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  1. They've got some heavy hitters this time out, and I am here for it! After this season, I'm pretty much just missing Trinity K. Bonet and Nicole Paige Brooks (yes, I said it!) from my dream all-star list.
  2. Usually I am the death knell for new shows, so I try not to get attached. But this year I went 3 for 3!! Evil got the renewal right away, but they made me nervous with Stumptown, especially. It seemed like Prodigal Son was guaranteed a renewal but, with my track record, I never count chickens. It's a Quarantine Miracle! As long as I'm guaranteed a maximum dose of Sheen, I can wait.
  3. Thanks a lot, long winded coaches. I got as far as Carson saying "The fifth spot goes TO" and then screen freeze and the 'do you want to delete' message comes up. I really wanted to see Zan's stank face when she didn't get it. Really? You can't even bother to clap and pretend to be happy that CammWess made it through? Then I came here to find out who made it through and still didn't know other than that it wasn't Joanna (my pick) or Allegra. I figured it wasn't Zan since the only person that seemed to like her was John. Not surprised it was Toneisha, since she went last and did Lovin' You. People always lose their shit over the bird calls and I knew if she came even close to hitting them that she'd get the vote. Also noticed that the credits on my screen freeze showed a psychologist. Have they just added that since the whole quarantine thing or have they always had a staff psychologist? Maybe when they started having a bunch of teen-going on tween-age girls filling up the contestant ranks. Because there's nothing more dramatic than a high-strung 15 year old... Aside: I make it a personal rule never to root for someone who uses their middle name for a last name, so consequently I don't end up liking too many of the teen to early twenties females.
  4. I was really hoping that she would have shown up at the end of the bit, with a "here, honey, move over and hand me that 3/16th over there, would you?
  5. Me, too! Martin isn't the only one that misses Mr. David.
  6. Thanks! My local channel must have lopped off the closing scene somehow. People's comments make a lot more sense now. I smell Endicott's hand in all of this. Although a good lawyer (maybe Endicott actually wants to be his white knight) could certainly make hash of the DNA since they had contact with each other more than once. Or even transfer DNA from Martin.
  7. I totally missed something here! The last I saw, Malcolm was opening the door to Cauliflower's room while the credits rolled. Then it was just ads and some show with JJ Watt started, no Eve, no fingernails, no Malcolm arrest, no scenes from our next episode, nothing. Can somebody please catch me up? I love how Michael Sheen can go from frightened victim to scary psycho to delighted host all in the blink of an eye (forgive me, I couldn't resist) without speaking a word.
  8. Wow, I had no idea that James Corden was a "real" singer. I've seen him on the Tonys and such, but I mean, a REAL, SERIOUS singer who can do justice to one of the most beautiful songs ever written. I had to mute Legend...
  9. Thanks for the update! I did see (kind of, between the stuttering and skipping of my recording) the Mike v. Darious one but it froze for good just as they were starting the critiques. I'm shocked that Mike was chosen. I might be a little biased because I have never seen a really good rendition of a Bruno Mars song. He is one of my favorites and it's not just his tone or range, but he seems to infuse his singing with so much personality that others just pale in comparison. Good for Joanna! Nick's advice to CammWess kind of bit him on the butt here, but I agree with his "Why?" on getting back with an ex. Given the choice, I'd rather work with a new coach to learn something from a new direction. They both only had a week with each coach and nothing one on one (that's been shown, anyway) so it's not like there's some tight relationship that has already been built throughout the journey.
  10. By goin' back old school when it was just family! Three/four finalists, the judges and production crew could be tested and maybe a couple dozen people like they do for the comedy challenges, just to give the feel of an audience. Anybody think that the contestants were told who to pick? It seems that costumes for production challenges are generally furnished and there was a huge size difference on some of them (like Brita v. Gigi for Cone Bra Madonna) that would require more than just altering. Also, funny that the two top queens had roles that nobody wanted. Who wouldn't want Early Madonna?
  11. That's what happened with the Comeback Artist. I can't remember her name, but she chose Kelly and was pretty good, but I think she was severely disadvantaged because nobody knew who she was with the lives starting. I think she lasted two eliminations. This year will be a little different because the knockout artists will have had at least two performances (plus the knockout that people vote on), so they'll have had at least a little chance for people to already like them. My dvr recording ended up skipping and freezing and finally dying (we had pretty heavy snow last night), so the last battle saw was Kelly's with John stealing back CamWess. Could somebody please give a rundown of the players, songs and results? Thanks!
  12. I was just about to say the same thing! That's the one I laughed out loud at when I froze the DVR. My first thought was that they have to get him as a cameo before this show is done. And not draw attention to it or have anybody recognize him. Just make him a random customer in the background. We're smart enough to get it, show! You don't have to hit us over the head with a machete to make sure we know.
  13. Oxygen had a documentary on the McMartin case last year that was pretty thorough (I think it was a multi-part). Although I was somewhat familiar with the case, I learned a lot from it. They even had footage of the excavation of the site looking for the tunnels that supposed to have been under the school. https://www.oxygen.com/uncovered-the-mcmartin-family-trials/crime-time/mcmartin-preschool-shocking-allegations-abuse
  14. Or going on RuPaul's Drag Race and not knowing how to sew...
  15. I'll give Brita this much: girl's got some beautiful choppers!
  16. Seriously! Nobody knows how to use google? This used to be one of my favorite shows and I'm perilously close to hate watching at this point.
  17. So you're all shocked that you have to tattoo your own drawing? Have you never watched this show?? I've figured for a while that the other two pardons were being saved for Angel, Jimmy and, possibly, Bob. So the only thing that would have shocked me was if nobody had showed up for Angel. The only slight surprise is I thought it would be Nunez, since I figured that Oliver would be saving his for his fellow American Traditionalist. Speaking of Nunez, wtf is up with those glasses he's been sporting the last few episodes? The odd shape and thickness of the top line cuts off his brows and part of his eyes, making him look like a cross-eyed, narcoleptic bird.
  18. In heels as well! Before the season started I didn't think I'd like Jan, but I really, really do! She and Gigi are my favorites. I knew that Violet Chachki was going to win her season the second she walked into the werkroom. Gigi gave me that same vibe. I also totally didn't get Brita pulling a rosin bag out of her mouth. But I guess it makes as much sense as a pineapple in a balls to the wall challenge. Oh wait, it was because her sisters were called pineapple princesses and she always wanted to be one, too. As far back as right after Sherry (?) came up with the name.
  19. I was positive that Brita was hitting the bricks this week and that was why they hadn't issued any sort of statement regarding her indiscretions, so my jaw dropped when she chantayed (or enchantayed this season, I guess). I am not a fan of throwing in too many tricks just for the sake of tricks (which is why I thought Gigi should have won over Widow week one), but it seemed like Brita really did nothing other than swing around Rock's discards in the air and try to block her on the stage. I do think that Rock having such difficulty tearing off her skirt at the start was what sank her. Which shouldn't have mattered because Aiden should have been the one lip synching. The only thing that she was complimented on required zero creativity. Putting on a Rockford Peaches uniform and a pompadour wig doesn't really take a lot. Then again, as much as I liked Rock (more the person than the aesthetic), she was way too delusional for this if she really thought she was going to win this week (as she stated in Untucked). I love it when they have judges like Leslie who are obviously super hardcore fans. Sometimes the people seem like they only have the vaguest idea of who RuPaul even is and they just got a text with the address from their agent and showed up.
  20. They're doing something weird this year. I read about it quite some time ago so I can't remember all the specifics, but it will result in a lot fewer lives (this was already planned before Covis). In the earlier rounds they can save and then sort of steal (or maybe it's more like a second chance thing) where the stolen ones go up against each other or something like that. I think it might be a bit like the battles on Adam's last season where he ended up with like only two people on his team. Found it! https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/the-voice-changes-for-season-18.html/
  21. The shows are already taped. I'm not sure if the Masked Singer does any live shows at all and the Voice lives won't be for weeks yet. They still have the rest of the Blinds, then the Battles and Knockouts to go first.
  22. Allegra is an actual given name, meaning happy in Italian. I knew a girl in school by that name, but I always think of Lord Byron's daughter whenever I hear it. It also got some traction for Harry and Meghan's baby (should it have been a girl), as it was reportedly Diana's favorite name (not that she would have ever been allowed to use it).
  23. Grandpa Jack looked better in that black dress than Jeanette did. Jeanette: You know how they tell you to get rid of anything you haven't worn in 5 years? I don't do that. Everybody: Yeah, we know... and Jazz: I haven't talked to Michaela in a year and a half, but I can call her and see if she knows someone to help me with my song Also Jazz: I don't want you to think that I just called you to help me with my song
  24. I could tattoo British Royalty across my forehead, but that doesn't make me the Queen of England... Nunez always puts so much emphasis on a pretty face, but Jason's was flat out mugged and not even an attractive drawing.
  25. She said something on stage about them not allowing her to use her previous name of Sasha Nicole Fierce. The easiest explanation for her make up was that she got completely wasted the night before, fell into bed without washing her face, it's now 10am the next morning and she's hungover as hell. As for the double meaning someone was asking about, I took Nicki's explanation to mean when your text is showing "read" meaning that they not responding to your text doesn't mean that they haven't seen it. It says "read" answer me! Gigi has my vote for frontrunner. That pirate outfit was exquisite in every detail and Boy Gigi = DAYUM! Sort of a cross between Ioan Gruffudd and a young Tom Brady. Jackie was right up there with her, but the big glasses with no lenses took her down a few notches for me.
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