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  1. I think Gary's odd choices of wording are attempts at being "funny". Mostly still having to do with Amber ; of course.
  2. Derick opened himself to the publics opinions by agreeing to be on TV IMO. Probably best for his sanity to head back to work IMHO.
  3. I don't think Jana should feel stupid for getting an education even if she's 25 and in a dorm. IMO. If that is what she wants in life. I mean ; what's really makes her better or worst than Jessa for example? Jessa found a guy to settle with younger than Jana. And it seems like in this family if you're a woman that's it basically. Sadly enough. I hope she tries to educate herself and than finds a good man. At least it'll set her apart from her sisters.
  4. I believe Cate and Tyler stay together for all the wrong reasons. First , they are both used to each other. Second , Tyler , can boss Cate around ; which deep down he loves. If Cate had a backbone , or fixed herself up into the position where she could tell him where to go , he would have been old news by now. And Cate is clingy and does not want to be alone , so she has Tyler for that. Tyler IMHO is also a fame whore , and being with Cate provides him with an outlet for that. The cameras and etc. People always saying what a great boyfriend and father he is. Just IMO , I wouldn't be surprised if Tyler loves when the women comment him via social media on these things and he contacts them back and etc. He loves the attention he is getting. Very creepy. If this is how he treats her on camera , I shutter to think of him without it rolling.
  5. Never knew Gary sold cookies. I'm not on Twitter and the like. So , I looked today. I can't believe people actually buy these cookies ; made in his own kitchen? For some reason , I thought it was a company somewhere making them and slapping his name on them. I'm actually in disbelief. They all and all look pretty basic too. I hate to wonder how much he is making by selling these.
  6. Maybe it is a jealously thing? Not that Maci would actually want to do porn , or be exposed that way ; but the fact that Farrah is out there to all to see (if a person wishes to that is). Maybe she sees Farrah has her biggest competition? Just IMO.
  7. I can't fault Maci for not finishing in 2 years. I took longer than 2 years as well for my AA degree. However , I just truly think she does not like Farrah. I think she could careless about Bently watching the program with Farrah on it , she just has a distaste for her.
  8. Tyler is just an asshole IMHO. I believe he also stays with Cate because he knows she'll put up with his crap.
  9. I liked the film. Didn't understand why Jory would not just tell his parents. I like Jason Lewis , so I liked him as Chris. I thought Cathy was okay. I thought maybe they changed it to a snake to seem "darker" in some way.
  10. Tyler and Cate are truly addicted to fame IMHO ; especially Tyler. Everything is magazine spreads , comments , likes etc. Sad.
  11. Something about Tyler just bothers me. He seems off IMHO. When he started going off about how he wanted the pregnancy to be a magazine spread ; I could not help but to think it was just because he wanted money. I truly believe he stays with Cate because he knew it was his ticket to fame. He seems bored ; but knows if he bounces out , he'll lose his "good" image.
  12. Finally saw a promo for it today while watching The Perfect Assistant. Super pumped for it. I find it odd how they are playing the movies so close though. Maybe they can make it a series after? I think they are making Christina Ricci's movie a series now?
  13. Dylan is my favorite character. I adore this show , but he is hands down part of why I watch it.
  14. I truly thought the video was disgusting behavior. And then posting it showed how immature both Jill and Derick truly are.
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