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  1. Just seen it and really enjoyed it. Rather big spoilers ahead so fair warning - don't read under the tag unless you don't mind being spoiled...
  2. Stan Lee too? I do not know the veracity of the site or the sources. But IF true, the allegations are really bad. Don't know if there is dementia other neurological reasons for this, but yeah, bad....
  3. Just back from the movie. I really enjoyed it a lot. Answered a few of my questions following Force Awakens, but definitely not a lot of them.
  4. An actor I just can't stand, mostly due to his mannerisms as well as appearing slightly slimy/suspicious in interviews is Tim Allen. I used to enjoy some parts of Home Improvement, but now can't get through it at all, and that is mainly due to him.
  5. Music recall therapy definitely helps with memory recall, but not nearly to the level as seen in the movie.
  6. I really enjoyed this movie. Difficult to determine where it fits in my Pixar rankings, but definitely one of my favourite movies of the year so far. As I am from South Africa I know very little about Mexican traditions, Day of the Dead, etc, and found all of that really interesting. But it was the love of music and the themes of family, forgiveness and acceptance that truly resonated. My only objection, and this is simply due to currently living with somebody who is in the final stages of Alzheimer's disease, I did not appreciate the depiction of Coco's
  7. Definitely. It has a timeless feel to it. When Night meets Day is one of my Top 10 episodes of any TV show ever! (Two ER episodes features in said Top 10 - the other being Love's Labour Lost). It was an astounding episode. Gripping, always keeping you guessing and leaving you with a gut punch as only ER can... Oh and I'm still waiting to use "Great! I'm always working when the world ends" at some point in my day job ;-)
  8. Haha! And it was only Ashley! You KNOW he is going to use that photo as proof of his "theory" next season!
  9. I believe you are correct. A TIA is temporary with symptoms usually lasting only up to 5 minutes, and is seen as a "warning sign" of possible stroke. If he has hemiplegia or hemiparesis persisting, or any fallout in cognition or verbalization what he experienced was a full blown CVI (Cerebral Vascular Incident) - stroke. The fact that they expect him to recover within 2-3 months shows that he probably has some mobility/strength on the affected side, which should improve significantly with intensive rehab... Many of my patients have been able to return to their profession within
  10. Yes, let us perpetuate the stereotype that some victims "asked" for it, or are to blame because they are just too beautiful not to be raped... This is a lady that has been in the spotlight for many decades, and must have had many unwanted advances in her lifetime. The fact that she claims she has never been harassed is both extremely unlikely and downplays the amount of harassment that has been happening in Hollywood and elsewhere for time immemorial...
  11. My UO is that ER was and remains to this day the best medical show ever put on TV. They actually featured cases that are common and frequently diagnosed them correctly from the start (here's looking at you HOUSE). The acting was usually superb and personal drama kept to a minimum (except for the Carby and any "Abby in general" drama). It still holds up extremely well and I'll put in my dvds of that show quite often as background entertainment while doing other things... Grey's, HOUSE, Night Shift etc are just nowhere in the same realm for me...
  12. Brian would devastate me, as he was my first crush. He along with Howie were the two BSB guys I followed in articles, etc (living in South Africa I did not have as much access to info/articles as those in the states). I had posters of Brian, Kevin and Howie up in my room etc. If there were any misconduct by him or any others in the band (besides Nick), I hope it does come out, so that the victims can finally/hopefully move past it, but it will break my teeny-bopper heart...
  13. That whole retelling is absolutely devastating. From the loss of her virginity to having to do a duet with him years later. For her and all others coming out against Nick Carter, I really hope that they will find enough evidence to lock him up for a long time. What he did was RAPE, full stop, no questions, no reprieves. It makes me want to cry and scream at the same time! It makes me ashamed for having been a fan of BSB (although never a big NC fan) and for buying cd's whose revenue went to a rapist. I am just so ANGRY right now, and reading the comments Meli
  14. Rest in peace Della Reese! Your post made me go look up who the other death was. I had no idea John Dye (aka Andrew) had passed away in 2011 from a heart attack. And so young too!
  15. It really is extremely sad, and very traumatic on the whole family, no matter at what age the disease starts. My mom was diagnosed with early onset Alzeimer's disease at age 60 (signs started at age 57 already). She is also 64 at the moment, just like Malcolm Young, and is now in what is known as Stage 7 of Alzheimer's disease (which is the final stage). Won't go into details here on what that entails, but google it if you are interested in how and why the body just shuts down. It truly is one of the hardest diseases to live with, for both patient and family. My deep
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