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  1. My friend's daughter is a big fan of Courtney, but when she tried to vote by phone, she couldn't get through. She started trying right after Tuesday's show until after midnight and got up at six a.m. yesterday to try again. She got a busy signal every time. I find it hard to believe there were that many calls being made for Courtney, especially since she didn't even make the top five. It makes me question the whole voting process.
  2. Well, if that's their goal, they're not totally successful because I no longer watch the show. I come here to find out what is happening. Know-it-all bag lady Whoopi gets on my last nerve, and I can not tolerate MM. Besides, I'm not familiar with half of their guests.
  3. What is with these guys who just stand there looking stupid when their best friends diss their fiancé right In front of them or ask questions that are none of their business? Josh didn't stand up for Aika, just as the guy in an earlier season (can't remember his name) didn't say a word when his buddy disrespected his fiancé several times and said he wouldn't go to the wedding. Also, Chris should have been the one standing between Antonio and David, rather than his wife holding the baby. Molly's brother was another coward when Luis was talking inappropriately to her daughter. They're all losers with no backbone.
  4. MM reminds me of Candace and her "As a Christian....."
  5. I don't watch this crap show, but am watching now because I love Italy. Good lord, I can't believe none of them bothered to learn basic words like hello, good-bye, please and thank you, or did any research about the country. Really, Kim, adios? And can't the woman go anywhere without one hand stroking her hair and the other holding a solo cup with wine? Did Kim really take her own wine to Italy? The house wine in any restaurant in Italy is outstanding, and we were told that they keep their best there and export their cheaper wines. I'm so glad Brielle got to see such awesome "arca texture". I've never seen anyone so proud of their ignorance as this family.
  6. What does it say on Whoopi's shirt today? Something about turning something off and then on again.
  7. So nice to have delusional Sonja back! She not only has an international following, but she also dated Prince Albert? Hmm. Also, I can't believe the clothes she offered Beth for Dress for Success. I wonder if they got thrown in the nearest dumpster; they were either out of fashion or inappropriate. I can just see someone going for a job interview in those black shorts - lol. Good lord, it was painful to look at Ramona's face. I couldn't figure out exactly what she had done, but couldn't stop staring at it. Sadly, she probably paid a fortune to look like that. i wish Beth and Ramona would shut the hell up about Luanne and concentrate on their own lives. Also, since the news these days is all Trump all day, I don't care to hear anything about politics on this show too. These women bring all the crazy I can handle!
  8. Regarding the Tiffany Trump thing, it wasnt "a thing." Turns out that photo of her sitting alone was taken just prior to people taking those empty seats on either side of her. But at least she gets to sit with Whoopi next time.
  9. I'm with you, Haleth. Had to change channels when Jed started her diatribe about Obama, and since I can't stand Omorosa, I'm not interested in anything she has to say.
  10. I cried on November 8th, and I now have tears in my eyes because I'm going to miss you guys so much! It was so comforting to find a group of like minded people to commiserate with. You have all contributed in educating me and making me laugh with your intelligence, compassion and senses of humor at a time when it is needed most. Weve gotten each other through the past few months of watching our world spin out of control and, as of the 20th, there will be new challenges to our collective sanity. Whatever will I do without you all? I will miss everyone here, and want to be included if anyone finds a new gathering place.
  11. I watched some of the Senate hearings this morning and tried to imagine Trump watching it. I'm convinced the guy wouldn't be able to sit still more than five minutes, let alone understand what was being said. There were way too many big words for his pea brain to comprehend. When he tweeted about the two parties uniting, shortly after calling Sen. Schumer the "head clown", I wanted to hit something. The Republicans in Congress should be concerned because their infantile leader is a divider, not a uniter. How can there be bipartisanship when Trump keeps engaging in childish name calling and bullying? I hope the Democrats make his life miserable! Joe Biden (god, I love that guy) was just interviewed on NPR and, when asked about Trump's name calling, said "Grow up, Donald. Be an adult, you are going to be President." If you can find it online, be sure to watch it because he touched on so many subjects and it was a great interview. Have I said how much I love him?
  12. I think I'm in love with Sen. Chuck Schumer, the new Senate Minority Leader. On Rachel Maddow tonight, he was vey adamant about holding the Republicans' and Trump's feet to the fire whenever they try to pull shit. It looks like the Dems aren't going to make the confirmation process of Trump's cabinet picks easy. Sen. Schumer seems to be eager to deal with the Republicans and his attitude make me feel hopeful rather than defeated. It's about time they started using the same tactics as the right, because being the nice guys has gotten them nowhere. its comical how eager the Republican Congress is to get to work, especially since they sat with their thumbs up their asses for the last eight years while collecting their big salaries. I still can't believe they had six years to come up with an alternative to the ACA, yet the geniuses are going to get rid of it with no plan in place. I just hope that Sen. Schumer can rally the troops to give those clowns the same treatment they've received for the past eight years. Thanks to those who answered my questions about contacting elected officials. If I was concerned about a single issue, I would definitely call, but I want to address several issues, so I guess I'll be writing a lot of letters.
  13. I have a question that I'm sure someone here can answer: What is the best way to contact legislators, newscasters, newspapers, etc. - letter? email? phone call? I'm ready to go to war and want to send a message to a whole bunch of people in the groups noted above. I want to use the means that will have the best chance of getting to the people I'm targeting. I'm currently putting my thoughts together, and I hope you all don't mind that I've helped myself to some of your ideas. I see posts that make me think "Oh, I want to touch on that too!" There are so many things I'm livid about so it will be a challenge to try to keep it short enough that I don't lose my audience.
  14. stormy, unfortunately, the rest of us will also have to suffer for their stupidity. To quote Trump, "Unfair!"
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