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  1. My web based applications have been screwed up for weeks. I think the problems are finally resolved and I can rejoin my favorite political forum (and no, I don't live in my parents basement as Joe would describe their "haters"). I caught a bit of the show this morning. I too, was shocked that Mika was so "pretend" excited about attending the Super Bowl given their previous comments about the NFL and how Commisioner Goodell should resign. Such hypocrites. I only wish the halftime show would include Bill Cosby, Chris Christie, Bob McDonnell, Mark Sanford, and the police officer in Furgeson --
  2. I was just disgusted by the rhetoric this morning. The media all but ignores the fact that this guy shot his girlfriend before going to NY. Did he do that in retaliation for Michael Brown? No. He was a deranged man with a history of criminal activity but the media refuses to tell that story but focuses on his Instagram where he tries to justify his actions as retaliation for Michael Brown. Darrien Warren was eloquent in trying to separate the incidents and when Joe challenged it he responded by saying it diverts the conversation from police/community relations which basically caused Joe to
  3. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do with out you guys. I was so incensed by Joe's comments on Bill Cosby that I had to turn it off. I agree with everything you guys stated. Mika's ever helpful comments that while 20 women have come forward they all could be using the same story as reported by the press and some of the women are not "credible". Sam Stien tried to helpful but I even thought he was too wishy-washy. Joe is out and out crazy if he thinks the Prosecutors can open up these cases again and get to the "facts". Why is it so hard to say Cosby is a slim ball and should have been lo
  4. You guys crack me up. A few years ago in my car my son let lose with the "F" word. I pulled over and started the "lecture". He and my daughter started to laugh and said "Where do you think we learned that word...every morning when you are watching MJ!" I was red faced for sure. I blame Joe and Mika. Edited to add that my daughter showed up at my house in 2008 at 5:00 AM so we could be first in line to vote for Barack Obama--so something stuck other than swear words.
  5. I haven't watched The View but does Cackles keep her mouth shut most of the time on The View? I swear she was making up for lost airtime this morning as she cut everyone off and talked over everyone trying to get their point across. Ha, she even cut Joe off. She raised some totally outrageous points which Howard Dean tried to counter but then ended the segment by saying that Howard said she was right so no need to discuss it any further. Joe says he's totally onboard with LeBrone wearing the "I can't breath" T-shirts but NOT with the hands up in the air "Don't shoot" gesture. He then added
  6. Can anyone tell me why the Ebola "Scandal" (other wise known as the Republicans and the Press stating repeatedly that President Obama's mishandled the situation) is no longer a crisis one month after the mid-terms? Did they cure everyone in West Africa and ban American health care workers/ citizens from returning the the U.S. from West Africa? Is Chris Christie greeting all flights at the Newark airport and secretly imprisoning people so he can protect NJ residents from this plague? I guess Dr. Nancy was interviewed by Matt Lauer last week where she apologized for "scaring" the public...o
  7. I'm so glad I missed it. Did he sing "We Shall Overcome"?
  8. Nextiteration, I'm sure the MSNBC brass forced Joe to have Sharpton on to stem Joe's racist hemorrhage. I really hate it when Joe says something like "Al and I agree on 99.9 percent of everything" as if that makes it okay to spew racist remarks. I also thought Donnie and the rest were insane to compliment the NYC protestors. WTF? As you said no one complimented the Furgeson protestors but the NYC protestors looked (at least to me) like there were a lot of white, well dressed people. As I recall Joe was outraged that protestors shut down the exit/entrance ramps in DC earlier this week becau
  9. Nextleration, I couldn't agree more about Joe's abuse of Mika and I sorta feel bad that I pile it on but I so want an intelligent woman on the show to counter Joe's views. I just don't think Mika has the intellectual chops or backbone to do anything but mumble, pose for hootchie promotional shots, and look down on Star Wars fans while pretending she's too intellectual for that sort of stuff. She opens herself up to mockery but this morning's abuse by Joe was so bad. Joe was spoiling for a fight and she is his go to punching bag. He actually had the audacity to state that he never raises his
  10. Yup Joe blew up at about 7:15 AM. He says policing is all about the data. He said he would shut up and let others talk but then he blew up again at Dorrian and keeps interrupting him and screaming at Mika. He's on a righteous rant. Of course Joe didn't want to talk about stop and frisk he wanted to talk about protecting the residents of Furgeson. It was a cluster fuck. Battered wife Mika called Joe "brave" for bringing up different views especially after all the Twitter comments. Joe said he doesn't care about Twitter (so why have Mika read disparaging comments about herself?).
  11. I hope John Stewart does a segment on the hypocracy of Joe's need to have an honest conversation about race relations. Joe started out the show this morning by saying he watched cable news shows last night and he was stunned that nobody wants to have an honest conversation about race relations. Both sides (liberals and of course the truly righteous right) go to their corners and try to out shout each other and no one listens to each other. I honestly thought he was going to laugh and then apologize for his outrageous behavior yesterday but he truly believes that screaming LIARS & LIES is h
  12. On November 18th the NY Post had a news article on Page 6 where they reported that Al Roker was told to take it down a notch by NBC Executives. Apparently his buffoonery finally caught the eye of the Today Show or NBC Executives. Now if they could also call in Tamron and tell her to take it to a different network I'd be so happy. Page 6 also listed Al's most cringeworthy moments on the show (geeze that wouldn't be hard just turn on the Today Show on any day). Whether it's true or not the article stated the Executives wanted Al to act more like a traditional weather forecaster. Here's a thou
  13. Okay, I seem to be a confused bunny. Why is it that when Bill Cosby's "troubles" are mentioned everyone lowers their head and Mika whispers "it's a tragedy". What the fuck does that mean? Is it a tragedy for the women that were assaulted or a tragedy that the myth of Bill Cosby has been unveiled? I stopped caring about Bill Cosby years ago when his heretofore undisclosed daughter tried to extort money from him by threatening to expose her story to the National Enquirer. Bill was such a stand up guy that he participated in her prosecution and somehow came through it smelling like a rose. H
  14. Joe is so outraged about the minority small business owners in Furgeson not being protected. Joe did not connect the dots that the public safety apparatus in Furgeson doesn't give a shit about minorities PERIOD. He got Gene Robinson to agree that the small business owners were let down but let down by the protestors and outsiders coming into town to destroy the fragil economic structure. Somehow Joe's decided that all minority business owners are hanging on by a thread and the protestors/criminals have destroyed their lives. Don't get me wrong setting fire to businesses is a criminal act but
  15. I did find it astonishing that Joe would believe everything the officer said and then call out the other "thugs" (also known as witnesses) as liars. I applaud some of the Rams football players for entering the stadium yesterday with their hands up. Joe was disgusted. Hey, it's a non-violent protest that apparently makes Joe and his ilk (95 percent of Americans apparently) feel uncomfortable. Joe must feel more comfortable with riots and property damage because it proves his point. You could tell Mika wasn't buying Joe's rant but like the good little battered wife she cowered and tried to
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