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  1. Wait. After playing the victim card and making the other women's life a hell - as well as the viewers, Leah chooses not to go home and be with her family. Instead, she stays for some rigged beauty pageant. The Thirst Is Real. Gurl, Bye!
  2. The irony is that at the core of this is idiot Leah, who's toxic behavior Eboni was foolishly trying to defend. If Eboni wants to call out people, she should start with vulgar Leah and her horrible behavior, hypocrisies, childish outbursts. Leah McSweeney is terrible casting. She is unwatchable.
  3. Leah McSweeney has ruined RHONY with her temper tantrums and stupid manufactured drama. There is nothing interesting or entertaining about her. She has zero sense of humor. She always default to her vulgar, trashy sex talk - because she has nothing else. And what does it say about someone who chooses not to be with their family when a relative is dying. And instead opt to be in front of the camera, instigating some petty argument. The Thirst Is Real.
  4. I love watching how stupid and thirsty Leah is - and how she keeps getting out smarted, out played. She has tried to start drama with someone new every single episode and it always falls flat. I wish she would take a permanent vow of silence and get her off our TV screens.
  5. WGWG bland and forgettable Chayce floated a sob story. He also had the Cougar voters. It's not a good look for Idol to keep having the same type of winners. But in the last several years, non-winners have made more of a name for themselves. Alejandro, Gabby Barrett, Jax, Daniel Seavey, Catie Turner, Laci Booth, Dillon James were all signed to major labels without winning.
  6. That's because the ratings aren't good for the network to support more live shows. It has already hit an all time series low twice this season. Remember FOX had previously cancelled it. Idol will never be the way it was during it's peak. The industry has changed. So has technology. These days there are way more options for viewers to discover new talent, i.e., Tiktok, streaming.
  7. Erika has been floating on the show for years. HW has been one big commercial for her over rated glam squad. Her "story line" basically consists of following everyone else. She went against Denise, just because the others did. The Giudices were exposed, so should the Girardis. I don't know how anyone can be defended for scamming a charity for children and widows.
  8. Jealousy. Heather is a fan favorite, who has a history with the others. She's also a successful designer, who had worked for PDiddy. I actually love watching how stupid and horrible Leah is. She is so thirsty and such a fake. She obviously wants to turn RHONY into "The Leah Show" with her boring sister. BRAVO needs to get them off our TV!
  9. Yeah, Chayce is on his way to winning. Another WGWG. Hardly inspiring. But ABC, Hollywood Records don't treat their winners very well. These days, you're really better off not winning. Look at Michael J, who actually got more air time than Laine Hardy - who has never even released an album after 2 years. Sam got dropped a few mos after winning. And Maddie had lots of problems with the label.
  10. When he found out the video was leaked, he began blocking people that were commenting on it. He knew it would make him look bad. Idol had no choice but to cut him. They have dropped people for lesser offenses.
  11. BRAVO needs to stop trying to make Leah a thing. She's is way too scripted - and boring. It's ridiculous she calls herself a fashion designer. And it's ironic that Burning Man is supposed to be her event, yet it's at Ramona's house and she's the one who is doing all the work. The whole "helpers" comment got blown way out of proportion.
  12. I have bad feeling that Caleb Kennedy will win. The Country fans must be throwing him all the votes. How else does he keep going through. There is nothing memorable about his performances. He is void of any personality. He is always stone faced. Gawd, I can imagine him doing interviews if he won. Not good.
  13. It's ridiculous that Jackie freaked when people talked about her relationship, yet she turns around and gossips about Dolores. Girl, Bye!
  14. The thirst is real. She's the Brandi Glanville of RHONY. Trashy, vulgar. Looks like she will have a tough 2nd season. She was so over rated. I think she's a terrible fit for the show.
  15. Why is Caleb still here? I know he's the only Country contestant, but come on. He is so mediocre. He's the person that will linger a lot longer than he should. Worse case would be if he wins with the Country votes.
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