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  1. @tv echo As Always I'm very thankful for you bringing over these videos and for the transcript 🙏
  2. @tv echo Thanks for bringing the deleted scenes and the singing clip over 🙏
  3. @tv echo as always I appreciate you posting all the links and doing the transcript. Thank you 🙂
  4. @tv echo Thanks for bringing the interviews over and for the transcripts 🙏
  5. https://www.tvinsider.com/936828/legends-of-tomorrow-season-5-finale-season-6-preview/
  6. Worry comes naturally. When you watch the end of Arrow s2 and have Caity at Comic Con, as if she was part of the Arrow cast, just for them to literally throw her character off the roof into the trash and then a few episodes in, see that they literally frigged her, yeah worry comes naturally. Imo. And LOT has been forcing Ava into the captaincy all season. Now Sara is literally gone. What a coincidence. And Phil Klemmer doesn't give me any confidence. Even goes into Ava when Asked about if Nate will morn Zari 1.0. He won't have time because he will have comfort Ava. Oh he says Sa
  7. I'm just a natural worrywart and read worst case scenarios into everything. I hope this is just that tendency in hyperdrive. If not, I will also be done with the show. I don't want to watch Ava be A captain let alone full captain. Zari, either version, is more of a leader.
  8. I originally assumed an abduction would just be a reason to have Maisie gone the first few episodes of the season. She has always had a more limited role in the beginning of the season and she was just gone the beginning of s5. I don't think Maise has a full season contract but one similar to Arthur Darvill 's in season 2. Now I think (fear) it will be Sara and it's to raise Ava and limit Sara some more.
  9. Sara being abducted wouldn't be about giving Sara her own storyline. I won't be surprised if Caity ends up directing the first or second episode of the season. So to explain Sara's absence with Caity busy. When Sara comes back she probably will have no memories when she returns but comes back. Similar to Rip. But the main object will feel like it's to make Ava sole captain. Imo. For me this making Ava Captain just feels similar to what happened with Sara giving Laurel her Canary jacket and then Sara dying and Laurel taking up the Canary mantle. And the thought of a Nate/Zari/John love tri
  10. So does it look like Sara will be the one abducted? Or is that just some kind of fate residuals since I think that is Sara's punk look from Charlie's first episode?
  11. The deaths seem to be about Charlie. She has been running from her family forever. She turned into a little girl the first time she saw her sister in years. Now she is running to face them, so she can save the Legends. Also, Sara accepting what her vision told her and giving Ava her mantra. I felt very similar to when watching Sara gave Laurel her jacket. Not a good feeling by the way... I think Constantine and Zari are fun to watch. Better than any other romantic couple on the show now and it feels natural like Ray and Nora did.
  12. If Sara is out next season, I'm out. Even if she comes back. To have someone else take up Sara's "life" while morning Sara, for a second time will be bad enough. But I'm not a fan of Ava. And Mick will be the only original and he won't have a big role because he never does.
  13. It's sadder because this is the second time Sara has had someone become her. I know Laurel was destined to become black canary but it was done awful and the wash repeat for Sara's captain role just depresses me.
  14. They wouldn't even have to get rid of Avalance though. Just allow for Sara's pov and let Sara's emotions drive development. And for Sara to have actual moments with her team. This kind of thing always happens when you become the love interest. It's just that Sara was way more than that and should have stayed way more. Especially to Ava, imo, a boring character.
  15. There has been some criticism from all over. Mainly people missing Sara and trying to explain it away by blaming the Crossover, Caity directing and the Arrow finale. But the Avalance fans have taken over the Sara fandom. As long as there are cute moments they mostly gush so the criticism is just a small part overall. A lot of proclaiming Avalance one of the healthiest relationship on Tv and definitely the healthiest in the Arrowverse. Even though one side, Sara has to always compromise to pacify Ava. Imo.
  16. Sara bonded with Zari 1.0, Amaya, Constantine, Stein and Jax and early on Cold, Rory and Kendra. It wasn't until Ava became a full on love interest and now the main character of the couple, that Sara has has been reduced. It has never been about screen time for me but quality screen time and Sara had that in the Crossover and first episode of the season. Nothing since. Not ever a truly emotional goodbye with Ray. Not even when she became blind. She felt she was going to kill her teammates and they believed she was going crazy. So really the last 2 seasons and some of the later part of season 3
  17. I rewatched this episode and there is this the legends are rule followers now. Not even because time travel has to have rules or chaos. Ava has brought the Time Bureau rule following as the go to for legends! And I just realized that Sara hasn't talked to Astra or Zari 2.0 She had a bit of conversation with Charlie but it's still just AVA that she has all her (very limited) flesh-outness with. They try to flesh out AVA but she's still mainly just the traits that Rip programed into her. I was thinking that the writers thought giving AvaLance "cute" moments was meant to make Sara fans hap
  18. @tv echo Thanks for typing that up and sharing 🙏
  19. They probably are trying to push Caity out. Or at least making it so she can't ask for lead money if the show is renewed again. I'm 99% sure money was why they fired Brandon.
  20. Oh I agree it's insulting. They might also just do it because Sara "believes" in Ava and not even because of a handicap. Plus the fact that Ava was only on the ship because she dates Sara. We don't see other time bureau agents on the ship. If Ava was a guy, there would be more uproar about this scenario.
  21. If AVA was a guy and he got to co-captain because he dated the female captain there would be understandable uproar. I think they will probably kept Sara blind so that there is reasons for this but it does make be angry. I don't know if her fans will even care about the show in a year if Ava is continuingly going to be the focus. Ava's a boring character. I will watch but I hate what they are doing.
  22. I hope Charlie isn't gone forever or even for a long period of time. Maisie Richardson-Sellers hasn't had a full season the last 2 seasons so I think it may be like this season but that her kidnapping is probably a cliffhanger. I like the idea of Zari and Behrad as a brother sister superhero duo. Sara and Ava as official co-captains makes me think Sara may stay blind.
  23. Legends was a mid season show this year as well so no shock there. Though with everything delayed, it'll probably premiere in late April or May, so a year from now 😞
  24. Gary has been magically made an apprentice warlock so he doesn't have to have magical talents. I do hope we lose him. He's not fun anymore - if he ever was I can't remember. Especially since he's more or less a full cast member now and I rather see more Sara and Rory. And there is far too much Ava. She is boring even when she's doing cool things like shooting two guns. Imo.
  25. Any actor can leave no matter the contract. I think Ray "left" the reason why Laurel was killed. Their actors were signed as leadish characters and their screen time weren't worth the price. They even had Brandon play an evil version of his character to get screen time last seaosn. I haven't actually seen the episode yet. I will watch it Tuesday (and the new episode as well)... I think Ray is the type to leave to support his partner. Him leaving actually fits his character. He was happy off ship when it was just him in Kendra in season 1. I don't think Rory is the type to settl
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