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  1. I don't think Rory was supposed to be scared OF Dean - just guilt on Rory's end. And her having that is one of the reasons she liked being with Jess in the first place. He was emotionally less demanding. But the liking Jess just made the guilt worse. I personally don't think there was anything necessarily wrong with Dean wanting to be in a relationship that both he and the girl were on the same page. I don't think him wanting to spend the limited free time that he had with his girlfriend was different than most people in a serious relationship. The issue is that Rory is far from being on the
  2. Lorelai asks Rory, what about Luke at the end of episode 2 so there were direct hints that early. But Lorelai was into all cleaned up Luke of the end of the pilot. There is also the scene in Emily in Wonderland, Luke and Lorelai are in the storage room and Lorelai asks Luke if there was going to redate Rachel and if she's ready why not take the plunge. and if there some reason not to take that plunge. Lorelai loved Luke and was interested in Luke. throughout season 1. But Luke chose Rachel leaving Lorelai with Max and Chris. Of the two Lorelai choose Max because he was ready. Then Christo
  3. I think Legends is a comedy if say The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one. The Comedy genre is just a different ballgame these days.
  4. Phill Klemmer and Nick Zano. One of the things they talk about is why no Legends in the Crossover.
  5. In the past, the LOT banner and bag showed the Waverider so at least Beebo is interesting different. And I do like the group poster that included Sara&Ray.
  6. I got: Barry Allen, Ray Palmer, and Wally West You’re a combo of Barry, Ray, and Wally. You’re genuine, imaginative, and adventurous. You’re a bit of a goofball, but you just love to have a good time. You make friends with everyone you meet and you’re always looking to make the world a better place.
  7. The reason I believe it is that Caity has talked about the show moving to more stand-alone away from Arrow,
  8. Legends used a comic con picture of Caity so there has got to be something similar of OTA for Arrow to use.
  9. I'm fine with Legends not included. While the last crossover had a major event happen for Legends, the show still felt as if they were there just because... So Berlanti&co might as well treat them like the ugly step cousins they already treat them like, and leave them out completely. Let legends series build and flow at their own pace. But at the same time, it sucks because I did want Sara to meet Kate. But Caity already hinted at this when she said she believes TPTB were going to treat the shows more stand alone.
  10. Even family fight so I can deal with this if they keep the characters true to themselves and have both sides fully understood. The Arrow fight was stupid because NTA just didn't have reason to be on a different side than OTA. It was f-cked up. OTA has bugged and had traces on each other, Roy and Sara. OTA had reason to think someone betrayed them because hello someone did. The writers wanted the team to fight and it happened but for no real story reason. It was all about the fight. You can have the purpose be to divide the team but it has to be right for the characters and fully developed. Plu
  11. The Clark and Lois text 19. Clark and Lois, Smallville Is there any couple as iconic as Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and Lois Lane (Erica Durance)? While Lana (Kristen Kreuk) dominated the first few seasons of the series as Clark's love interest, Lois definitely took over (with much more success) when she arrived on the scene in Season 4. Despite a totally longer than necessary arc where Lois didn't realize Clark was also the Blur, this relationship shone through as the best ship on the show and one of the top to ever grace The CW network. And OT but if people really need to
  12. In Hay Bale Maze, Rory and Logan were talking about her decision on rather or not she wanted to take the Providence job. He noticed Rory was doing a Pro-Con list and saw that she had question marks on his name. He told her not to worry about factoring him in for this decision. Basically that if she goes to Providence it would be up to him to factor her in. And Rory told Logan that in general, she would like to factor him in. Logan clearly took that to mean they were both on the same page. But Rory didn't understand what that all meant. Later Rory had the conversation with Paris in the ep
  13. A werewolf doesn't have to be CGI. It can be done with makeup magic. Maybe a combo. I don't know why but I'm picturing this new girl a bit like Ella on Lucifer.
  14. Earlier in the season Doyle had more or less not trusted Rory's gut, Paris questioned her choice of story and if she had a new angle and Logan more or less questioned rather or not Rory could put herself into the fray to get the best story. It stunted with that LDB article but the groundwork was there for Rory to question herself. With the internship, Rory basically had one job - to shadow Mitchum. It started off on the wrong foot because Mitchum asked her to bring a pencil and she came without one. Instead of watching and observing Mitchum, Rory stopped and called Logan to asked about M
  15. High school Rory was also in a lot of Stars Hollow events. College interviews and written essays are crucial parts of the process. I want to guess that she had to have had a great entrance essay. She had good SAT. Plus both sides of her family have Ivy League heritage. That would have helped her application process even at Harvard. And she was Legacy at Yale and Princeton. I Revival Rory was still in the middle of her quarter-life crisis when dealing with the Newspaper. The show really should have had Rory fall in love with the process of running the hometown newspaper (and bringing it i
  16. It's Sara who compares to Iris and Felicity. Ava is more like the Susan and Billy.
  17. I think the point was to show how Lorelai's "unique" style and being would clash with the school and embarrass Emily. I think the show went over the top sitcom with it but that is one of the issues Amy&Dan seemed to have from time to time. I always wish that Amy could have found a female partner who would understand what Amy wanted to do but be able to shape it to fit the drama aspects of the show better. These dramedies need to ground the sitcom humor better. I don't know exactly how to do it but the best humor of these shows prove it's more than doable.
  18. @macstarli @marineg and @deaja You guys are awesome. Truly communicating what needed to be said about Logan's POV and Rory's state of mind. And vice versa.
  19. Here's what the Yale website says but I don't know if it was the same back in early 2004 (didn't see this linked. Sorry if it's a repost). http://catalog.yale.edu/ycps/academic-regulations/withdrawal-from-courses/
  20. Logan had no respect for Honor's friends before he was being confronted with "cheating" with them. In season 5 he said the Yacht would be filled with Honor’s ditzy friends. Sleeping with girls you know are not someone who would choose happens a lot with rebound upset comfort sex, Rory doesn't really ask for space, she just stops talking. It's what she did after the pub fight. She even goes on a short vacation with Lorelai. When Rory takes Logan back after she fights with the Bridesmaids, she wants space but she doesn't ask for it. She is passive aggressive with Logan, hides in St
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