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  1. This is adorable, and she remembered to wear pink. Mila meets a real-life princess.
  2. He was actually 32 when he married Diana, but he was going to be 40 someday.
  3. Interview with upcoming honoree Dick Van Dyke. I adore this man. At 95, Dick Van Dyke is still the consummate showman. And he’s desperate to get back onstage.
  4. Same here! American networks seem to not know how to let images speak for themselves. I flipped over to CNN for a second after the service was over but before the family emerged from St. George's and they already had a split screen with some guy talking. I immediately went back to BBC World News. They've been my home for coverage the last week.
  5. I only remember Joan Embry on Carson so can't speak to those, but Jack Hanna's frequent appearances on Letterman were classic. They seemed to have a great rapport, and Jack got a bit emotional on his final Late Show appearance. Here's a Letterman appearance from 1998.
  6. lurkerbee


    And his stepfather was Rex Harrison! Jared was also great as Lane Pryce on Mad Men and King George VI on The Crown. I'm happy any time I'm watching something and he shows up.
  7. Same here. I hated Atonement but it didn’t really have anything to do with her. I just found it depressing and just completely awful.
  8. Jon was a guest on NPR’s Fresh Air last week. Great interview.
  9. They're not episodes, but rather groups of hosts in the intros and outtros of the films talking about what makes them problematic. With Woman of the Year they couldn't really talk about the problem until the outtro since it would have been a major spoiler talking about it beforehand. I would love it if they actually did have a full show about the films as well.
  10. Nope. I didn’t watch it either, for much the same reasons as Rainyhawk above.
  11. I think she's kind of come around to realizing she's a feminist, whether she likes to use the word or not. In the Guardian two years ago, she said: Also, if you haven't listened to it yet, Radiolab Presents: Dolly Parton's America podcast from 2019 is a great listen.
  12. Can someone summarize what Joy said? I'm assuming she was the first to speak but our local channel spent the first five minutes of the show with a news break regarding the weather. When they finally joined the show in progress, Sunny was speaking. Joy's comments were the ones I was most interested in hearing. I did get to hear her remind everyone about Michael J. Fox.
  13. The Tennessee legislature was considering a bill to erect a statue of Dolly Parton on the state's Capitol grounds. She has asked them to remove the bill.
  14. A Redneck Watches Masterpiece Classic's Poldark (Eps 1-2) A Redneck Reviews Poldark - S1E3 "Poldark's opening a mine! Nothing bad ever happens in mines!"
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