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  1. Coming to this one late. I agree with the love for Mike's lamp -- that was awesome. I thought the rest of their basement was really boring, and felt the most "finished basement-y" to me. (I didn't grow up with a basement, and haven't quite managed to warm to them in general.) And I am not fan of her in general, so ... David and Tiffany - eesh. Granted, that was somewhat less egregious than an all-pink basement could be, but still pretty bad. IMO, at minimum trim shouldn't match the walls. Brian and Mika's bowling alley was potentially fun, but definitely could be a negative for some
  2. Oh my goodness, yes!! I thought it looked nice, but all I could think about every time they showed them was how much much it would hurt to catch one (or both!) of those edges with my hip. I have enough problems with normal corners.
  3. Same here. I wasn't necessarily bored by the segment, but I wasn't much a fan of the bowls. The main thing I kept thinking about was how do you keep dirt/food bits/dust/cat hair etc. from getting stuck beneath the copper or around the little nails/rivets? There's a reason why food serving dishes are usually solid surface. I was also wondering about that. I mean, clearly it must not have been the whole bathtub, or something?? But it was so bizarre looking, and they didn't say anything about it.
  4. I had no idea the host was Jon Knight until I started watching it! I was shocked, and delighted that he seems like such a decent, down-to-earth, skilled guy. (I was in junior high when Hangin' Tough came out, so prime age for NKOTB fandom.) I mostly liked the outcome, but I agree about the staircase; I wish they had kept the posts white, at least, and/or maybe added a runner. (Every time I see a painted wood staircase, all I can think about is how quickly that paint will get dirty and worn off by the foot traffic.) I also didn't love the ceiling in the living room. The beams would have b
  5. I was pleasantly surprised by this (I've seen a few episodes of Rebab Addict, but didn't love it). That house indeed was amazingly beautiful. But what I really liked about it was that it showed what can be done with a small budget: $40,000 is much, much less than most of these other shows ever work with, never mind for a house that huge! So the focus on a few major things (electricity, floors, working appliances) and then just painting and other more cosmetic fixes was really practical. Obviously it helps that the house was clearly well made and had been pretty well maintained, but it was nice
  6. I now spend a lot of time on my street-facing front porch when the weather is nice, which has actually surprised me, since I've always really liked/needed privacy. But my street is quiet, I have gotten to know my neighbors since buying the house a few years ago, and I live on a half block with my (small) back yard actually facing a much busier road, making it not a great option. So you never know. I think the feel of the house/street etc. can be really hard to know until you live there for a while. The Columbus couple tonight (my neck of the woods): any guesses on the suburb they ended up
  7. If I understood it correctly, there is absolutely nothing currently wrong with the upstairs laundry room, so there is no reason why the family upstairs would have to do anything to it to pass inspection. The only issue is if it is a shared space with the unit downstairs. The new codes say the unit downstairs has to have full fire protection separating it from the unit upstairs. It's like when you see someone (e.g. Good Bones) reno a duplex, and they learn that the middle wall, or an outside wall that is only a few feet away from a neighbor's house, has to be fire-rated. That's the issue: keepi
  8. Dawn

    S17.E12: Lucca

    I think it was an issue of bringing even more flavors into the dish, to compete with (or overwhelm) the delicate flavor of the truffle. Had it been only one type of meat, there would have been fewer flavors. At least that's how I understood it.
  9. Dawn

    S17.E12: Lucca

    Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention, but I was convinced Bryan had this one in the bag and was shocked when Melissa was declared the winner -- more so than at any other point this season. I may have to watch it again, because I don't remember a single negative comment about his dish, and lots of very positive comments, so I don't really understand what happened here. As much as he's been dinged over the course of the season for not meeting the particular challenge parameters or not properly highlighting the focus ingredient -- here he does the best job (according to Gail, at least) of
  10. As someone who has a closet that was originally a (small) bedroom (the previous owner did it -- I get all of the decadence with none of the guilt!), I can't fault her for that, not if there are enough other bedrooms. It's amazing. (Especially in old houses, like mine, where the original closets are quite small.) I don't know if I could ever go back to a regular closet. And I'm not exactly a walking fashion plate; I just don't like doing laundry and love having all of my clothes accessible all year round, particularly since going from e.g. 60 degrees to 90 in 3 days is a regular thing where I
  11. I didn't hate this challenge, but I didn't particularly like it either (though I thought learning about the Kaiseki progression was interesting). To me this seemed just as gimmicky (or more so) than last week's challenge. At least last week they were allowed to cook whatever they wanted (though of course limited by ingredients available); this particular style of food was so specific and precise and seemed much more limiting and "unfair" than last week's challenge (IMO). It was neat seeing the Olympians (though I also mourned at all the happy Olympics talk), but they weren't exactly well
  12. Yes, I agree that she should talk less -- or find a way to make it more "natural". The running monologue and one-sided conversations get annoying. I liked the house tonight more than some of the other recent ones. I didn't love the black walls, but I'll take that over the super-busy things she's done recently. I loved that she left the wood wall in the living room -- it really was gorgeous. I liked the kitchen well enough (though I think that stone back splash would be awful to try to keep clean), and while the beams and big wooden chandeliers in the family room were maybe a bit much for
  13. Lol. I never want to criticize child actors, but the "yay!" in unison in response to everything is so silly. How about just "Okay/Yes/Hi, mommy!" once in a while? That would be much more realistic, even while maintaining their angelic characterization. I'm so tired of addiction story lines. I get it: it's a real issue, and can particularly be so in the medical community, but I'd so much rather they focus on the stories of the mothers and the community (which they do such a good job on!), rather than on random new doctor who just showed up.
  14. Yes. If I'm remembering correctly, they used to play the two parts as separate episodes (and still could easily enough), so that's why they pretend it's two separate projects. This one was better than some of the others, but I agree that her style choices this season are just ... not good. I liked the office in theory, but the wall was too dark (there wasn't much natural light in there). I liked the hall bathroom, but not the random blue tiles in the new little bathroom. For the mudroom, I liked the yellow cabinets and wallpaper more than I thought I would (at least for a few minut
  15. Dawn


    This is what I first assumed, too, but then I started to wonder -- is it possible they're hormone-blocking drugs, or some sort of drugs related to her transition? Since that was a secret, it would make sense for them to be hidden. I'm don't think we know this yet for sure. That was Julien's conclusion right at the end of the episode, but we got no confirmation of that. I wouldn't be surprised if there were another twist and she turns out not to be the traitor.
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