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  1. That was the creepiest moment ever. I wish I missed the part when he said they had sex 🙉
  2. I don't think I can handle another "off the shoulder" top on Tiffany (or Angela for that matter).
  3. and please....stop wearing off the shoulder tops.....thank you 🙄
  4. In 2 years they couldn't find a house that was 1.8m. So they ended up paying well over their budget and far from the beach. I wonder if they could have found more of what they wanted if their budget was realistic to begin with.
  5. The new season show was a disappointment. Hopefully the rest of the season will be better.
  6. She was in Marietta GA. Nice family, liked the reno for the most part. Hated the floors!
  7. They should have put in a slide in range then the tile could go above it. Hated the gold pulls (they were huge!) I'm so over cabinets in 2 colors, white counter and subway tiles.
  8. Agree. No imagination. Heck, I don't need a designer to do that. Most of the time I don't like the designer choices anyway.
  9. The brothers were great! Totally enjoyed them. No complaining, whining, etc...very reasonable needs/wants.
  10. If one more person says they "have to make sure we're right for each other"....how about doing that before talking about having babies? (looking at you Angela) Cesar has more problems than Maria not showing up. He's pathetic. Then there's Tiny Tim. They are truly the odd couple.
  11. While Mrs Blue Hair may have liked MCM, she certainly wasn't a purist. Everything was so fake. I suppose those Mondrian inspired cabinets were an effort to create a style even though the house was a new build. I liked the 2nd house.
  12. So many desperate, needy people! In most of these situations, leaving everything behind to go to a (in most cases) third world country....for what? None of them seem to have given a thought to what life would be like when they get there.
  13. CT mom was so annoying! She LOVED both houses. why? And mud room? I'm glad Allison picked the one she liked. She had more sense than her parents.
  14. my take: too much cleavage too much fighting over nothing too much screaming It all equals BORING! A bunch of dysfunctional people getting paid to complain and hate. I'm over this train wreck.
  15. Definitely. The "friend" was trying too hard. She was like a school girl. She made a few comments that made me think she was the girlfriend. I thought he was kind of boring.
  16. Same. Double the space and they aren't gut jobs.
  17. I was surprised at how little you get for your money in Boise. Those houses were awful imo. They weren't really even livable. I didn't think any of them were charming or cute. As long as they're happy!
  18. She was ridiculous. She wanted a minimum of 3000 sf but didn't want to pay for it. And on top of that, she wanted to gut everything. They were definitely an odd couple.
  19. I did, although I did flip it on a couple of times. Everyone summed it up beautifully. Did anyone catch the very opening? Where were they? Was that the place they were living?
  20. I honestly don't know how she lived so long. Between her weight, drugs, smoking...what a hot mess.
  21. Originally $85k and I think they went over by $20k. I liked the backsplash but wasn't crazy about the counter.
  22. Agree, Did they say that blue house was new construction? Who would build something that ugly? I thought she was pleasant but in an odd way.
  23. If she says "me and Erica" one more time!!!
  24. While I thought the wedding was beautiful, Aspyn acting ridiculous saying her vows really was annoying. I thought there were a number of awkward moments in this show.
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