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    S05.E18: Honeymoon Is Over

    Is there ever a scene with Catelynn NOT chewing on her fingers? She's either, biting them, picking at them and chewing them or her lip. It's definitely a nervous tick. I have gels on my nails and since I can't bite them I'll tend to pick at them here and there but she is obsessive! Can she do it in private at least? So glad Tyler called her out on it. Maybe she can call him out on being extremely self centered. Someone up thread mentioned Sophia and Debra maybe said "dolls" not "dogs have no souls" which I hope, lol. For people who say grace before meals, I would be concerned that they don't consider a dog to have a soul. This is Debra tho. Whores R Us, pleather pants, belly baring, coochie cutter wearing Debra.
  2. njmama

    S05.E18: Honeymoon Is Over

    So many wtf moments here in this ep. That one was a doozy!
  3. njmama

    Mob Wives

    Ha! Probably!!
  4. njmama

    Mob Wives

    What are these Staten Island broads doing "down the shore" at Latitudes in Forked River?? Long drive to have a sit down.
  5. njmama

    S05.E17: Forgive & Forget

    Omg where was Debra going with her whores r us belly shirt and pleather pants?? Telling Sophia's teacher "well this is how we roll!". Really?? Both of Farrah's parents seem to cater to her every whim and never stand up to her. Debra even plays the victim, horribly. You want to move Farrah? Great! You're going to England for a month? Of course we'll take Sofia! Yayyy!! That whole family is delusional. In their own little bubble. "There's nothing for baby here". Huh Debra? I think she's angling for fame more than anyone on this show. That outfit tho..... Catelynn gnawing on her fingers as usual. I love Jen and Larry so much. Even they don't know wtf to do about Ryan. I like their dynamic with Maci. They genuinely get along. Speaking of, do they drink at all hours? Maybe it's the boyfriend more so but still. Ryan trying to have a serious convo in skeleton face. That is all.
  6. njmama

    S06.E08: Going Deep

    THANK YOU!!! I'm like, wait, she looks exactly like that NY housewife and I could not remember her name! I know all of these broads by name and couldn't remember Aviva, lol,very telling. For my husband, who rarely watches with me, to say "she cries too much" re:Kyle, that's saying something! Stoooop. The choked up hoarsey voice is just as annoying. I used to love Kyle and now I'm tiring of her.
  7. njmama

    S05.E14: Never Say Goodbye

    Sophia needs a therapist, period. Her demonic eyes, baby voices, the death of her father, Farrah as a mother. I'm sure she tries her best but it couldn't hurt. Tonight was the first time ever my heart hurt watching Farrah. Agreed with poster who said Brandon and Theresa should close the adoption. Catelynn is reeling days before AND after seeing them. I know she's in therapy too but I just don't think it's worth all the stress. Send pics and emails! Kristina looks like she's about to cry in every scene. Like wtf did I get myself into?? These MTV producers are enablers!! Especially the one, Heather? I could be wrong. None of the them call them out on their shit so what's the point of involving them in the show at this point??
  8. njmama

    S05.E13: Party Down

    Word. Up. I said out loud in front of njpapa "nnnooooooo" as he walked into the salon. I was hoping we'd be spoiled with his mane a little longer. Maci....granted Ryan only proposed to you at the urging of his parents trying to make him do the right thing. An engagement MACI broke off. Then we see her practically begging Kyle a few seasons back about getting married. She has no problem shacking up with guys trying to lock it down with either a baby or a ring. I hope her baby daddy doesn't propose at this point. Get back with Ryan and call it a day.
  9. What do Cate and Tyler do exactly, other than suck off the MTV teat?? Didn't Ty have this master plan that he'd go to college while she stayed home with baby then once he graduated, she'd go? Which, even then, no one is really 'working'. So infuriating watching these people just laying around, going out to eat with no mention of a job other than Farrah which says something. The girl is a hustler and a horrible person, don't get me wrong. Ryan definitely had salt pepper hair going on but he's still hot with his lazy ass self.
  10. Omg Catelynn, stop gnawing on your fingers! Tyler has been with you for 10 years, let him go to the strip club. Butch's mane made my night! His body looked good too! Add me to the list of people who want a spinoff with Ryan's parents, Butch and also Corey's dad and Jenelle's mom Barbara from TM 2.
  11. njmama

    Manzo'd With Children

    I can't help but think that Andy is angling to make Lauren a RHONJ, unfortunately. She did look beautiful for the wedding, can't deny that. Did you hear her rattling off everything she ate out of nervousness?? She told her future father in law on the phone. It was multiple 'meals' not snacks. She was laughing and I couldn't help but think she won't be laughing when the lbs start packing on, regardless of any lap band. You can still gain weight with that, BTW. Even on wwhl she looked fluffier. Vito she's blessed with. He'll love her any size, as he should.
  12. Agreed. That's so played out. Not to mention their fame whorish opportunistic ways. They try too hard. Say what you want about the Guidices but there's a genuine authenticity to them. The dynamic of the kids and Joe's "whaddyagonnado" attitude is priceless.I agree with an above poster who suggests thier mortgage brokers are to blame as well if they sold them bad loans. Also, the Gorgas are to blame bringing it out there with the "we pay our bills" nonsense. Two random Joe Gorga observations (I do like him, sans Melissa): He wants to send his wife to jail so her vag can get tighter and he would pretty much cheat if Melissa were in prison. God forbid he goes without sex more than 48 hours.
  13. I am too. I love watching this family, always have. No shame in my game, lol!
  14. njmama

    S10.E19: Baptism By Fire

    Exactly. I was like, wait what??? It has everything to do with you, fool! That was your big storyline now you're acting like, so what? Bring back Jeana, Lauri and Knickerbocker. Done with Vicki
  15. njmama

    S06.E12: Face Off

    So, Jo does nothing for income other than MTV money? No excuse then for missing all Isaac's things. Do Jo and Vee just sit around all day? I know she's pregnant but you can still do something to generate some income if Jo's lazy ass won't. Geez. Making me side with Kail and Javi and shit... I agree with Cory and Miranda about raising the girlses and that falls on Miranda too however, I agree with Leah that she shouldn't have been there if they're trying to work issues out. Cory should've known that too. They got nowhere the last time they all sat down together. Jenelle makes the most sense when she's not in a relationship. The end.
  16. njmama

    S06.E11: Sorry Not Sorry

    I love that they needed subtitles during the Jermy/Corey convo otherwise I would have no idea what was said. Yes, Leah you are in REHAB! REPEAT, REHAB! What a relief someone finally said it. Is it wrong that I now find Jermy a little attractive now that he's not with Leah? Something about her is just very gross to me. Nails bitten down to the nub and just looks like she smells.
  17. njmama

    S10.E15: Fire Signs

    Word. That was my highlight of this episode.
  18. njmama

    Manzo'd With Children

    This show is pure Bravo filler. RHONJ isn't even close to filming (purely because Teresa doesn't get outta the clink till 12/23). Viewers can kind of get the NJ 'fix' with Caroline and her grown kids who she enables whilst trying to still be a hard ass. Not buying what you're throwing down Bravo. Sorry.
  19. I'm envisioning Heather swinging from her closet ladder ala Belle from Beauty and the Beast in her new library.
  20. I will now refer to my basement as a "subterranean", thanks for that gem Heather
  21. njmama

    S10.E11: A Psychic Surprise

    I may not like Meghan but when she shut Vicki down in the previews... I may like her a teeny bit! That nod she did at the end of her sentence like "how do you like them apples?" Had me literally laughing out loud. I still love Shannon and felt bad for her. She and Vicki seemed to have a genuine friendship and as usual, Vicki put Brooks first and no one better not DARE say one single bad thing about him. Hopefully their friendship is better now that Brooks is out of the picture, for now.
  22. njmama

    S10.E10: Girl Code

    Meghan's TH'S are strange. Especially in that hot pink top. Her ears looked huge and also very pink! She does not come off as a nice person in general. Not someone I would like to get to know and hang out with. Her only storyline is challenging the other women. I'm over Vicky gagging/puking. I know yo wanna whoop it up but you get to a certain age and it's just embarrassing. Tamra does it purely to draw attention to herself. Heather and Shannon handle themselves pretty well. So, next week we find out Brooks doesn't have cancer or never had it? He was undergoing chemo in Mexico or something. Did Vicky say what kind of cancer he supposedly had? This is interesting. I felt bad for Shannon in the promo because she genuinely values Vicky's friendship. Those tears are real. Of course, any time someone challenges Brooks, Vicky loses her shit. Wake up Vicky! The sex can't be THAT good.
  23. njmama

    Watch What Happens Live

    Andyyyyy, major cringe worthy moment asking how Vicki's mom was! It took a long second to even realize what he had just said. Vicki's face said it all. He was very apologetic but, ooof. HATE that Tamra was there kissing Andy's ass by flirting and sitting on his lap. That's her boss!
  24. njmama

    S02.E08: Omega Station

    Yes. There was a ceremony where they named a highway after him and you could see his mother and his girlfriend holding a baby girl about 6 months old.
  25. njmama

    S02.E08: Omega Station

    Me too! I thought wow, they're all going to make it out alive now this scarred up bitch will take them out. Glad I was mistaken.I don't even do drugs and this show has me paranoid as hell after watching it.