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  1. HyacinthBucket

    S03.E03: Donald Trump

    I did the same thing here in Ohio. I'm watching the news sites now with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Count me in on the love for John Oliver.
  2. HyacinthBucket

    Pet Peeves

    Thank you! I completely understand about the politics, and I'm grateful to find a safe zone like this.
  3. HyacinthBucket

    Pet Peeves

    I just found this wonderful thread, and I'll try and control myself enough to only discuss one "pet peeve" for now. I live on the edge of a major Amish tourist area. A two-lane highway takes me from my home to the schools where I work, and there needs to be a large sign to remind the tourists that while THEY may be on vacation, the local residents are going about their daily business and need to be at work on time. I don't know how many times I have gotten behind someone going 15-20 miles below the speed limit, and there are NO places to pass on this eight-mile stretch of road. It's very frustrating! If I looked behind me and saw that I was pulling a small train of cars behind me, I would be considerate enough to speed up, or pull over so the cars can pass me. The same goes for large farm tractors, too. Just because they have a slow-moving vehicle sign on the back doesn't mean that it's OK to drag a line of cars behind them for miles! I'm even more frustrated with them because they have many opportunities to pull over and let the cars pass, but they just keep chugging along at 30 mph in a 55 mph section of road. Arrgghhh!!! Whew! I feel better already. Now, where can we discuss Drumpf?
  4. HyacinthBucket

    S04.E04: Chapter 43

    I've been clinging to the idea that Lucas was waiting out there in the wings, and would take Frank down, but now that hope is crushed. I hope someone will pick up where he left off, because I can't take another season of Frank always ending up on top.
  5. Thank you, Happytobehere, for that wonderful clip - you have a great memory! I don't have a clip for the House quote, but it was definitely done on the show, with House making the quote uniquely his with his "ass out of YOU to ME." It was in one of the early seasons. Anyway, I loved the way it was used on Galavant, with the use of "pres" instead of "ass." I love those little humorous moments as much as I love the big ones.
  6. I loved the way Richard and Galavant were teamed up this season, and became best buddies. As others have said, Richard was the standout for me, so much so that I started watching Psych on Netflix! Timothy O. is an amazing actor with quite a range of talents. Everyone else has already mentioned the best parts of these last two episodes, but I'll add one more. I don't have access to the original quote, but it was something like, "When you presume, you make a pres out of you and me." Pres? Hee hee! It makes me think of one of House's funny lines, "When you assume, you make an ass out of you TO me." I have managed to bring in a few more viewers to the show this season, but unfortunately, they don't have Nielsen boxes. If anyone has a plan to try and keep this around, count me in! Everyone I know who watches it, loves it as much as we all do here.
  7. HyacinthBucket

    S02.E05: Giants vs. Dwarves / S02.E06: About Last Knight

    You have reminded me of another possible movie reference, although not a musical number. The coincidences reminded me of the scene in The Princess Bride, where Wesley says, "Now if we only had a Holocaust cloak..." and one magically appears. There is a cart in that scene, too!
  8. HyacinthBucket


    In the final montage at the end of the finale, we see Cameron working in an emergency room, smiling to herself as she finds a picture of the old team with House. (Some people think her smile indicates that she knows the truth about House, but I don't really believe it.) We see a handsome young man come into the ER, pushing a baby carriage. Apparently, this is Cameron's family, and she looks happy and fulfilled.
  9. HyacinthBucket

    S02.E05: Giants vs. Dwarves / S02.E06: About Last Knight

    For me, this was the best hour of Galavant to date. I enjoyed every song, especially the Sharks vs. Jets number. As soon as I saw the finger-snapping, I knew I was going to love it! Even though it wasn't a musical number, I loved the Field of Dreams reference, with Galavant and his father having a game of toss with the cabbage head.
  10. Well, that was delightful! I'm so glad the show has a second chance. AnnaRose, we suffered through the same press conference on the Cleveland affiliate, but it was over before the second episode came on. I hope we can catch up with what we missed!
  11. HyacinthBucket

    All Episodes Talk: Walk With Me

    Yikes! Of course! Now I feel really stupid. I'm happy to think of Toby teaching at Columbia and being able to see those adorable kids. I just assumed that Toby's brother had told Toby sometime before his death, and Toby was the one to pass it on to the reporter. I would love to know if this was left to the viewers' imagination, or whether I somehow missed something. Or maybe Richard Schiff is just too darn good at acting. :)
  12. HyacinthBucket

    All Episodes Talk: Walk With Me

    I watched this series for the first time over the past couple of months, and it is now tied for #1 on my Top Ten Favorite Shows list, right beside Friday Night Lights. I enjoyed every episode and every character, except for Mandy in Season 1, and Amy Gardner. I knew when I started the series that John Spencer had passed away, and so as much as I adored the soaring music of the opening credits, I always felt sad when I saw John Spencer. The tribute to Leo left me sobbing. I wish I had watched the series while I was on TWoP, but never saw an episode until recently. I would have loved to have discussed each episode with all of you, although I am certainly enjoying reading your comments now. Hmmm... Since I don't see a thread for Season 7, I will go ahead and ask a few questions on this thread. I hope this doesn't ruin anything for those who haven't made it this far yet. Question 1: Do we know who leaked the military shuttle information to Toby? He said it wasn't his brother, but who else would it have been? Question 2: Do we know why Toby was living in Columbia? Question 3: I'm assuming that Will won the seat in Oregon, but what happened to Kate, other than writing a book? Did you get the impression they were still together?
  13. HyacinthBucket

    Toby Ziegler: Happiness Is My Default Position

    I have to agree with all the above comments regarding Richard Schiff's great acting. Toby may have spoken slowly and deliberately, but his amazing facial expressions always let us know what was coming. His last scene with C.J. was very powerful.
  14. HyacinthBucket

    S16.E01: Finale/Wrap-Up Movie

    I had more trouble with that exchange than I did with anything else in the finale. Awful! I've never liked the stone-faced Lady Heather, and I'm very grateful that Grissom didn't end up with her. It was fitting to me that the finale was mostly about Grissom. I doubt if I'm the only person who would not have tuned in had Grissom not returned. When Grissom left the first time, he went to Sara, so I liked that Sara went to him this time. I thought the scene where Sara and Gil were waiting for the bees to return was very sweet and subtle, and planted the idea that they could still be happy together. The case itself was full of "WTH" moments, already mentioned above by other posters.
  15. HyacinthBucket

    S04.E10: What Happens On the Rez...

    That sums it up for me quite nicely. Did we ever find out whether Walt heard her voice mail in the first episode?