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    I don't know if anyone here is big on podcasts like me, but one to consider is Always Hold On to Smallville. This guy does a week-by-week retrospective (sometimes he jokingly calls it Always Hold On to Spoilers because he's constantly mentioning stuff that comes later for the sake of tracking continuity) and it's pretty comprehensive for the most part. Also (like me) he's a big fan of the work of people like Neal Bailey and Craig Byrne, and frequently uses both to get a read on how people viewed the episodes at the time. Worth a look if you like that sort of thing.
  2. DigitalCount

    S04.E02: Lost, Found, Fucked

    I just want to briefly say, the low growl of "Todd..." before the commercial break when Fogg realizes that he spilled the beans to Julia/Kimber is fantastic and possibly one of the funniest short moments this show has had, made all the more funny for me by my saying it basically at the same time as Fogg.
  3. DigitalCount

    S04.E08: Bunker Hill

    I agree that Nia not knowing who Lois was was a bit of a misstep. Given how James was pretty well-known going into CatCo, shouldn't Lois be basically an order of magnitude more famous? I understand that when Manchester referred to himself as "the intolerant left" he was using a bit of sarcastic flourish, but I felt like the episode was encouraging us to see him in basically that light--his actions supposedly made him no better than Agent Liberty. I'm not sure if I can get on board with that interpretation, and o don't know how much of that I'm allowed to respond to here due to the rules, so I'll leave it at that. Speaking of Agent Liberty, how ridiculous was it that Lockwood was trying to claim that he was operating with transparency when he was outright forced into revealing his identity by circumstance? I'm not saying it was bad for the show; the assertion is perfectly in character. But it seems threadbare to claim it, though no one called him out on it and indeed the narrative ended up somewhat supporting it with Supergirl's ouster at the hands of the new President. I'm hoping these people have the sense to use Sam Witwer more than, say, anything else I've seen him in other than Being Human, but he's playing such a repulsive character with not a whole lot of longevity. I'm guessing he'll be on the back burner while in jail and dead by the end of the season, which is a pity and a relief at the same time.
  4. DigitalCount

    S03.E04: Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club

    And in fairness, I'm still listening to songs that were big when I was in high school and college, not modern music. If you're trying to portray an era it's a weird choice, but for an individual to prefer what they consider better music because it's what they grew up listening to isn't odd at all.
  5. DigitalCount

    S07.E07: The Slabside Redemption

    My question is how Diaz was so affected by what Oliver did. Like you said, Oliver was losing (badly) before he suddenly hopped up, fresh as a daisy, and stabbed Diaz before headbutting him a few times. Diaz then crumpled, completely defeated, and could no longer move or stand; all he could do was stare and pathetically twitch on the floor. What? How? Didn't he have superpowers a moment ago? I feel like I must have missed something.
  6. I know Tatiana Maslany is still winning that particular fight, but still. So I realized that we didn't have a thread for other things this cast does, which may become something of a big deal soon with Kat Graham's rumored future (past?) role on the horizon. Thus, here it is. Talk about Degrassi, Lost, Smallville, Everwood, Prison Break and all that good stuff coming up as well. (uh, Cult was a thing too, I guess)
  7. DigitalCount

    S07.E06: Due Process

    If you wanted to call her Fake Laurel/faux Laurel but shorter you could go with Floral lol. I would say Siren is the most accurate way to refer to her while eliminating ambiguity.
  8. DigitalCount

    S07.E06: Due Process

    I liked when people were calling her Yanny...
  9. Both Metallo and the Legion have appeared quite a few times in the current DCTVU as well. Not sure if that was mentioned.
  10. DigitalCount

    S03.E04: Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club

    I actually thought Madelaine Petsch was making some bizarre choices. Penelope has a slow, low, syrupy voice, in stark contrast with Cheryl's clipped, energetic, high-pitched voice. So of course, when she plays Penelope, MP is...clipped and energetic? It was the wrong choice IMO.
  11. DigitalCount

    S07.E09: Never Leave Me

    My pet peeve about this episode is the line where Buffy says "You don't know me. You don't even know you" to Spike, and SMG totally botches the delivery. Instead of saying "you don't even know you" she says (for some unknowable reason) "you don't even know you" and it's like nails on a chalkboard. I get that it's petty, but how could so many people not get the intent of the line?
  12. DigitalCount

    S03.E04: Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club

    I think they're trying to go with "Cheryl and Jason didn't share a blood relation." I agree, it's still off. My guess is, Jason is adopted and he's actually Mary's son. That would pay off the continual mentions of how Archie and Jason apparently looked alike.
  13. DigitalCount

    S03.E04: Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club

    I have to wonder if they're trying to say this is A Thing the Blossoms do in order to wash away the grossness of Jason/Cheryl, and one of them was actually not a Blossom to begin with. The problem is that they were raised as siblings and thus should still find it gross, but it felt very "let's retcon S1...again" to me. Also, what is Jughead's deal? He became obsessed with the game in even less time than he became obsessed with the Southside identity, which is saying something. Does he just have really low boundaries? Or is that just a testament to how addictive and dangerous G&G is? (Speaking of the 80s, wow the D&D panic is real, way to have your finger on the pulse of your audience)
  14. DigitalCount

    S06.E22: Grave

    As identified earlier, the law disagrees. They were active participants in the kidnapping of Katrina, and kidnapping is one of the basic "inherently dangerous felonies" that can turn an inadvertent death into second degree murder. The idea here is that Jonathan and Andrew did a felonious thing that they pretty much knew could or would end in someone's death, and since it's no surprise to anyone when it does, all the participants in the original felony share the blame for the eventual, easily predictable death. Most states with this rule list burglary, arson, robbery, rape and kidnapping as the inherently dangerous felonies, and California is one of the states with a felony murder rule.
  15. DigitalCount

    Nora West-Allen: XS

    I actually don't have a huge problem with how young she comes off, because she's interacting with people who she probably grew up with as authority figures and her superhero dad who she idolizes. My issue is her fish-out-of-temporal-water mindset. She's an adult 30 years in the future who acts like she's from 3747. The coffee situation rang true; whatever techno she was babbling at the crime scene with the Flesh Cube did not. (Also, just from a sense standpoint: "eureka, this technology we've spent thousands of dollars developing makes these simple latex gloves completely obsolete" doesn't work for me.) Still, I like her energy, even though she's sometimes bubblier than the much younger character she played on Smallville ten years ago. It is a bit odd that she takes so strongly after her father despite having basically no relationship with him previously.
  16. DigitalCount

    S05.E02: Blocked

    Re: Iris not being able to react separately to the Barry news, I can't help but remember the scene on Arrow between Laurel and Quentin where she admits that bugs her more than everything else, more than a decade after the fact, when she already knew Oliver had cheated on her and was no longer in a relationship with him. It humanized her, it was some of KC's best acting, and I was fully in the corner of a character I despised. And wouldn't you know, there's a character on this show analogous to Quentin. Maybe they could have a scene where they talk about stuff? (Spoiler because I know not everyone watches Arrow) (Also, apologies to the mods if this doesn't have enough content regarding this episode; I guess I'm trying to say that I agree that Iris should have been able to react to that more/individually, especially since she also already feels alienated by her future daughter. So she ends up with a weird limbo-y Schrodinger's family--she has a husband and daughter, but also she kind of doesn't.)
  17. DigitalCount

    Past Seasons Discussion : Tales From The Crypt

    I know that almost no one is around any longer, but if anyone is, I thought I'd contribute my thoughts regarding the downturn in quality that many people have observed. All in all, I think it comes down to not being genuine and cohesive with their story. One thing that I felt was a good indicator of cohesiveness was the villain story. I know a lot of people disliked Season 4, but for me the point where stuff started to feel unmoored was somewhere in the Traveler storyline. Part of this was because they felt very out of nowhere, and by that point most of the ties to earlier seasons had evaporated. I think that was a strong indicator that they were losing their grip on the story. There's a direct line of events between Damon coming to Mystic Falls in Season 1 and Qetsiyah's death in Season 5. The villains from Damon to Tessa are all--in their ways--part of an overarching mythos that established the nature of the supernatural as presented to Elena during that time period. Markos represents a stark departure from that line that's never really found afterward. A villain's goals and what that villain is willing to do to obtain them tend to drive a story, so if the villains are super lame or ill-defined, it's hard to care about the heroes. It doesn't help that we'd only just gotten a solid resolution to the triangle after Season 4 ended, which almost ate the show along with the Originals--again, as villains driving the plot they worked until they just started...hanging around, and they were too powerful to write around. (And I still maintain that Season 5 should have pitted the Mystic Falls crew against a similar group who demonstrated the same tribal mentality just to make them confront that sort of thing. Kol's death wiped out countless vampires, considering it finished Jeremy's tattoo while Connor the career vampire hunter hadn't even finished his yet. Any of them who traveled around could have had friends from a different bloodline who felt like our main group needed to be taken off the board.) I have more to say, but I'm on my phone. :/
  18. Heckin' wow, Roulette sucked. The lady who played Victoria seemed a bit limited in her line delivery. I wasn't sure if she's just bad, or if she was choking on the script. But I just found all of it so hilariously bad. Also amusing was the ham-fisted direction. "You're coming back for me, even though I would have abandoned you?" Ugh. "You just had to find the hero inside! Now let me repeat that in case the audience didn't get it!" Really, there were a lot of stinkers as far as lines go, but the worst line ever uttered on this show may have been "it's a long story about Lois, laundry, and lacy things." I know they thought they were being artsy, but that's not Clark. Speaking of Clark and Lois, Fifi and I were watching this together, and during the movie scene she asked me if Allison was still with the show at this point. I said that if I remembered correctly, she had reduced her involvement. She responded "well, it just seems like Lois manipulated her way into [Clark's] life. They were never this close." Lol. I'm just glad that people with no horse in the race years after the fact can see that there was a hard shift regarding Chloe, Clark and Lois. It's absurd that at the time people were arguing it was character-driven and made sense. It's about as organic as a nuclear power plant. I thought the person behind the quackery was Tess until the point where we saw Chloe at a computer with her eyes shaded. Then my analysis was pretty much the same as Oliver's; who knew about the facts and could also do all the things possible to facilitate the masquerade. I didn't realize that we'd have offscreen Justice League, but Smallville is nothing if not an ad for its much more exciting unfilmed sister show.
  19. DigitalCount

    S04.E06: Beer Bad

    I actually really liked the moment when Buffy said "Fire bad!" and then immediately ran toward it to rescue the people inside. That heroism is hard coded.
  20. Agreed on the nastiness of it. I think they wanted the moment where Lois takes a bite and gives it to him, so they needed to come up with a reason why the one he gave her would have a bite taken out of it, and going backwards like that frequently leads to situations where people act like nonhumans to get to a certain point.
  21. I had to admit that the maple donut thing in Echo was cute-adjacent. That moment where Lois bites the donut before giving it to Clark, especially because that donut looked huge, was a little bit adorable, bordering on adorkable. It's wildly out of character for Jor-El to give Clark a mind-reading power so he can save Oliver of all people, but I appreciated that Lex's murder was weighing heavily on him. Everything about Clark's telepathy made no sense, though. It also makes it dumb that he's being so indecisive regarding Lois. I accept that (out of freaking nowhere) he has feelings for her, but he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she's into him too. Why so much hemming and hawing? The zombie episode is barely worth mentioning. I feel like I lost brain cells watching it.
  22. Oh. Holy mackerel. Who is this monster? For some background, my fiancee and I are currently (re)watching this literal trainwreck. On the original run I bailed after Doomsday like so many others, but she knew that I watched it way back when and she had heard of the slash fanfiction it created, so I'm actually seeing new (to me) episodes of Smallville. Except I'm not, if the opening is any indication. Clark "The Blur" Kent is a jerk and the show has no heart. What I saw in Savior is a grim parody of what was once a sunny, hopeful show. Even if it was 2009 again instead of nearly a decade later it would be clear that this is a state of affairs TIIC intend to change over the course of the season, and yet I can't bring myself to care. The characters are unrecognizable. I know people used to theorize that Clark was someone else, but it honestly feels like Tom Welling is playing a different character. It's almost horrifying to see him interact with the rest of the cast, and that's before I get to the Clois retcon. I was right to stop watching; I think it made me happier. And yet I'll probably end up finishing out the series just because. I guess I'll try to keep an open mind...I guess.
  23. DigitalCount

    Unpopular Opinions

    We already had Kryptonian tech that neutralized Kryptonite in Season 2. Why didn't they go to the Fortress again?
  24. I figured that we should have a thread where we discuss how the world of TVD itself works, based on a discussion about Jeremy (what he is, how he's alive, etc) in particular, as well as some things that were set up for Tyler in the S5 finale. If anyone has a better idea for the title, we can go ahead and have it changed; I just thought that it was perhaps fitting.
  25. DigitalCount


    The explanation I read (maybe from Cindy McClellan?) was that Sayid was a better man for Shannon than for Nadia, and his reactions to their respective deaths were why he ended up with Shannon instead. That's a fair reading, even though I don't know if I agree with it.