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  1. Exactly. The camera stayed with ER after Charles left. She was looking at herself in the mirror (if I recall correctly) and frowned hard. I think she was supposed to appear conflicted? Sad? Something other than ice cold. Likewise when Philip earlier described Charles as a "very different horse" the camera held on her for a few beats. But she just frowned more. In some defence of Olivia, the show has defined her relationship with her firstborn as very cold. In earlier seasons someone talked about her "coolness" with the child/heir who reminds her of her mortality. And in this episode Charl
  2. Interesting what JG says about lapsed viewers. If you left because this no longer looked like your show, come on back. I wrote that in multiple ways in that questionnaire: That this was just a new show and the characters, namely Phyllis and Billy and their romcom horse shit, bore no resemblance to what I watched for decades. They just had the same names. I do think a lot of people had this complaint. And really the biggest shift has been it's no longer the Gina Tognoni Hour. Kyle continues to matter. Lola is around and Rey too. Their mom is coming soon. The number one "ne
  3. Omg do you think Gina wants to play recast Robin????? i would not put it past her.
  4. Since JT came on show Gina has been obsessed with being paired romantically with him. She was the show’s central heroine, in multiple front burner storylines, at one point running Jabot in a pairing with JM AND in every single story but she still kept pushing for Philly on social media like a stan. Mal left and STILL she continued with the begging/retweeting Philly stans. She’s fired and seeks out that OTT silly stan wish for a pairing with JT??? Seriously? Something is very off about this woman’s behaviour. I mean she’s married.
  5. Gina’s obsession with JT and their so-called magic onscreen is so fucking weird.
  6. And I think the slap was deliberate. IMO everything he said about MS was actually part of that slap. It doesn’t even make sense. If they want OG show, get rid of JT. He’s awful and woefully miscast. BM is clearly miserable at GH. Why not get him? Because this is personal and it’s a complete rejection of Gina. As opposed to being about wanting MS. I don’t think MS will eat the show. I really don’t. They’ll hype her return to stick it to Gina some more. But then it’ll quiet down. I mean Eva LaRue is on deck!
  7. Same. Bye Gina. Morina didn’t even bother to praise Gina. Lmao. “She couldn’t have been nicer.”
  8. I think it's reasonable to assume Eva LaRue is for Jack. I cannot imagine the show is sending Mama Rosales over to Nick or Cane. If a woman is over 40 they mark her for Victor and MAYBE Jack. In this case, Jack has built in story with Mama Rosales via Lola and Kyle (who need external drama because their schmoopy love story is snooze worthy). Also Jazz Hands is coming and Chelsea is returning. There are women for Nick. (JM must be overjoyed. He's "pals" with them both. And show is all about him being happy and laughing BTS, according to him. RME.) As for DG, why is he still on th
  9. I'm not even thinking about this Jordi guy. lol. I'm happy they have a woman over 50 who can potentially free Jack from the Phyllis vortex.
  10. Eva LaRue looks amazing for her age. But so does PB. I mean I'm not going to pretend that these people aren't genetically blessed and look after themselves. And I am blown out that show hired an actress over 50!!!!!! While it's unfortunate they don't push it and hire women over 60, the truth is they don't hire men that age range either. In fact when is the last time they hired a new guy over 40? I guess the actor who plays Jett; but he's peripheral. PB and EB are mainstays on this show and bring in the viewers. Like it or not that seems to be the case. I'll happily take this lovely
  11. NewestAdam looks fine to me. I just don't really get excited about this character in general. But he is believable and I personally never liked that they aged him up to be the same age as Nikki's kids. It made no sense historically and affected the character fundamentally. Engen was a cocky kid out of his depth with Victoria in business (he made stupid moves when Victor first gave him power at Newman) and in relationships compared to Nick (he was flirting like a little kid with Phyllis). He was vulnerable to Jack's manipulations (the diary). He had a dark side that showed he shared Victor's DN
  12. oh yeah! I totally forgot about that. That would have driven the music team nuts. lol.
  13. RC Cates is the music supervisor at Y&R. He also liked Sally's response to DG's tweet above. And a couple days earlier tweeted this. Do we agree it refers to the London fog (aka Mal)? Or was there a poisonous fog in L.A. last week? 😉 Also as an aside "from whence" drives me BANANAS. #LeaveOutTheFrom
  14. Doesn't it show what a "tool" (to quote @bannana's perfect word) Mal is? This is not a referendum on your regime Mal. You are not being vindicated here. I also (I cannot say this has ever happened before nor is it likely to happen again) enjoyed Daniel Goddard speaking about Mal. lmao. Everyone in the building is happy Josh is back. And Mal took everything personally. What a horrible way to work. And I believe DG because listen to Mal's acceptance speech: He is tone deaf, self important, not terribly bright, feels validated by a silly award that everyone knows comes via a very very flawe
  15. Goddard's comment (thanks for posting @spinxella) and Sally's reply prompted me to seek this speech out. It's so funny to watch this clip for its awkwardness. lmao. Y&R wins at about 2:20. Watch Mal blather on about himself as everyone stands weirdly around and everyone in the room knows he was dumped on his ass after dreadful ratings and BTS toxicity. Dude actually talked as though it was HIS award. Reveals why he was a disaster. He never respected the show or the brand.
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