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  1. I know she wants to be a journalist. It's mentioned a lot. I'm talking about her Yale major.
  2. I don't think Rory's major was actually mentioned until s7. I could be wrong though. Rory does joke in, But Not as Cute as Pushkin, that a girl in her modern poetry class was kicking her chair. So there is at least one class that would fit that major. I'm the revival, Rory tells Taylor that she has a journalism degree from Yale. but it"s believable that it was just easier to say that then to go into detail about how Yale degrees work.
  3. By the way, the LDB is an anarchy group so no one is saying trading rich people things is a good thing, Just that Rory's behavior is little different then it was in the past. Though when Colin&Finn likely do the same thing she doesn't believe her grandmother... By nature Rory is a subdue person so she does often let things slide until she's overwhelned or emotional. Stress is a trigger for her but often she just lets the stronger people sort it out.
  4. She tells Logan no. And as I mentioned, earlier she didn't say anything about Lorelai getting the wedding planner fired the same as here. She did say to Lorelai that it was her Grandmother's seating chart but it's not until Lorelai mocks the LDB that Rory gets mad. This kind of behavior is similar to what Rory grew up with. Mocking the pretentious rich people. It doesn't feel big until Emily freaks and goes off on the maid. Which really isn't a new experience for Rory either. And Rory will really only make a scene if she's emotional. Here she isn't sure how to respond and Lorelai defuses
  5. Rory didn't call Lorelai out most of the time. And she mainly called Lorelai out about the wedding planner because Lorelai attacked the LDB. Rory didn't call out Lorelai being the one to mess with the seating chart after Emily said she fired the planner.
  6. I think it's messed up to do the linking. There is no reason to go beyond saying there are people who are privileged who get away with worse.
  7. When you link a character to crimes they don't commit, they get associated with those crimes. You guys are putting him in the same breath as rapist. Logan helped his Girlfriend take a boat because she was sad and got that Moby Dick quote stuck in her head so needed to take to the seas. As for Logan's arc, you can tell Amy disregard s7 for him. In winter s6 she said, "Logan is a kid whose entire life has been preplanned for him. Rory grew up in a household where it was like, ‘Anything you want, kid, you go for it.’ He never had that. He grew up with all the money privilege, but he didn’t
  8. Trading rich people objects because they never notice is similar in nature to Lorelai's mindset. That's why Rory didn't even pay it much attention. We get that privilege exists in real life but there really is no point to linking Logan to rapist. Talking about Logan's privilege doesn't need to be linked to things that he's not linked to. Logan has all the things money can buy but he has no real freedoms. He's allowed to joke around but was..is never allowed to explore who he is as a person. The family holds a huge grip on what he's allowed to do, the people he's allowed to be close
  9. Rory made a plea deal. We have no knowledge of what deal Logan made or not. Or who he talked too. Maybe Richard said they had it handled. We don't know if the prosecutor talked to Logan. We don't know what his defense argued. We didn't see any of the Logan side. Logan told Rory the boat wasn't theirs to take. It was night so finding a yacht to rent wouldn't have been easy. He offered to drive to New York and she didn't want that. And then he offered his lawyers to deal with it. Sure white privilege is real but linking Logan to those rapist wasn't necessary.
  10. I stand by my belief that Rory didn't disrespect Jess. Rory was hurting and went to see a friend's open house and he assumed she was there to rekindle a long over romance. She could have used a friend. We have no idea if Logan ever set foot in a court room. We didn't see Logan dealing with it. Logan's story arc is that "he grew up with all the money privilege, but he didn’t grow up with any freedom". Rory was in front of the judge dealing with it because she made a plea deal. It's leniency disgusted the judge who didn't accept the deal and instead sentenced Rory to harsher terms. O
  11. Rory impulsively went to Jess's open house. He assumed that Rory fixing things meant that she was single. He kissed her and Rory for a second let him. But she couldn't cheat on Logan no matter if he cheated on her. It was a kind of closing the circle started when she kissed Jess but was still with Dean and emotionally cheating on Dean for months afterwards. That isn't Rory being disrespectful to Jess. She pushed away and tells him She's in love with Logan. She was honest and upfront. Jess isolating Rory away from her support wasn't ooc for Jess. It was an extreme of this trait but it
  12. tarotx

    S01.E04: Fall

    I'm not sure the last 4 words were always a thing. At least not the first 2 seasons. Also remember Amy considers GG a kind of a tragedy which is sad but this quote explains Amy's view of the show. Rory's a bridge between these two women. A large chunk of who she is-is because of that dynamic.
  13. They only need 88 for syndication now but they will really need two seasons for that as well.
  14. Thanks for bringing that over :) Just remove the ?s=19 and it should embed.
  15. It was just Luke's turn to be trashed. Amy and Dan don't respect their characters. They love them but they will bend them and Flanderized them and whatever to tell some plot point.
  16. I love him. He may be the reason I actually watch the crossover since the only show I watch live Is Arrow. I'm way behind on The Flash and Supergirl. I've been undecided on rather or not to watch.
  17. Caity's dad was a blink and you miss him type role so no but Maisie's mom got a little press. Legends don't get the press that Arrow does. And also SA's wife is playing a named DC character.
  18. It's no big deal. Caity Lotz's dad played a bartender in the Arrow episode of Invasion! And Maisie Richardson-Sellers's mother played Amaya's ancestor last season on Legends.
  19. I like the picture as it is but I would love for David to be there as well.
  20. Yeah, maybe this wolf character will be there when Alaska is not. I mean instread of just doing Cgi they will costume-makeup another physical actor and we'll get an Incredible Hulk kind of duality.
  21. So will an Abba song title episode be a thing each season now? Dancing Oliver Queen is the first thing that popped into my head as well ;p It might be cool to see Nate in the time Bureau. I wonder if he's just trying to seem legit to his Dad somehow?
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