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  1. Black Widow : will have to do something fresh with the female/superspy/kickass ninja trope we've had an overabundance of in the last few years (and will be seeing again very shortly with Charlie's Angels) Eternals : I enjoyed Gaiman's take on this, but the subject matter doesn't really lend itself to a wacky, fun take a la Guardians of the Galaxy. The tone might be more like American Gods, actually, weird but not funny -- which doesn't exactly promise big box office. Could be a relative flop. Shang-Chi : I'm hoping for something along the lines of 'Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger', rather than a more generic Kung-Fu movie. This one could go very right, or very wrong. Doctor Strange #2 : Trippy visuals, horror, the Scarlet Witch, a title character who's become more popular thanks to his appearance in Infinity War -- this could be a big hit
  2. That's a risky slate, with these 4 in a row : Black Widow, Eternals, Shang-Chi, Doctor Strange#2. No obvious slam dunks there.
  3. I never read the Sam Wilson as Captain America comic run, but how could that work? Does having the shield automatically make you Captain America? If Sam handed the shield to someone else would that person then become Cap? And doesn't CA need superpowers -- strength, endurance, speed, agility, etc -- none of which Wilson possesses? Both Sam and Bucky became Captain America in the comics, but that worked only because readers knew that Steve Rogers would be back eventually. Chris Evans is likely gone for good.
  4. In the comics, no death is permanent. Jane dies, but is reborn as Valkyrie. Don't know how the movie will play it, though. The problem I see with Portman is how tiny she is. She could barely hold Mjolnir aloft during the panel. But then, Scarlett Johansson and Tessa Thompson are just as tiny, and that hasn't stopped them from being action stars.
  5. Jane is back for the same reason that Thor teamed with Hulk in Ragnorak: the Lady Thor comic, like the Planet Hulk one, tells a compelling story. Anyway, it's likely that Portman as Jane will be done after this movie, because Jane dies and Thor Odinson becomes the God of Thunder once again.
  6. In the comics, there can be only one Thor, god of thunder, at a time. Thor becomes Odinson, Jane briefly becomes Thor and then dies, Odinson resumes his role as Thor. (Jane is then resurrected as Valkyrie, but I don't think the MCU would go there).
  7. Speaking of the Hulk, I'm not seeing any opportunities for Mark Ruffalo to return to the role in the upcoming slate of movies. Ruffalo is now in his fifties -- has he aged out of the role?
  8. Once Natalie Portman returned to the MCU for Endgame, I suspected that we would get to see Lady Thor. But in a Waititi movie? Waititi's tone has always been a comic one. In the Lady Thor run, Jane Foster is dying from cancer. Will Waititi be able to put across tragic drama?
  9. clack

    Watchmen Anticipation

    Shit, looks like Lindelof is going to give us another 'Leftovers'. Intelligently scripted, well acted, superb production values -- but no damn fun.
  10. clack

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    I had to laugh at the battle of "wits" between the so-called Supreme Intelligence and Carol. The Supreme Intelligence shows Carol a montage of "failures" in her life, with the putative purpose of demoralizing her -- but each of these failures is a scene of Carol initially failing, then finding the strength to rise up to try again. The memory montage seems paradoxically designed to motivate Carol to continue to fight, not weaken her resolve. Did Carol not have any real failures in her life? And how dumb is the Supreme Intelligence?
  11. Waititi could do for Captain Marvel what he did for Thor -- turn an incompletely realized character into a vivid, entertaining one. For that reason, I think it would be cool to have Carol Danvers appear in Thor #4 in '21, before returning to her own franchise in, presumably, 2022. Feige did say he wanted Danvers to be the new face of the MCU, much like Tony Stark was when he showed up not only in his own trilogy and in the Avengers, but also in Captain America and Spider-Man movies. But the cynic in me suspects that folks would complain on feminist grounds about Captain Marvel being "reduced" to a co-starring role in a Thor movie. Still, how is she to take the place of Tony Stark as the "star" of the MCU if she can only appear in her own franchise films every 3 or 4 years?
  12. Well, that changes the speculative MCU lineup of release dates. Seems like Thor #4 will pre-date Guardians #3, which perhaps means that Thor will not be with the Guardians on their next movie, if he has already separated from them.
  13. Combining the concepts of the Dark Avengers and the Thunderbolts might be a cool way to bring in a new Avengers team in order to combat them. In 3 years time, there will be a need to bring together some of the new and new-ish heroes : Shang-Chi, the new Black Widow, maybe Sersei, Valkerie, the Wasp, Ant-Man, Spider Man, the Black Panther, Captain Marvel, etc. Just as Captain America : Civil War was really an Avengers movie, so too might Thunderbolts be.
  14. James Gunn is directing Suicide Squad for an Aug 2021 release date. Only then can he begin work on GotG#3. A Nov 2022 release date for Guardians is the most likely. The prospective 2022 MCU slate is interesting. Probably Captain Marvel#2, Guardians #3, but what would be their 3rd movie? Feige has said that he wants at least one non-sequel per year. Would a New Avengers #1 count as a non-sequel?
  15. There's that, plus I suspect that they might be looking for a sure-fire hit in that slot. Black Widow and the Eternals will do well, but probably fall short of the billion dollar mark. Now if they follow those movies with Shang-Chi, another property without a track record, that seems a little risky. People might be saying that Marvel has lost it's mojo if that too fails to set the box office on fire. Black Panther, on the other hand, would be guaranteed box office.