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  1. Sarah- Do your research. Marcus was born in Lebanon. Can't be President. Nobody's promoting that except his followers/fans who know he'd be the best. This was a great episode. Business is 100% better, store is beautiful, & now that their pre-judging is hopefully under control, it should do very well. Expansion is ongoing , & as Marcus has said, it will grow exponentially.
  2. There were cat signs as well as the one in the tree, & there was mention of too much inventory of cat litter. Dogs seem to get most of the attention in most places.
  3. Marcus was able to return the printer. His main loss, according to him, was for the redecoration of the offices and some general expenses, about 100K or so.. He did not lose the big bucks. These two guys were disgusting & the father not any better. They went into this for the publicity. Insulting NASCAR and embarrassing Marcus. Way to go jerks.
  4. To answer several questions about why Marcus didn't want Betty to make the ice cream. He wasn't rejecting the idea of serving ice cream, only that he didn't want Betty or her people to make it. Takes up too much of her time, distracts her from her main job. Adds to her stress. She definitely does need structure and focus, and the ice cream production was just another thing for her to stray about. She was charming, creative and totally without any direction. Was wonderful that Marcus gave her the tickets to see her mom. He really does care about the people. Yes, he is razor focused on his way
  5. To clarify: In the episode, Marcus stated that the outdoor space would be used 6-8 mos. out of the year & statistics were based on those figures. He also stated in a recap, that he was looking for a burger place that he might take nationally, if he found a good possibility & could prove the concept as well as helping the original business. Standard proved that out. (& the brother bothered him for 2 years w/emails). He did go there unannounced prior to deciding, to check out the place. There have been several offers on Twitter & Facebook from people who want to franchise in o
  6. There is no deep "due diligence" for the show, because Marcus doesn't want to know anything about the owners/business in order to portray the reality of his experience to viewers. He's absolutely the most real honest person you'll ever meet. I believe some basic due diligence should be done (financial/legal) ahead by the producers. They don't have to tell Marcus unless it's bad. That way real problems like tax dodgers/Ponzi schemes,/ ins. fraud won't happen. But as in Fuel Foods or Swansons, it's almost impossible to go through everything, everywhere . 44 mins of show, 5- 10 days of filmi
  7. Marcus was born in Lebanon. Was In orphanage until age 18mos. Greek/Lebanese family from Miami adopted him then. Don't know what happened to birth parents, but was during an ongoing conflict. He grew up in Miami & went to college in Milwaukee at Marquette University.
  8. I believe Mr. Norton (the owner), said he's read that Marcus' "1st offer is his best offer", . That leads me to think he may have called the show for help??? Ewell was no asset to the business, Didn't offer the kind of help they needed.. Better that he's not there, except the fact that the sister doesn't talk to Lynn is very sad. That bit with the plates was ridiculous! Did Ewell think the cameras wouldn't catch that? Marcus has mentioned that a new manager was found shortly after the esisode aired, to help the family run the business and give them some relief.The deck is really only usefu
  9. As per the last episode Dec. 2014, we've learned Marcus did get the laser printer back, but lost money for the redecoration. He was completely dis-respected by the brothers. I'll bet it was their plan from the beginning, hoping to get publicity from the show. The Nascar thing was unbelievable. Nascar is in most big box stores and is highly sought after. Skullduggery will eventually go out of business. They deserve that.
  10. I agree with Mojito, The businesses he's actually done deals with have been turned around, are doing much better, some very much better in just a short time. In rest of his life he seems to follow what he espouses and is very much a humanitarian and ethical, according to people who know or work with him. Interesting article in Inc. Magazine Oct. issue about him, the businesses and the show.
  11. Hi people, I'm new here, but like The Profit & the way Mr. Lemonis,does business, so I'd like to join in. Have some answers to some of the recent comments. (Research & seeing replies on Twitter by ML.. 1. Eco-Me has been sold to Kittrich Corp., an environmental cleaning product co. Don't know any details or why ML agreed to a sale. He consistently says he likes to be an active partner and not sell businesses he invests in.?? 2. Pro Fit Bars - GNC required bars not bites. I think the bites are being sold at Mariano's in Chicago as an exclusive, not positive. Anyone in Chicago to f
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