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  1. ciprus

    S02.E04: Beryl

    I agree with everything! Margaret was spoiled and rather stuck up but damn, Vanessa Kirby makes me sympathize with her. She is mesmerizing to watch just in a scene by herself. And that desperate unhappiness she exudes is impossible for me not to feel for. The dumping of Billy Wallace was glorious!
  2. ciprus

    S02.E03: Lisbon

    I know this is fictionalized, but the more I watch the stronger I feel that the Queen should be awarded some sort of medal for putting up with Philip's whiny ass for 70 years.
  3. ciprus


    I've seen the whole season now and I think I'm even more confused as to Jean's motivations now than in the beginning. At first I thought there were some kind of weird sense of wanting to help her patients, now I'm not so sure. Why did she start to push Sam and Sidney towards each other again by the end? And the relationship with the patient who just got out of a long stretch of treatment seems downright sinister. The guy and the boxing club turned out to be her brother, so Jean has been Diane for a lot longer than the stretch of the show, it seems. I'm really going to need another season to make sense of this!
  4. ciprus

    S01.E10: Money's in the Chase

    I had very high hopes for this show, and it didn't quite deliver on them until the last episode. I liked that we finally got to see some wrestling, even though I know virtually nothing about it, it was a lot of fun and a lot of food for thought with all the stereotyping and the audience's reactions to them. Debbie was the standout character for me, she really sold the torment and pain of being betrayed by both her husband and friend. Ruth was a little bleak, but I think it was the point? She did look awesome in her Zoya outfit, though. I'll probably watch a second season, and by I would like some more character development across the board. It was a solid show, but if it had been aired on a week to week basis, I would have lost interest after a few episodes.
  5. ciprus

    S05.E03: Pissters!

    Agreed. I think it's creepy that they're turning this into some grey area relationship. He raped her! She might like him because she is used to be treated like crap by men but I really dislike this storyline.
  6. ciprus

    S05.E13: Chapter 65

    This season has been confusing and difficult to follow. How many people can die or disappear around the Underwoods before people actually start sniffing around properly? These last few episodes were ridiculous. Durant takes a tumble, LeAnn crashes her car and Tom disappears within a few days of each other. I hope they don't let this go next season. Claire killing Tom worked for me, but why in Usher's house? Now she has to make him her veep and that won't end well. I never really understood why Frank trusts Claire, she's been untrustworthy since season one and I have always gotten the vibe that she might turn on him one way or another (she has a few times IIRC). I hope next season is the last and that we get to see them destroy each other.
  7. ciprus

    S01.E08: Episode 8

    I can't pinpoint why, but I felt this finale was a bit anticlimactic. Things resolved too easily. I felt like it would have benefitted from a longer season, maybe even just 10 episodes to resolve everything. I didn't buy that no one is going down for the murder of Sir George. I'm so happy it seems like they're going for a second season, since I really love the vibe of this show. I love that everyone is morally grey in some way. Though I agree with everyone who said that the first half was decidedly better written. So glad Margaret didn't have Amelia killed. I didn't think she would, but I wasn't sure how desperate she was. Have anyone heard anything about the ratings for the show? Is it heading for renewal? It seems like it's been flying under the radar, I just happened to stumble over it myself.
  8. ciprus

    S01.E06: Episode 6

    Yes to all of this! I don't find Lucy to be the most interesting character, but her actions makes total sense to me. I suppose one could see Lucy as spoiled compared to the other girls in the house, but just because they're worse off, it doesn't mean her apparent trauma is something she can just get over. It's obvious she is sensitive, and that Margaret and Charlotte have sheltered from the uglier things that would be expected of her, which was probably a bad move because she seemed completely unprepared for it. After her experiences with Lord Repton, she has appeared nearly catatonic at times, and I was half expecting they'd find her dead somewhere. Stabbing Sir George was obviously not a smart move, she pretty much damned them all, but I also don't think it was a conscious decision but a result of her trauma.
  9. ciprus

    S01.E13: Tape 7, Side A

    I felt the same. I'm not sensitive but that was one of the most painful scenes ever. I couldn't sit still while watching. One thing that went trough my mind when I watched this show, as good as I thought it was most of the time, I kept thinking: How would I have reacted to this as a depressed 16 year old? As an adult with all that behind me, I can handle it, but I'm not sure it would have been good for me to see when being in a similar headspace as Hannah. The actual suicide was brutal to watch, but the whole premise of the show is Hannah getting to tell her story to all the people who treated her badly, she got to punish them after death in a way. I know a lot of kids thinking that "If I died everyone would be sorry", and this show depicts that. I don't know if it's a great thing to see for kids who are in that place on the verge? I don't know how to feel about it to be honest.
  10. For the first time, Susan Sarandon truly looked like Bette Davis to me. After being annoyed with Joan in episode 7, I felt sorry for her here. Jessica Lange did a good job. All in all a decent series, I had just hoped for more. Not sure what it was missing. Sorry to hear they will go with Charles and Diana next, I wish they'd stick to old Hollywood!
  11. ciprus

    S01.E03: Late

    I've rarely, if ever, seen a TV show with an impact so profound both intellectually and emotionally. The choice to include the flashbacks of before much more than in the book was a good choice, that also makes this so much scarier. It's just a revolution away, if that. As a gay woman this episode was especially gruesome to watch. The acting, writing and the cinematography is superb. I'm glad they didn't release it all at once though, I think this show deserves reflection between the episodes. I really hope it reaches it's audience because it's fantastic and important.
  12. ciprus

    S01.E10: Chaos

    I won't pretend to be knowledgeable in law at all, but I just read a completely underrated article that said that you can get up to five years for lying to a federal agent. Don't know if they have enough proof to convict her, though. It seems a bit far fetched.
  13. ciprus

    S01.E07: Abandoned

    Thanks for all that info, I've never read B.D's book. I have very little sympathy for B.D. Hyman because she's a religious fanatic who is either crazy or a liar. She's been telling people Bette was a witch who cursed her family, among other things. There's an article about it upthread.
  14. ciprus

    S01.E10: Chaos

    I feel like this show hasn't really settled for me. I had high hopes for it, but they haven't done a very good job at establishing the new characters. I want to like Maia but she is too much of a wet blanket. I agree that Barbara is tragically underused. Henry Rindell is such a self pitying asshole. I hope he isn't around next season. For the first time I felt some kind of genuine connection between Lucca and Paul Ryan. For the main romantic coupling on this show they have surprisingly little chemistry.
  15. ciprus

    S01.E07: Abandoned

    I agree with this. I have very mixed feelings about Joan. I thought Bette was annoying and it was just super bitchy to comment on Joan's performance and saying to Bob that her scenes were unnecessary and should be cut. Maybe I'm harsh but the longer the episode went on, the less sorry I felt sorry for Joan. I felt for her in the beginning but the faking illness and ignoring their warnings of suing her for breach of contract, and then being shocked when being served... Grow the hell up! It was satisfying to see her replaced. Good for Mamacita for getting out of there!