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  1. When one of the comes up for parole, it’s hard not to get back into that crime i found the re-creation of the crime way too realistic...... the room where most of the murders took place looked exactly like the real crime scene. The scene stayed with me a few days.
  2. I watched last season half way through then it lost me. I agree, this season is very funny, over the top, horrid in a cartoonish way
  3. I found this episode so boring. But what's going on?? Is Bravo thinking of giving Mike and Sherv a spinoff... Two wild and crazy guys ?
  4. Wow, what a good observation! You are so right! You do have flare ups.... some days are better than other. I think the producers are the one that decide if they are going to focus on GGs RA or not
  5. Tonight's observation ....Asa looked beautiful at the Dead Sea. Pregnancy suits her when her makeup isn't overdone Shervin, guess what? You look exactly like an Jewish Israeli... I've been there GiGi, just grow up.... people of all religions pray at the Western Wall... you stood out like a sore thumb because you were sulking and being a bitch why do I find this show the best of all Bravos crap??? I will never understand it but I love The Shahs!
  6. you are 100% spot on. Tins has the worst taste ever. I think "Jessica McClintock" when I see her ruffled costumes. Ramona never looked better. Bethenny has had the most flattering work done. Dorinda is no beauty but knows how to work what she has to perfection. Lu and Sonja are naturally beautiful and Carole.....well...
  7. Neurochick, They only filmed the waiting room, we didn't see they actually filming their questioning. I think it took them hours to do background checks...remember, they have to ask them who they are, who they are traveling with, terrorism is terrible within Israel, they have to ensure the safety of the Israelis and their guests. We had armed soldiers come on our plane before they let us off!
  8. I was really just trying to make a conversation off your post. :-) That said, Shahs for some reason is my favorite of all the Bravo shows...go figure LOL
  9. Thank you... I thought I was making conversation. I don't get insulted if someone doesn't share my opin an individual cast member. The Shahs are here to amuse me. We should support fellow posters. I just laugh at the ridiculous antics of the tv people
  10. Reza, is that you??? Taking your Shahs a bit too personally I think LMAO!..
  11. Oh my, you would think that, right?? They make the worst parents. Reza is too self absorbed as is MJ to make good parents...I was brought up by a narcissistic parent and you never never live up to their expectations.... Ive been to Israel security is very very strict..They don't care if you are aBravo celebrity. This is for the safety of all.
  12. Isn't Corey Haim dead. Oh couldn't help that..... the girl in the yellow looked like she was having a seizure during the second song and it made me want to smack her. She looked ridiculous
  13. ^^^^^^ This^^^^^^ for those who aren't up on why it's so important to see those returns!
  14. Im calling multiple tummy tucks as the bitch is just so vain.... It must be pulled somewhere up in her butt at this point ....
  15. I haven't been to the site...but now Im going to check it out. Delos was the original park. I have the worse short term recall but my old memories are good. I saw a fleeting glimpse of the Delos sign in Epi one or two and knew it was a reference to the original movie
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