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  1. Okay, forgive me for asking, and yes I missed a show or two a few episodes back. Who was the woman with the baby? Was she the one at the dam when Morgan moved in? And who was the Daddy? And, lastly but most importantly, was the dog last night the same one we saw with Morgan a few episodes back? And we all heard Grace when she said no matter where they go, no matter how well they take cover, they will all get radiation sickness? So …… what’s the plan, Stan?
  2. To quote Mr. T: “I pity the fools.” Meaning the second and third string members of the acting squad who, while Morgan and Strand regurgitated the same old thing, just stood around staring at an obviously fake sub on the Texas plains. Does that help get them an Emmy nod?
  3. I'll be the first (today) to bring this up: This show has a horrible track history with women characters. I wonder why. I never thought about it too much, but there does seem to be something . . . weird.
  4. It’s on Emily’s Instagram that she has left the show. No one is saying anything directly, but it’s clear. I suspect there were some last minute negotiations that fell apart (or unwound) when Harmon decided to stay at the last minute. Plus, what of the new actress. Nothing has been said officially. And the Hawaii show, with some cast openings. Talk about flux.
  5. All that and we still don’t know how he got the damn boat out of the basement. Not that Gibbs died, but if he did, I could see the scene after they fished his body out of the lake. McGee would come into autopsy to stand over the body. He’d shake his head and say, “Boss, I just got to ask … how did you get the boat out of the basement?”
  6. Did I miss something? Why did/does Owen think he and the Billy Burke character are friends, just because of being firefighters or cancer or what? In my book, I have seen when Billy Burke screw Owen at least twice. (Yes, I saw Owen punch him at the end … but that was at the end.)
  7. What really annoyed me, and it’s something this show has been doing a lot of it this year, so it may be COVID, but other shows have managed to cope, is that all the teams were separated last night at the very end. Why couldn’t they have the teams come together and slap one another on the back? (Especially since Hetty might be back permanently. I mean that’s what Callan has been living for.) All season long this show has kept the teams separate. Why? Does no one like one bother? (Look, I understand you can’t have everyone in each scene. But, c’mon.)
  8. I’m sorry, but I found that boring. For the last few years, Weatherly seems to be phoning it in. I’ve seen nothing to show that he cares about Izzy, so why the wedding, and why did Bull’s “team” throw it? I didn’t know they were all that chummy with Izzy. I remember the first season: Bull’s character had fire. He would take cases no one thought he could win, and he did it because he saw or felt something. Now, he seems to be going through the paces. (True, there was more on the line with last night’s case, but that seems to get resolved fairly easily.)
  9. I have to admit there were a few times when I got distracted and looked up and thought I’d stumbled on a rerun of one of the Big Bang Theory episodes where Carradine played Penny’s father. Although, for the exception of Penny, none of the characters from BBT would have lasted a millisecond in Fear. They’d do better one the other show, about the kids hiking through the Zombie apocalypse looking for whatever it it kids look for.
  10. I think it would have been great if, just before the climax, Frank had agreed to go with the ATF agent. Then in the next scene, we would have seen Frank wearing a Hawaiian shirt, getting onto a colorful helicopter.
  11. Out of pure curiosity, but was this episode and the next one or two (?) filmed AFTER the show was cancelled? I should know, and I remember the announcement of this show’s cancellation being made, but because of COVID I didn’t know where filming stood.
  12. I wonder if this episode was filmed before Harmon announced he was coming back (That was just last week, right?). I think he fully intended on leaving, and how he acted and was treated by Vance last night, I think they were heading in that direction.
  13. I have a feeling this is just the first of many episodes (from all “cop” shows) that will feature a twist on this theme. We are in for a lot of moralizing over the next several months. And maybe that’s not a bad thing.
  14. It looks like this show is going to end with another protracted and messy multi-part episode, largely about people (Sacha & son) we don’t care about. All I have to say is TPTB better not split up Dwayne and Rita.
  15. But isn’t donating the kidney important to the story line? Assuming they both live, what will make this show any different than any other show? These people wouldn’t be together otherwise. I know we’ll have to wait and see, and TPTB can do whatever they want, but it would be kind of like if — after the first season of the Six Million Dollar Man — they turned Steve Austin into a New England B&B owner who put up with the hi-jinx of Larry, Daryl and Daryl.
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