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  1. Natalie Morales is the official moderator of the show - like Julie Chen. They lured her away from The Today Show. The Talk needs someone with her journalism background. The View has Sara Haines. Sonny Hostin is an attorney. Whoppi is an EGOT winner. Ana Navarro is a political commentator.
  2. Very sad news for Ramona and her family. Beloved Coco has passed away at 17. Sonja Morgan announced it on her Instagram. Coco was a fixture on RHONY for 13 seasons. A true HW Legend! https://pagesix.com/2021/10/05/rhony-star-ramona-singers-beloved-dog-coco-dies-at-17/
  3. It's the right decision to ax the reunion. There is no need to rehash a bad season. There is really nothing to talk about. Move on. HW is supposed to be escape TV - the wealth, the big parties, events, vacations. Viewers are not opposed to diversity. But you have to the right cast. And you can have discussions, respecting differences around race, politics, religion - without lecturing, preaching and name calling - and hammering week after week.
  4. There will be bitterness when the next 4 COs are voted off - by their own alliance.
  5. It's a guarantee that 4 of them will not be in the Final 2. I can see bitter jury.
  6. Huh??? Franzel only won once. No record in that at all.
  7. A place in history??? This is just BB, a trashy TV show. I am willing to bet that the winner of America's Favorite House Guest won't be a CO. I also expect that popular HGs like Derek X and Claire will be invited back in future seasons.
  8. Now comes the fun. We get to see The Cookout turn against each other.
  9. Eh, one of the worse seasons finally over. RHONY needs to regroup with a larger cast - and go back to a show about the wealthy, Upper East Side, Hamptons. Get rid of Leah and Eboni. There's a difference between having discussions about race, politics, religion - vs forcing it week after week.
  10. But at this point in the game with so many HGs left, you almost have do that, especially for someone like Derek X and Xavier who are strong competitors. You don't want a target for being a threat, a jerk, or running the house.
  11. Derek X just lock himself and Hannah for jury. But the 5th HG eliminated, won't. This was a good time to get rid of the teams.
  12. Back in Jan it was reported that production had to stop on RHONY for 2 weeks because a cast member got COVID. They would not identified the HW at the time. But in the preview for next week, Leah is in quarantine. What a hypocrite. Remember how Leah made a big stink abut Ramona. But then Leah turn and traveled cross country and was seen partying mask less. And later got a facial, boob job, nose job. https://www.vulture.com/2021/01/real-housewives-of-new-york-covid.html
  13. This episode shows that it's The OGs who carry the show. The best segments were with Ramona, Luann, Sonja. Leah and her family were BORING. Eboni search for her father borders Melissa Gorga, who tries to come up with a story line for camera time.
  14. The hypocrisy and fakeness of Eboni. She's been on her high horse all season preaching, lecturing about black empowerment, then excludes the only other black cast member, Bershan from her Black Shabbat event. And for no good reason. She and Leah are ruining the show and need to go!
  15. The hypocrisy of Leah and Eboni gossiping and talking crap about Sonja behind her back. Of course they were the ones gaslighting that Ramona and Lu were not good friends to her.
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