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  1. Jesse/Darcy-I don't really see any love between these two. They don't even like each other. Jesse has such palpable contempt for Darcy who just wants to be loved. As horrible as Jesse is, I must say he is a good tourist. He's always interested in the sights and attractions. That's worth noting since many of these couples don't seem to have much of an interest in getting to know the culture/environment of the person they supposedly love. I mean, the dude went ga-ga over carrot cake. It's just too bad Jesse/Darcy can't be together long enough to enjoy even a simple meal together. Speaking of, I'
  2. Nicole/My World-Jeez! Imagine if Nicole would devote her time, energy, and focus to something worthwhile like school, a trade, being a good parent to May, and/or dieting. She'd certainly be in a much better position than she currently is in getting scammed by Boy Wonder. She's already invested so much into this relationship financially and emotionally and has nothing to show for it. A more sensible person would take this visa refusal/denial as a sign and count their losses, but we're talking about Nicole here. Everyone in her life is a voice of reason, but she's hellbent on doing whatever she
  3. It's glorious having this craptacular, cotton candy trainwreck show back for another reincarnation. I might hate most of the characters, but I can't stop watching. Every time I say "I'm never watching this again," something pulls me back even though the storylines are recycled and contrived by production. I love to hate this show, but, most of all, I love reading the snarky comments on here. Where else are you going to learn about "depression hair?" DavidStillPoor and AnnieGoldPawn-This has been said ad nauseam on this forum, but it bears repeating. David is still one sad sack of a man. D
  4. I thought this was supposed to be a Tell All, but I didn't learn much. It was mostly dysfunctional couples who have no right to judge opining about or reacting to other dysfunctional couples. Here's a few final thoughts on the tell all and couples I need to get off my chest before I retire from this trainwreck season. Nicole/Azan: I think Shaun Robinson did a decent job of reading the teleprompter and asking the questions that Sharp Productions prepared for her, but a huge miss was obviously addressing Nicole's violence towards Azan. This should have been a major talking point, but it wa
  5. This makes so much sense. This would explain why he was wearing the suit too. I was wondering who has run the most successful scam so far this season, and I'm thinking it's the Bahtman. Forget Aika, Azan, and Luis. David Poor is a professional fraudster compared to those amateurs. His entire life is one giant lie.
  6. Molly and Luis: I could hear PTV nation collectively scream "YOU STUPID IDIOT" (in various forms) when Molly dropped the bomb that they were already married. Luis played her like a fiddle. I'm sure he was sweet to her in the beginning and then started revealing his true colors after he got what he wanted. No wonder he hightailed it out of there without any comment. He didn't want to accidentally reveal his con. I wonder if he got counsel from his brother who is already in America on how to run this scam. While Luis is clearly an asshole, he was smart by choosing a wealthy woman and a woman who
  7. Molly/Luis: Molly gets MVP for me this episode for not smacking the crap out of Luis after his bizarre lack of God symbolism in her home rant. The restraint Molly showed after Luis said she must be on her period was admirable. Luis is one of those Christians who will swear, look at porn, fornicate, weep in the presence of strippers, and, generally, behave like an immoral jackass and justify it as okay because he prays, wears a cross on his neck, or has a bible on his nightstand. He's such a hypocrite. I think that weird conversation was just a diversion because Luis didn't want to discuss whet
  8. David and Evelyn: I don't think David is asexual, gay, or is repulsed by sex. I think he just feels dirty talking about it on camera. I would too, especially when you consider that he started talking to Evelyn (after seeing pics of her in a swimsuit) when she was a minor. I think their entire relationship revolves around sex. It's not like they have anything in common other than being Christians and being sexually attracted to each other, and it seems like they're just getting married so they can have sex. This is such a shame. This build-up for this wedding night sex has been ridiculous. Her
  9. David/Evelyn-I get that David is a straight shooter and much of what he says is absolutely correct, but he needs to learn how to read a room and how to be a good guest. Any seasoned traveler, as elitist David claims to be, is able to find the merits of any place and it would be much better for him to focus on those, especially when the Evelyn Claremont Clan is taking care of his lodging and probably covering all his meals. Taking a dump on Claremont in front of Evelyn and her family when it's all they know isn't going to get Evelyn on his side. He can sell Virginia without dissing Claremont. E
  10. Josh/Aika: Josh is an idiot. He definitely promised Aika a bill of goods when they were talking from a distance, but he's unable to deliver now that's she there to collect on the promises he made. I have no doubt that he agreed to starting a family immediately and that he promised her a new ring as part of his sales pitch to get her to come over. Of course he waits until after his cheerleader gets on American soil to bring up his inability to conceive and not having the finances to purchase the ring of her choosing. Also, why did he come clean about the ring in the first place? Did Aika really
  11. Here are my thoughts on the couples this week: Nicole/Azan: How the hell can Nicole, a Starbucks barista and single mother, send Azan $1600 ($800+$500+$300 were the amounts quoted in Azan's THs)? Is she getting paid from the show and just sending Azan his cut for this scam? Wouldn't this money be better used to take care of May? While I realize it can be hard to communicate when both people have jobs, not to mention the time zone difference, Azan blaming his job loss on Nicole is just lame. Yeah, I know she's extremely needy, but they need to be adults and understand that talking at work
  12. I'm late to the judgment party. I just wanted to make comments about each couple's future living arrangements/wedding accommodations. David/Evelyn: Wow! What a self-absorbed nitwit Evelyn is! I really hope Evelyn doesn't sing at the wedding. We've heard enough. Regarding the accommodations for David's family and friends coming from Grenada, all she has to do is ask her church family to host them and it's done. I grew up in the church. I remember my mom housing various strangers, i.e. guest pastors, missionaries, wedding guests, etc, over the years. We were an introverted family with a mod
  13. I completely agree with this assessment. As horrible as Anfisa has been, she has never misrepresented herself unless you count all the plastic surgery she's endured. That's more of a misrepresentation to the world though, not Jorge. He seems to like her look, but I wonder what she really looks like. She has stated that she's been in a relationship with Jorge for the money from the beginning and has said so repeatedly. Jorge can't make the case that she's here solely for a green card when her main focus has been money. Jorge, on the other hand, completely misrepresented himself. I feel like he
  14. In the immortal words of Meatloaf, "2 out of 3 ain't bad." Congratulations to the couples and high fives, raises, and contract extensions to the "experts." Here are my final thoughts on the couples and the experts/production for this craptacular season: Nick/Sonia-I've been so frustrated watching this couple all season. I think Sonia is so beautiful and a kind human being. She's one of my faves ever to appear on this show. IMO she deserves better than slick Nick who seemed on this show solely to advertise his business. Sonia has been a saint all season and she has had to overcome so much
  15. Couldn't say it better myself, so I won't even try. Team Sonia all the way. I only wish I could meet somebody like that. I think she's so beautiful and sweet. The experts better not to try and turn this around on her. She was a trooper and made every effort with that inconsiderate, self-absorbed asshat and his damn dogs. Derek and Nicole must be staying on air for contractual purposes. There's no other reason to have them on, and I have no interest in watching them anymore after they failed at the experiment. A major side eye to Dr. Pepper for having them write letters to each other. They
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