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  1. gracory

    S04.E12: Long Time Coming

    Thought the idea of this episode was to give a proper goodbye to Carrie's father, out of respect to the actor (James Rebhorn I think) who died this year. While they were at it, why not work in some explanation for what happened to Carrie's mother. Saw it primarily as set up for next year, but I think that is not new; that a number of shows pack most of their action into the episodes leading up to the season finale (e.g. Game of Thrones) and use the final episode of the season to set up for the next year. Do hope that Pakistan is out there to be revisited as it feels incomplete and the idea that getting Saul back into the agency was worth working with Haqquani came across as offensive.
  2. gracory

    The Honourable Woman

    Just finished watching this episode Sunday. Enjoyed the series a lot. Held my interest from start to finish. I did find the montage; the secretary of state's statement, and the brief newscast near the end jarring; the first did not seem to belong in this show at all, the last two seemed poorly done. Plot was convoluted for sure. It was the Israeli group monitoring the phone calls that killed the professor protesting unequal admissions at the school? Was also a little confused exactly why Zahid tried to kill Atika? Because he decided she might try to return Kasim to Nessa, or help her find him? Or because Atika could not agree with having Nessa killed; even if someone else carried out the killing? I took it that Atika developed some feelings for Nessa during their captivity which she had not admitted, even to herself. Don't know much about politics. Do remember President Clinton was trying to get agreement on a two state solution near the end of his second term. Guess the unbelievable part of this show is the idea U.S. government would back a unilateral declaration by Palestinians of nationhood? Figured the deaths of Nessa & Ephra by an Israeli terrorist group, the govt. of Israel refused to control was meant as an excuse for a policy change the govt. wanted to make anyway. Might be hard to believe today, but as the ethnic makeup of the U.S. changes, I could see the policy changing. Do think the show's title, while it could be applied to Atika perhaps, works best when applied to Nessa; though in some ways it might apply ironically.