood friends call him by his Chinese name. I don't even remember what it is. His mother, who came from the mainland, had regularly used her Western name at least since she immigrated here in the mid-80s..
  10. Ankai

    The Sounds of Our Lives (formerly General Music Discussion)

    I am not about to call "plagiarism" on this since it is neither exact nor likely, but it does seem a little suspicious to me. In the late 1980s, a South Korean singer named Lee Ji Yeon released a song that translates roughly as Please Stop The Wind. In around 2006, a South Korean band named Loveholic released a cover song that is actually quite different from the original. Then, in 2010, a certain band may have switched the verse with the chorus in order to make this. Or maybe I am just imagining that.
  11. Ankai

    Hannibal in the Media

    Thanks. The whole thing seems overly complicated to me, but I guess that that sort of made sense. I guess that we shall see what happens if anything does.
  12. Ankai

    Hannibal in the Media

    Would Prime also mean that it is available on Instant Video? Like, you could order an individual episode or a season? Or would it be just for Prime members?
  13. Ankai

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    I would say that the characters get fleshed out a lot more in the back half of the season, though the dialogue can still be goofy. The show is a mixed bag in terms of race, ethnicity, and nationality; the gangbanger stuff at the beginning was an eyebrow raiser. Overall, however, I am much more positive about it than I am negative. And Van Damme is great indeed.
  14. Ankai

    Box Office

    Didn't Inside Out also get the highest opening numbers for Pixar aside from Toy Story 3?
  15. Ankai

    S04.E09: Testimony

    This was a funny episode, but boy did it remind me of a late episode of The Thick of It. I was waiting for one of the people to suddenly disappear and then it happened.