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  1. Katherine became an ordained minister online too a few years back so she could officiate the marriage of Amber and Daniel. That being said, I'm shocked Gnomie knows how to Google anything let alone use a computer.
  2. In order to save EB from being indirectly responsible for murder CP decides show needs to pin the crimes on another culprit, aka Harding. Wait, what?? Grampire uses his vast resources to hunt down a doppelganger of his nemesis; he then facilitates the escape of this felonious madman and perpetrates a huge fraud by having him impersonate his nemesis so he can take over his company and allows his thrall all the other spoils of his enemy to include his home, his fortune and his wife. The psychotic impersonator then enthralls an underpaid cop to help facilitate the fraud. An unfortu
  3. Thank you for the great job on the recaps! I've just caught up from the 2 month hiatus and while I probably would have liked to have seen certain scenes I think it's more likely that I just missed the way y'all can spin a yarn. :)
  4. Greetings all. Hope everyone is having a good summer. It's been 2 months or so since I gave up Y&R watching, reading, etc. Figured I'd stop in and see what's happened since then and how everyone here is faring. Cheers!
  5. NP - my father used to say this all the time! I've never heard anyone else use the phrase, so I was just tickled to see it here. He's been gone for too many years, so I thank you for that little penny from heaven. The laughs keep coming! Comedy gold right here folks. I certainly needed it after a long and stressful day at work. Thanks for helping me to find my smile I lost long before lunch! :)
  6. I may be a bit old-fashioned but I don't really understand why they show people drinking in the middle of the day, a work day no less, on this show. I mean, 25-35 years ago, I think it was kind of a societal norm with high powered lunches so to speak, but now? Really? Are there really that many people who do this IRL? How many people have their own bar in their home? About 12 years ago I did work for a company where meetings and lunches were just like that and every day between 3-4pm Happy Hour started in the office. It was the only place I've ever worked with that type of culture, every o
  7. I've never liked the character either and didn't see the need for her, I still don't btw.
  8. That is does trust me! DD then and now isn't as drastic and depressing as comparing David Lee Roth from the 80's to now, or myself for that matter! :) My new non generic avatar is in appreciation for the Sick Hashtags - I call it #notevenacrumb (though what she is getting...a pic is worth a thousand words). Movinon - thank you so much! I figured out what I was doing wrong! :) Last pic - I just found it and it's better than the last two.
  9. Peacheslatour since I absolutely love your hashtags regarding Sick (he hasn't even offered her a glass of water!) I searched out a few photos of DD when he was younger (I couldn't get the images to post, so I posted links). https://www.pinterest.com/pin/43910165090247692/ http://www.soapoperaworld.com/the-soap-set-philip-brown-doug-davidson.html
  10. Congrats "Peach Kid" and Peach too of course!! You must be so proud!! How fantastic for your family. Enjoy. :)
  11. We pulled the plug on satellite about a year ago and I found that after giving up my favorites (Blacklist, Once Upon a Time) I didn't really miss them all that much. Mostly we watched news or child oriented programs which can both be found elsewhere for a lot less money. I began watching Y&R online and really kept watching it out of habit mostly. With sports and school activities there isn't much time to dedicate to shows and I've honestly not missed television one bit. If I get an urge to watch something there's the show and if I'm particularly disenchanted there's Netflix. I thought
  12. I realize that Soaps take creative license with just about everything, including "time." Sage and Gabe hooked up a week and a half ago (as of yesterday's show) and it's setting up yet another WTD s/l. Is that even remotely possible that a week and a half later, assuming that Gabe is the winner of this week's baby lotto, that she would already know she's pregnant?? Possible, but not probable. They count from the last day of your last cycle....which ok, may not be completely accurate, but c'mon a week and a half later?? Most women just aren't that in tune with their bodies - changes at this poin
  13. This might be how Show plans on dragging out the nonsense. If Fack doesn't remember stuff upon waking, he will have a "medical injury" to explain it instead of leaving his family scratching their heads. Maybe it'll be temporary and when his "memory" comes back he'll think he's the real Jack and have his memories cuz he went through the Svengali School for Doppleminions (aka TGVN boot camp); except he'll now come out fighting....Or not.
  14. I think this was from when they were married before.....there was a search for some rare exotic orchid in Japan; Neil and Dru married there for that reason. Lily made Dru's bouquet and in it there was , gasp,the orchid! Anyway, Phyllis caught the bouquet (she was working for Jack's competition), another was found. Long story short Diane ended up with both she gave Phyllis 1 and told her to give it to Jack and work on their marriage. Peace offering??
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