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  1. I believe the host is Canadian, so you weren't wrong about the North American accent.
  2. We have a date! Masterchef AU premieres April 20.
  3. I agree that Tayce was better in the lip sync, but both were good & it would have been a good time for a double shantay, especially as I think Ellie should have been in the bottom instead based on what we saw. I thought Tayce did well! It's hard to know how A'Whora did with all the bleep-outs, but I found Ellie's kind of forced & uncomfortable (not because it was racy but because it was all a little awkward). I don't know why she won the mini challenge either, although I don't have any strong feelings about who should have. It seemed more a case of she's due for a win and let's see wha
  4. There is! I just watched it - it was also fun. Oli from 2018, Olivia & Exose from 2019, & Steve from 2011. A bit more success on the skills test in this one, and everyone did well with their own dishes.
  5. Not quite! Next week is semifinals, then finals the next week. I don't think I've ever seen salsify (I'm in the US), but celery root is around and I'll sometimes buy it (to roast or mash (try with cream cheese & everything bagel seasoning! I think I got that from Blue Apron), although you can also do a celery root salad). I didn't encounter it until I was at least 30, though, and probably only started using it semi-regularly in the last 10 years. Still, it feels like it's always been there, and I just didn't know how to use it and avoided it because I don't much like celery. Anyone w
  6. I found it telling that neither Dave nor Laura had made sable before (or knew what it was, even?), or marshmallows, so I was not surprised that Peter came through in the end. I can't recall which of his elements in the showstopper weren't perfect & think they oversold that in the discussion at the end a bit, although if they said it was the closest it's ever been, I'll assume it really must have been pretty close. While I didn't like the idea of using the rice krispie thing for Peter's presentation, in the end it wasn't really a tasting element & his showstopper looked much more attrac
  7. Very odd! Usually if someone gets sick partway through, they say so rather than edit them out, right? Perhaps a quarantine violation (wouldn't want anyone participating who'd put others & the production at risk), ineligibility, or some sort of off show misbehavior would be other possibilities. Anyway, no real answers here, but an article about it: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8983729/Mystery-MasterChef-Professionals-edits-one-four-contestants.html Perhaps whoever it was came second or third. It felt like they'd had to pretend there was a question between the
  8. Jono actually managed to intrigue me about the ants, but I'm not warming to him so far (too much ego?), & the dessert as a whole just didn't look very good to me. However,
  9. I suppose it won't show dirt.
  10. I get the feeling, but I think Dev's just a big (tall) kid. Laura's the same age (13), & Carter & Filo are 12, so there's not that much difference (Georgia is 11). They could all be within about 13 months of each other!
  11. I still haven't watched episode 10, but know how it went - as for episode 11:
  12. I had accidentally spoiled myself about losing and so found myself in the uncomfortable position of rooting for two of the remaining three round two contestants against the third. Non-spoilery bits - how delighted so many were at the snow, & how delighted Ben was about the ice cream! What a face. You can only wish to feel such uncomplicated joy again. I guess I hadn't thought about it, but when Ruby said she'd never seen snow before, I wondered if that was true of most Australians, at least ones their age, especially those whose idea of travel is to go wherever it was that
  13. I was in my 20s in the 80s (well, teens and 20s). Never heard or seen of any of those things! I suppose it's not a serious article, though😉. Just stuff that terrible marketers tried to foist on people. Tiramisu, maybe? Quiche, as someone suggested earlier, would be 70s, I think, but maybe it depends on where you lived. I would guess it'll just be an invitation for a very loud showstopper theme.
  14. Agreed. I thought for sure she'd won but when I went back & looked, not only was the cage heavy (but attractive, & probably tastier than many of them), but the pastry base was too thick as well, which may have been the bigger problem (a number of others were also too thick). I think this put her somewhere in the middle for the showstopper, but they glossed over it pretty quickly.
  15. Sherry's scandal was for behavior predating the show; here's an article from March that'll give you the gist without spoiling the results, if you're interested. I'd say keep the suspense about what Heidi does with her name - it was fun. But if you want to know,
  16. It's so hard to see any of these kids go! Anybody else notice that Ruby seemed to have gigantic limes & passion fruits? I hadn't realized how little her hands were . . . I know she's tiny (so was I) but I don't remember limes ever seeming like fairly large fruit ;). The citrus squeezer was really too big for her hands, too; I hadn't thought about what an extra challenge that might pose for some of the smaller kids. I know Ruby said she felt having small hands was an advantage in working with pasta, and I'm sure she's right, but some of these kids might benefit from having some tools
  17. If Trader Joe's babka was the only babka I'd ever eaten, I wouldn't bother again, either. Too dry, I agree; I don't remember what I thought about the filling. (I like lots of things at TJ'S, & this isn't terrible, just, as you say, not worth it compared to other options).
  18. Hermine didn't put alcohol in her butter (at least not that they mentioned)- she soaked the fruit for her sweet bread in orange liqueur for several weeks. (Linda also soaked her fruit for several weeks, in brandy). Mark put a little stout in one of his butters, though, & they did mention they liked his butter. The butter I found memorable was the one with black garlic - which turned out to be Hermine's! (to go with the salmon bread. They didn't mention what she put in her butter for the sweet bread, just showed her tossing salt over her shoulder after she shaped it into a four-leafed
  19. I suppose everyone was afraid if they just made a good brownie they'd probably come in last. My sister makes exceptional cream cheese brownies (swirl in towards the top) & I wouldn't have been confident that those would have been enough in this competition, until I saw the results. Maybe a broader parameter - tray bake or something - would have gotten better results. I'm familiar with babkes, but not from Seinfeld. (I occasionally tried but basically couldn't stand watching it most of the time. Few TV shows have ever made me so aware that I was wasting my time!). There was a bakery w
  20. I'm really enjoying this so far but don't have much to say! So I'll just link to the recipes (they have all 14 signature dishes up, as well as the two winners from the honey immunity challenge). https://10play.com.au/junior-masterchef-australia/recipes
  21. Did I miss something? All I got was irritation at the gesture (who are you to be so dismissive of the others?).
  22. Ruby chocolate was only introduced in 2017. I think that's still pretty new. I've had it once (fancy chocolates) & it was fine but I don't think I'd be aware it existed if I hadn't seen it on a TV show somewhere (Bake Off? Masterchef Australia?). Three years may be old if we're talking fashion, or if you're fairly young in general, but for a new baking ingredient that doesn't change the game really at all, it doesn't seem like something you'd change your baking habits to accommodate unless you were particularly interested in fancy chocolate. Most of the time, even then, you'd just spring f
  23. Yes, please! I missed the premiere date - when does it start?
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