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  1. I don’t mind Jack and Sally. Age difference aside, I could see why Jack would be attracted to Sally. She probably reminds him of a young Phyllis (or at least they’re playing up that aspect of Sally’s past so far - the character of Sally was flawed but very likeable on B&B). As to the age difference, I am not bothered by it as much as I was grossed out when Victor married Victoria’s old schoolmate. Probably because Jack still is attractive. And not a bossy controlling asshole like Victor. I also am enjoying Jake and Kate’s romance on Days. Peter Bergman and Lauren Koslo
  2. I liked this episode but not as much as the last two or three this season. But really like the idea of locked-jaw Gibbs finally opening up and, to Tim (although Vance or Ducky would have been fine too). My only complaint was I thought Christopher Lloyd was a little over the top at times (Even playing a desperate guy with dementia) and maybe should have taken it down a gigawatt or one.point.two.
  3. I loved this episode! Everybody was great in the Scenes from 2020 and their 1970s role. Loved Gibbs letting Jimmy hug him and Torres clarifying that he was Catholic. All it was missing was Vance.
  4. I watched from the very first episode so I’m a fan but not a big one since the Good Place isn’t even my first or second favorite show that currently airs on Thursday nights. That said, I really liked the finale. Wasn’t excited after last weeks episode about possibly watching them each go through the door but it was done in such a beautiful and thoughtful way. Each main character had a ending that perfectly completed their life story. And we got a lot of stray loose ends about the show tied up too. My favorite part was Brent trying to explain that he was only being help
  5. I also think his mom’s dislike of Kemi might be due to the fact that she wasn’t handpicked for him by her. The show definitely heavily paints Nigerian mothers as controlling.
  6. Damn episode! I groaned when I realized in the first five minutes that this episode would feature loopy dreamy sequences and give us lots of new clues, questions and characters and little resolution or explanation.... ...but enjoyed every minute nonetheless. Damn show, really. Not sure what it’s about, or if it’s actually going anywhere but I really enjoy it every week. Evil!
  7. I didn't find this episode as funny as previous ones but this was the first episode in which i did find everyone likeable. I don't think B&A is as great as Chuck Lorre's Mom, which is firing on all cylinders now, but I have high hopes B&A will get there. And frankly I am more excited about Bob & Abishola then Mom because Mom has a focus on addiction/sobriety. I am very fortunate that i have not had to yet deal with addiction up close, whereas I am a first generation American, so B&A is more up my alley. (As a related aside, I realized when i was 30 that all but three of my
  8. Kristen Johnson's facial expressions just crack me up, especially the ones she made when talking to Adam at the bar. And didn't mind the jacket storyline, and agree it was lighthearted filler that gave us some good Bonnie lines, a Gus sight gag as well as balanced out scenes of them having to drive around all night looking for an awol alcoholic. Also like Jill's delivery of "well dont gasp -now they all know it was you".
  9. I can't disagree with you about this as this is exactly how I felt when i watched a summer preview, and the second and third episode (didn't watch the pilot until after watching the fourth episode). Abishola has a very flat affect with Bob -- actually with everyone. She does not come across as a very ebullient or friendly person in the traditional sense. My opinion of her slowly began to change through her actions. She does seem like a genuinely kind and caring person. (Although I'm glad she's not my mom. I get strict and firm, and I'm not saying she's a bad mom, but she doesn't seem
  10. Yes, Bob’s been working for the family business since he was about 20. Why could t Dottie also have worked there as well? Or some other job. It seems easier to assume that’s the case then to assume that Dottie had a second husband. What started this speculation is a poster saying that Dottie said she was a single mom when she met her husband. But Dottie did not say that - she said Abishola reminded her of herself, that is, a single mom working seven days a week and looking good.
  11. I thought Dottie was referring to being a single (technically widowed) mom, working in the family business and taking care of her two youngest kids, who seem at least ten years younger than Bob, who was in college when his dad died.
  12. Someone mentioned in a post for the last episode that the show is still fleshing out the secondary characters so I’m withholding judgement. I actually don’t mind Bob’s siblings since I like them in other roles but can’t say I like them on this show yet. I like Uncle Tunde and the American nurse so far. I actually don’t like the aunt much. She does have funny lines but comes across as extremely mercenary. IMO they need to show her do something selfless soon. Love Bob and Abishola and I don’t like how the stroke storyline has stalled their love story.
  13. Yes, finally a good episode. Carol was toned down and Jane K and her scenes were fun to watch. I missed Denise too and I'm not sure what they are waiting for to develop the relationship between Carol and the Twin Peaks guy, who i also like and want to see more of.
  14. Also I have watched probably 40 or so episodes of Two and a Half Men (not a big fan) most episodes of BBT (which I sometimes hate watch since I don’t like the leads but love the secondary characters). I had low expectations for Mom, and wondered what the hell Allison Janney was thinking. But the writers of that show have done an excellent job portraying strong yet fragile and flawed women supporting themselves through life and alcohol addiction. That show is great. Bob and Abishola is not there yet but it took Mom a few seasons too.
  15. I thought the comment was anti-immigrant. Chuck Lorre said he wants this show to be about the American immigrant experience, which given the current climate of the nation, I applaud. The show has shown a willingness to go to uncomfortable places, like the Nigerian cafeteria worker stating that American blacks were last on the list to marry. Many people could find that offensive without really examining the dynamics. Dottie was in a bad place and vulnerable and lashed out at someone outside of her tribe. Much in the same way that many in lower to middle America are feeling and bl
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