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  1. haydensterling

    S01.E09: 40 Days Filth and Fury

    Agreed with pretty much everything. Honora is batty as fuck, and how she would even get her hands on anything of Shane's feels dubious to me. Someone named Russell Beauchemin is also all over the FB pages and is threatening to 'tell all'; either Dani's dad or some other male relative. Alana said Shane didn't give her any problems, so just who is it that was the supposed sexual harasser? Dani J the sociopath? Every single person from the lazy group is acting a fool. This is the kind of ish that bratty fifteen year old girls pull. If they don't like their edit, fine. They seriously need to stop flinging shit at the wall to see what sticks. I don't know if this kind of drawn out drama has happened on any other reality show (if it has I've no clue as I don't watch that many) but this leaves such a bad taste in my mouth that I'm not all that interested in watching any longer. The show itself went from an interesting idea to drama llama fest pretty quickly. I hear Alone over on History Channel is a great one and watching a few of the episodes it was refreshing to see just how little drama you can have on a reality show and still have it be a fascinating program.
  2. haydensterling

    Alana Barfield

    Alana's facebook page is filled with people who can't stand her. She left up a post that was hashtagged with things like #haters #idontcare #yomomma etc. while she 'took a break' from FB and it is just loaded with messages that basically say "fuck you". Unreal. The amount of hate there is, well, not surprising, let's say interesting!
  3. haydensterling

    S01.E09: 40 Days Filth and Fury

    All the XL cast Facebooks are a mess. Honora posted a text supposedly from Shane where he says he found peanut butter and oreos, and that his whole group was surviving on it. Why he had to tap and looked so skeletal if he was eating peanut butter is beyond me, but...Chas, from Veggie Dani's episode keeps threatening Jeff to 'tell the truth or he will' on Twitter, and Veggie Dani keeps telling people that someone was sexually harassed but refuses to say who it was. The relevant facebooks and twitters to look at are Honora Bowen and Dani Beau. Russell Sage, who was on the first season, is saying that Shane was the harasser, but Honora says very firmly that she would love to do a N&A episode with Hakim, Dani J, and Shane and that she really likes all of them. Who knows. It's crazy town over there.
  4. haydensterling

    Alana Barfield

    Evil, toxic bitch. What else is there to say about her?
  5. haydensterling

    S01.E09: 40 Days Filth and Fury

    I can't believe I didn't comment all season because I love this show, but: Jeff is an awesome guy. I'm not religious at all, but he seems like a very honest, likable person as well as being a man of his word. Good on him and really, screw the lazy six. They all showed themselves to be horrible people in the way they treated Dani. Blaming editing doesn't cut it when the plain and simple truth is that you're being either an active asshole or a follower who goes along to get along.
  6. haydensterling

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I just read like, the last forty pages of this and I have to say that 1. I am so, so sorry and 2. I am so, so glad I weaned myself from this shitshow.
  7. Kim is clearly also on benzos, and it takes forever to get clean from them, like years off a person's life. I know three people who successfully kicked but basically had no life at all for two to three years while their brains re-regulated. Couldn't get out of bed, had constant involuntary muscle spasms, one woman had lost the ability to speak, all of which made their doctors think there was something else medically wrong with them. This is also what happened with Eminem, who supposedly recently kicked benzos (and was out of the public eye long enough to support that story) but now looks like a very, very old man. The same people who prescribe this poison don't even care or understand how awful the w/d is for people. I know there's a lot more awareness about it in the UK thanks to a doctor named Heather Ashton, who basically wrote the book on how to w/d safely, but here in the US you still hear about thirty-day detoxes for benzos, which frankly is a joke and dangerous as shit. I myself have tried twice to get off them but had such ridiculous reactions, mainly to do with heart and blood pressure, that my doctor at UCLA who is an addiction specialist told me that I probably wasn't a good candidate to stop, so I take the lowest dose I can to prevent withdrawal--which is all they do at this point--and hope that my liver hangs in there. I'm going on twenty years now. The first doctor told me how they would change my life. Well, yeah. That's one way of putting it. Benzos are such a hellish fucking drug. When you're first prescribed them, it feels like they're saving you because you can function again--which for an agoraphobic is beyond relief, but what they're really doing is destroying you. Your brain and body become incredibly physically dependent on something that can cause psychotic reactions during what's known as protracted withdrawal syndrome--the two to three year reset for your GABA receptors. It's a horror show, and I can see Kim wanting to avoid the benzo issue just because I've been there. Everyone is different, but in my experience they were an absolutely nightmarish drug to even attempt to stop taking, the lowest I ever got was 3 mg a day before I began having all kinds of problems with every single system in my body going completely haywire. And I had a crack support team. Amazing people. Still couldn't control what was happening to my heart. Kim has thrown so many people under the bus that I can't imagine what it must be like for her. She lives in a city with access to some amazing doctors but who knows how many of them she's crossed?
  8. haydensterling

    S01.E09: Pimento

    Just did a rewatch and was struck at how all the 'good' guys are actively encouraging Jimmy to break bad in this episode by telling him to do what he clearly does not want to do. Hamlin, Kim, and Chuck all tell him repeatedly to 'take the money'. With moral compasses like these, I can see how Jimmy's fall would come about. If the people you look up to are telling you that it doesn't matter what you do, take the money and run? Yeah, I might come out of that a little bit fucked up too.
  9. haydensterling

    Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    I'm very glad that God forgives. I certainly don't have to.
  10. Wow, Vicky8675309, thank you! You're the closest thing we have to a Walter White! So, basically, to test for toluene, they would need to have a strong suspicion that this was a part of the problem. That was the one bit I could never figure out, because it seems like such a random thing to look for. Perhaps Chad or one of the kids was concerned about it and spoke up. The Intervention videos, as far as I know, are not staged. The addicts are told they're going to be in a documentary and that's how the footage is obtained. I've got a certain song stuck in my head now... :)
  11. I'm still looking for clarification on this point but may never get it, mainly because I'm not a chemist and don't know any, but: how could there be a detectable level of toluene in Kim's blood if she isn't huffing? Toluene isn't a part of the chemical makeup of meth, it's used to extract the meth. It's just part of the process. Someone call Heisenberg. Don't tox screens test for meth anyhow? I would think if it had shown up they would have released that information as well, but all we've heard about is the toluene. Or was there another report that I missed?
  12. You pour the liquid out of a bottle and onto a rag, and inhale that, or you can inhale directly from a canister. I think most people these days inhale from canisters. If you go back a few pages you'll see a videos from a woman on Intervention who inhaled Dust-Off. It's very scary stuff.
  13. As regards Alison, the huffer on Intervention, my husband and I watched that episode in stone cold horror. We were sure she was going to be permanently brain damaged and were amazed that by the end of the episode, she already seemed a thousand percent better. Terrifying. I knew a kid in my neighborhood back in Brooklyn who huffed Dust-Off for cleaning computers and just dropped dead from it one day. I can't imagine that huffing paint thinner or glue feels so amazing that the risk/reward for it would be worth it in any way at all, but who knows with Kim? I seriously hope that they are at the breaking point with Kim in terms of her remaining on the show. This level of information is way too much. I can still snark, but why? She's just a sick, messed up, nasty woman. It reminds me a little bit of when Britney Spears was having such a rough time. I was never a fan, but people were ruthless about her and in her case it felt more like mental illness than anything else. It wasn't fun to watch her fall apart and it wasn't fun to make fun of her either. Just depressing. Hopefully Andy will finally realize this is a little bit more important than a ratings grab and just tell Kim that it's over.
  14. Was Demi huffing paint/glue or was she doing nitrous oxide? Whip-its, the hippie crack! One of my first parties that I went to in LA and every single person was doing nitrous. A bunch of people had their own bottles (!) really fancy, from places like Sur La Table to make whipped cream with, only they wasn't any heavy cream involved. Okay, I admit, I did some. It was very giggly stuff, just like being at the dentist, only better because no one was filling any cavities or pulling anything. They sold the chargers at our local Gelson's. Crispin Glover was always there. Maybe he was there for the nitrous too.
  15. I'm not sure what you mean, Higgins. GBL is GBL and there is no toluene involved in the synthesis of it. Nor is it used to make GBH, doesn't break down into toluene in the body either. Right? Or no?