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  1. Maisie is probably in London preparing for her play at the Trafalgar Studios. https://theatre.london/whats-new/maisie-richardson-sellers/
  2. While I think a Quentin death could affect both Sara and his not Daughter "Laurel", I will be sad if he dies. For a split second reading EW's article on this I thought maybe there was a chance PB would move over to Legends, but I soon realized that's unlikely. His departure was probably announced now because his role in something else is about to be announced.
  3. Mitchum was right on the surface but he was a dick. Knowing Shiva went all Shiva and checked into a Spa and that Honor was going to take some time to get home from her honeymoon, Mitchum refused to go see critically injured Logan in the Hospital. I get being angry at him for engaging in risky behaviors such as base jumping but still. If Rory didn't push Mitchum's buttons into going, Logan would only have the people Mitchum and/or the family wanted out of Logan's life.
  4. There was some fears of Zari causing issues when talk of her clashing with Sara was mentioned.
  5. The team and "family" support is one of the best parts of Legends. One of PK's strength is that he listens in the writing room. So I will be voicing my worry to the writers on Twitter.
  6. Man I love Beebo. And to think that it all started because they couldn't get the rights to an Abba song :D We ended up with two and now three great episodes!!
  7. Well there is also this which could give him access to more money. Reminds me a bit of the father in the movie Say Anything.
  8. I think Ray edging dark will be the most impactful. Everybody considers him a boyscout. He's one of the originals. Zari and Nate have a bond with him as well. Ray's nannite gun will probably be used for deadly purposes with dragons and such around. And he keeps losing friends/family. I can see why things might get to him
  9. http://ew.com/tv/2018/04/09/legends-of-tomorrow-amaya-exit/
  10. Because they were talking about finding out there was a Vixen Lance ship or people shipping it. That much I could hear.
  11. In a BTS at a con today, Caity says to Maisie, "Maybe your new character". Is this a spoiler? I can't link to the exact spot on my tablet but it's about 3.31 into the video? I can barely hear what is being said with all of noise so I can't tell what the conversation is about.
  12. http://www.tvguide.com/news/legends-of-tomrrow-phil-klemmer-sara-ava/
  13. Wow. I'm going to assume that the two shows didn't air before 2am or whatever the cutoff.
  14. I personally love fantasy more than sci fi but I have fears about Constantine joining. That he will either take over or fans of the character won't be amused if he's a teamish player. Comic fans already b!tch about other comic characters that are supposed to be leads not being the LEAD of the CW show that they are on. Constantine also will have his tv fans whining. Doesn't sound like fun to me. I also did think next season would be more future stories. Looking into what happens with Zari, A.R.G.U.S and how something like AVA could happen. I mean I was thinking Ava was probably a robot a
  15. I personally only see Siren move over to Legends if she's part of a villain team. And only if she is the one to kill Quentin. Otherwise there is just no value to have her on Legends. The potential to cause conflict onset seems not worth it. And KC is best when playing slightly crazy evil. IMO of course. Legends hasn't really done anything with Laurel except be motivation for Sara.
  16. I just see no value in the doppelganger storylines. We already know they are different people. We got that in the Earth C crossover. And Legends don't need another blonde.
  17. tarotx


    Rory does "things" since episode one. Deciding not to go to Chilton because of Dean. She changes her mind because her mom made a sacrifice for her. By the time Rory is with Logan, Rory has done a ton of impulsive stuff and has lived way from her mother for a year. Rory is in the stages of self discovery. Rory has to make choices at every step of her relationship with Logan. They have these verbal pro con list with her making her choices at the end. I personally think they learn and grow together. Especially in the OS. Telling her to call him Master and Commander was a joke. A minu
  18. I had some issue as well. Another male character calling a women a bitch. And DP said it so aggressive. Also Mick kept asking Zari to eat "pork". Just too much. Last week Mick was drunk and sleeping. This week just uninvolved. I sense a bit of Flanderization. And yeah Amaya is getting a bit sad trying to put off her destiny. She knows they can't Willy Nilly change history and keep the timeline stable. I think Amaya SHOULD talk to Mari at this point. She needs to know what her sacrifice means. Jess is a good actress and Sara and Ava are OK but at the sane time I don't need Ava's bac
  19. I think they want more supernatural stuff on the CW. Also DC wants to create content for their Web-based network. I don't think Constantine Needs to understand friendship. He had friends. It's willing to risk them again but at the same to be able to learn how to understand people need to be able to trust him if they are working as a team. You can't really be a team player if you are willing to throw them under the bus at any given time. Though it's a thin line between character development and changing the character.
  20. People who are annoyed that Sara is taking over are haters imo. She is the Captain but has rarely had any delving into her as a character. She always has secondary growth. The show runners felt she had a lot of character growth on Arrow so didn't need to be developed as much. Which was probably true but it's still important that she get personal issues and storylines. I actually feel much of Sara's storyline this season was bringing in Ava, Constantine and of course Mallus, Sara and her sister stuff have been included in all 3 seasons but it really hasn't had a lot of screen time. Sara is used
  21. To me it feels like I missed an episode or two of The AvaLance relationship. It's weird. I find they are cute together but that's it. It's super early for this kind of saving scene to matter Imo. The breakup was super similar to Sara"s with Olivers. As I said in the episode thread, that's what got to me. http://tarotx.tumblr.com/post/172064917999/kd2900-i-care-about-you-too-much-to-be-with
  22. Wally will have fun on Legends. But two episodes dealing with "ghosts" may have him wanting to run back home. When was the last time Nate stealed up? He dis for a little bit in the midseason finale but I can't think off the top my head when since. He must be really expensive. Was Bebo the the last time Ray shrunk? And as someone said this was pretty much a second bottle episode. The two extra episodes must be really expensive. Sara's breakup with Ava was super similar to hers with Oliver, that is what got to me. I loved this episode. But I think (so far) only the cir
  23. I've actually been thinking that With Rip keeping secrets yet again, something will have to give. This Ava/Sara stuff could be major.
  24. Yeah our Rip and Constantine have similar signature looks. I can see losing Rip for good after this seaon :( Or maybe we can lose him in a magical way (since Arthur doesn't really want to do the Fall season) to give JC a purpose on the show. We'll see.
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