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  1. Donald Smotherland (or Keifer, for that matter) is pretty awesome. I agree with Tim Hurtin' or Dave Reckoning/Wreckening. Also everything April and villainelle said. Men's derby is growing by leaps and bounds, but many/most men's leagues are affiliated with women's and enjoy coed practices and scrimmages. Derby is expensive, so sharing practice space and time works out! The true coed leagues generally skate under a different ruleset (now called MADE), which features alternating periods of men and women playing, but a cumulative score.
  2. Maria

    S01.E10: Quantico

    For serious, Miranda's son's name is Charlie. There is no Michael.
  3. Maria

    S01.E09: Guilty

    For serious, Miranda's son's name is Charlie. There is no Michael.
  4. Maria

    S01.E07: AKA Top Shelf Perverts

    That might be the best description of Tony Stark I've ever read.
  5. Maria

    S02.E17: Chuckie's Back

    You guys. We could clothe entire continents with all that extra fabric we were "wearing" in the early 90s. How did we manage to stay upright under the weight of it all? I'm not even counting the acres of shoulder pads and bejangled epaulettes.
  6. Maria

    S02.E11: Leading From The Heart

    Whoa. I didn't know Gabriel Macht was the third Nelson brother. Oh, the 90s.
  7. Maria

    S02.E07: Camping Trip

    The abundance of "faded" denim and slouchy white socks in that nighttime group shot by the firewood is making me feel REALLY old. But also possibly Kelly's blanket coat has come back around to being a little bit awesome?
  8. Maria

    S02.E06: Pass, Not Pass

    Why did any of us ever think a mock turtleneck was a good idea? And WHY would anyone wear one in LA, in the summer? Kelly's sweater is amazing and acceptable for cool, possibly breezy beach nights.
  9. Really glad she turned out to be as fun and funny as I'd hoped!
  10. Maria

    S01.E08: The 17 Year Itch

    Haven't listened yet - I like to scroll through the visual aids without context first to see if I remember the episode details - and totally thought that screen shot of the plaid twins was the Menendez brothers.
  11. Maria

    EHG Mini: Hosts With The Mosts

    Key & Peele. Done and done.
  12. Maria

    Watch A Trailer For Netflix's Daredevil

    Best hed/subhed combo I've seen (HAR!) about this trailer today!
  13. Maria

    S06.E06: Alive Day

    "...you know how these henchmen all mumble." Word. And that's why I have to watch the show with closed captioning, which is the only reason I know Mr. Handsome's character name is The Pig. Also, what y'all said about the Ava storyline and Tim. Much less and much more, please!
  14. Maria

    EHG 53: Downton For The Count

    I love this Game Time. I love Playing House. I love EHG.
  15. I totally forgot Meredith Grey was the Homolka manque! Damn.