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  1. That Ava/Zari scene was too similar to the ones between Sara/Zari in s3. I just wish I liked Ava better. I like both versions of Maisie and Tala and I like Constintine and Behrad so this isn't I hate the new people. I did like the episode more than I thought but that was because Ava wasn't in it as much as I feared. Nate is stil annoying when he's too much. I do love that Ray finally has someone who loves him. DarhkAtom is adoreable and I will miss Ray.
  2. Sara and Ava's relationship isn't about Sara. At all. She is being used to promote Ava. Sara even has to "always' give into Ava's needs. It's making me miss Sara and hate Ava. I also want to say writers don't have to get rid of characters because the plot isn't about them. You create plot for the characters!!!! New characters are just easier to write for since less history has to be maneuvered through. And Arrow writers had their own issues. Organically Sara would have fit in a league of assassins season. Instead they killed her off.
  3. If Caity feels this way after the season has ended filiming, I have very little faith in the rest of the season. She does watch the episodes and reads how Sara's fans respond so she might just be taking about Sara so far in the season, but I don't think so. Right now I can't stand Ava unrelated to Sara's margaizing within the avalance relationship. She is just so ME focused. She's like season 2 Nate annoying. Imo.
  4. Caity had to pep and then direct the two weeks for episode 4 and 5. But in show Sara's father is alive now so she does have family. But we also have Siren and whatever Sara told her about Mia that sent her to steamroll over the life Earth Prime's Mia has lived. Sara also took Mia to Oliver's funeral. They were a few episodes away but the Legends writers knew GABC was set in the future and that Oliver was staying dead.
  5. I also want to thank all of you for making my Arrow fanship full of info, entertainment with actual thought provoking discussion of tv and real issues as well as just an over all interesting experience. I'll never forget the Arrow fandom especially the charity of OTA and Olicity fans. 🙏 Last day of Arrow spoilers - super sad 😔
  6. Time travel alters the future. Oliver and the Paragons traveled to the dawn of creation but that doesn't change their history since their memories are intact. Even without new memories. On Legends history doesn't let you do somethings. You can't stop yourself from being born. I can see that transferring to things that made you the you that could change time in the first place. Like with Rip and his family. Though it's all inconsistent. Zari accidentally does what she started out to do. Save her future. I know it's different on The Flash but Marc Guggenheim is more a part of Legends then Flash
  7. I dislike mocumentaries but last night's episode was better than expected. Sara being able to still mourn Oliver was awesome & her relationship with Zari's brother was sweet but I miss Zari (and Jax). I think Everybody was used well for the most part even if I don't want Zari's scarfice and change to be mostly about Nate let alone all about him. And I'm tired of Ava's jealousy & that condolence card annoyed. Also Ava getting to be assassin-like similar to early Sara, except no internal torment, is just more annoyance. Ava has no depth to her. She is very robot in some ways. I thi
  8. Well we didn't see Diggle relearn the memories or come home. He could have saw his daughter was back earlier than when she comes up to him on the couch. So going by his scene, it could've went the same as Clark's. But it does seem the Clark scene was just wrong. He should had both memories. At least that is how it was done on Supergirl. Or so I read since I don't watch Supergirl.
  9. Do we for sure know Diggle remembers more than Clark? Maybe he went home and saw he now has two kids. Diggle knew Barry erased a daughter Sara. I think he would feel emotional about having her back even if he doesn't have memories of her life.
  10. We'll probably eventually learn it was somehow related to money...
  11. Laurel should always be screaming in action scenes not fighting. I don't know why but there is never a good transition between KCR and the stunt double. That wasn't helped by the overall miss of direction. I do like snark Laurel well enough but Oliver doesn't deserve any of that from her. I enjoyed the episode though. Stephen has had me in tears all season. This episode, him with Diggle and the kids really got me again. I also liked William&Mia and the Diggle family.
  12. So the canary that Mia is going to interact with in the (non Arrow part) of the crossover is Sara? 🤔
  13. That's how I'm taking it 😔 If so Legends is probably done soon.
  14. I'm watching both The Flash and Arrow the season (as soon as they hit the app any way) but not Supergirl or Batwomen. I hope people here share any crisis related stuff on those two shows. I wish Legends was on 😔 I can't wait to see Arrow tonight! Earth 2 destroyed 1st is interesting because it's the other world we know most about maybe even more than Supergirl's world.
  15. Maybe both. There is often gag orders for special stuff. And I am personally hoping the focus is on the characters we have been watching all these years and not the special guest stars & characters.
  16. Arrow's Dingle and Lyla are there but there isn't a Legend's character though they are on the Legends set. And Brandon is a Legends actor and the new Atom might last past the crossover on Legends but you can't count them as legends since they are new characters. We don't know how big this scene will be. They aren't going to have the big fight on the Waverider set.
  17. Legends definitely should have a different fan base than it is marketed too. It's corny and GAY in wonderful ways but it is a way different show now. Vandal Savage is proof. I'm still laughing. I read PK's interview about Ray bonding with someone unexpected but Savage did not enter my mind. But he and Ray both lost Kendra to her fated love. I enjoyed most of 4a and I loved this 4b finale but the rest dragged. It is time to reground this show in it's history foundation and it's core cast. I do think the season starting out at Woodstock and ending singing love to save Nate really brou
  18. Legends is the red-haired step child. Arrow is the first born who had to give up a lot for his younger siblings. I'm actually thinking of Arrow 7.22 as the series finale and s8 as a Arrow Crisis event mini series. That's how it feels it's going to play out. We'll have Oliver doing things leading to his death/disappearance and his adult Children living with the consequences.
  19. I hate The Legends as Time Bureau agents. I hate that bureau as a centric part of the show. I hate Mona as a centric part of the show. She needs to go with Magic. Wolfie is altogether bad. And Yes there hasn't been a good fight all season. It's all chats, a few pushes and characters being knocked into the air. That's the part I hate the most. We haven't just lost the superheros, we have lost true choreographed fight scenes. I don't have an issue with Legends being mid season. I think it has hold its own returning from the break. Although I probably won't add Batwoman to
  20. Since Caity dyed her hair right before going to Vancouver, I figure she's just around doing Shethority stuff.
  21. LOT had Sara work at Sink, shower and stuff.
  22. I love Sara and Caity but this seens more proof that Marc is still fairly in charge. I remember this from a year(or so) ago. “But truth be told, I wouldn’t want to do it unless we could figure out a way to get Sara (played on Legends by Caity Lotz) in there as well. One of my favorite episodes was 406, where we had Speedy, Black Canary and Canary all fighting side-by-side-by side together, and that was a blast. Seeing three badass women was really, really awesome. [An all-girls mission] is on our ‘bucket list,’ but I really want to figure out a way to get Sara in there as well.”
  23. I've been avoiding spoilers since I'm way behind this season but I've watched the latest episode because Sara was in it. I've been having questions for awhile but especially now. I know the future timeline isn't connected to Lot's Star City 2046, but what about the events of Zari's time? With the anti metahuman act of 2021 and a 2042 where ARGUS experiments on metas? Sara, Ray and Rory were called Meta's even though they weren't. Mia has to be connected to Oliver. This show is at it's core Oliver's story. And Mia's clearly being pushed so the link to Oliver has to be there and strong. As
  24. Is s7 the only time her English major is mentioned? She does have a lot of economic and philosophy classes.
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