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  1. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree! It’s my favorite movie so far. And Teri Hatcher looked AMAZING!
  2. To me, it almost was the quality of a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. The ones in the last couple of years which were HOF, were no where near as good.
  3. I can only guess that the clueless writers mistook public school sex talks for non-existent church sex talks??? 🤷‍♀️ Unless maybe it was supposed to be a school sex talk and they re-wrote it for the cast available (pastors and Peg) due to the pandemic. 🤷‍♀️ In the late 90s our church (Baptist) had a program called “True Love Waits”. I don’t remember the nitty-gritty, but I had to give permission for my 2 sons to participate. At the end of the study, there was a ceremony where parents gave their teens a “True Love Waits” ring. I’m pretty sure the “mechanics “ of s-e-x weren’t dis
  4. I just watched One Summer. I think it was on this past weekend, but I had taped it. It was pretty good. I kind of like Sam Page’s scruffy look. And I may be mistaken because I was zipping through it, I didn’t see Sam’s character kiss the budding love-interest even one time! (I know he was still grieving his wife).
  5. Fun observation: I was watching an episode of Reba on Hallmark channel, dated 2005, and a guest star was a very young Andrew Walker!
  6. I do not understand why these Christmas movies shot in the summer cannot be set in S. Cal. or FL or even Hawaii! I live in in FL and believe it or not we celebrate Christmas. We really do.
  7. Just caught up with the shows I missed. I guess chubby, homely Fundy girls don’t have a chance to get married, at least to these guys.
  8. My husband hated any kind of quilt or coverlet. I had a duvet cover Iiked, so I put it on the bed, without the inside piece. It was light weight and looked nice on the bed.
  9. My husband hated any kind of quilt or coverlet. I had a duvet cover Iiked, so I put it on the bed, without the inside piece. It was light weight and looked nice on the bed.
  10. I tried to attach a picture, but it said my file was too big. I believe Alyssa chose those bold colors was because those were the colors Kelly Jo had at her wedding. I didn’t see bridesmaids dresses from Kelly Jo’s wedding, but I saw decorative bows and church flowers and they were the same bold colors as Alyssa picked.
  11. I was reading a couple of articles about the Ice Hotel. There are no bathrooms in the hotel. You have to use the bathrooms in the spa area. One article said to plan your bathroom duties before you tuck yourself in for the night. I gather it’s not like a regular hotel where you stay several nights. I believe it’s only a one-night stay.
  12. You know, though, that’s the way kids are. I was a teacher for 35 years and it frustrated the heck out of me when a child, normally very articulate, gets in front of the camera or on stage, and suddenly becomes mumbly-mouthed. And my 4 year old grandson, who speaks like a professor, can’t be heard when I try to tape something cute on my phone!
  13. I believe it was a portable sewing machine used by wedding planners for emergencies. However, she wasn’t at the resort for a wedding (until she saw her former classmates there). Maybe a stylist always carries her machine.
  14. I had stirrup pants in every color. I wore them with tunic length sweaters and my ballet flats. Then one day on Oprah, a stylist was on and brought a young lady on stage wearing stirrup pants, sweater and ballet flats. She said NEVER wear stirrup pants with anything except boots. They were made for boots. I didn’t own boots and never wore stirrup pants again!
  15. Re: Playing Cupid. I couldn’t believe how grungy Nicholas Gonzalez looked. Nothing like the great Dr. Melendez from The Good Doctor! 😁LOL Agree whole-heartedly with the friendship between a parent and teacher... A huge no-no in my school district. In fact, we even had workshops telling us that, among other offenses.
  16. Seems like The Good Doctor is becoming more and more like a Hallmark Channel reunion. Every week there’s an actor that I’ve seen regularly on a Hallmark movie. This week it was Kristoffer Polaha. I wonder if the casting directors of both have something in common.
  17. I watched an interview with Trevor Donovan and he said in his teens he was a champion skier. He did a lot, but not all, of his skiing scenes.
  18. Ok, I don’t understand all this streaming stuff...can you still get your local channels with these streaming services? Someone told me I’d need an antenna to get local stations and I don’t want an ugly antenna on my new beautiful metal roof.
  19. That must be a new kind of style. Nikki Deloach had a version of that hairdo on Cranberry Christmas and we have a TV anchor and a field reporter who sport those hairdos, too.
  20. If I remember high school English class, the epic poem Evangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is pronounced EvangeLYN. However, my grandmother’s name was Karoline and it was pronounced with the long i.
  21. Is Daniel Lissing doing anymore Hallmark movies? I haven’t seen him in one for quite a while and I really like him.
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