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  1. Farewell, Kenny. Kenny Sheehan Dead: David Letterman’s ‘Oprah Transcript’ Star Dies at 66
  2. Kenny Sheehan Dead: David Letterman’s ‘Oprah Transcript’ Star Dies at 66 Pat & Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts was one of the funnier running bits on The Late Show. RIP Kenny.
  3. I believe the Kardashian and Downey shows were filmed prior to the COVID issue.
  4. Yes! I never knew there were so many slowed-down versions of mid-tempo and up-tempo pop songs until vocals were allowed. Also, when anyone is skating to music with vocals, the commentators talking over the music is just annoying. It's like they're competing with each other. That's me with anything from Moulin Rouge. It's my cue to fast-forward.
  5. Roku doesn't have HBO Max yet. I just checked to make sure I didn't miss that news. You might be thinking about Peacock. I stream HBO Max to my phone and cast it to my TV.
  6. She actually played Lt. Connix in the three Star Wars sequels, and it seems like she was even in a scene or two with her mom. Great news about her having a baby. I would have loved hearing what Carrie had to say about being a grandmother. 😞 Here is another op-ed - Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are heroes, not oversharers
  7. Stephen was Paul Rieckoff’s guest on this week’s episode of his Angry Americans podcast. It was a good interview and Stephen confirmed he was doing the show from his home in South Carolina for the first five months of quarantine.
  8. Depending on the streaming service(s) you have, you can probably get a free 7-day Showtime trial, watch the show, and then cancel. You can probably do it through the Showtime app itself as well. That's what I"m planning to do.
  9. Thanks. It's not a big deal. Until it happeed in my family, I basically assumed there was only one form of dementia and it was Alzheimer's. Hopefully one day there will be a cure. It's painful to watch someone you love become a completely different person.
  10. It's actually a form of dementia and not a synonym. However, it does seem to be used as a catch-all for all forms of demential kind of like Kleenex, Band-Aid and Coke are used to represent tissue, bandages and soft drinks. I lost a parent to dementia and my heart goes out to the Sayers family. It's such a cruel disease. Also related to Mr. Sayers, I remember being so saddened by Brian's Song as a young child that for a few years after, just hearing the theme would make me sad.
  11. I actually have a set of Sheex sheets and love them. The VYD price is a great deal. The local channels where I live do this on their newscasts all the time and it drives me crazy,
  12. That may be my favorite line from GOT. Here's a compilation of some of her best lines.
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