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  1. I totally agree with everything you said - just one thing, I think Justina Adorno is Latina.
  2. No way I could have said this any better other than I'd add I don't think the actress is particularly strong, which only stands out even more because I think Michael Trevino is a really solid actor.
  3. I definitely give them points for having the tool in the first place! Although, I doubt the same crew that is serving the downtown metro would be serving a rural community with silos! (cue the sun lowering in the sky)
  4. Mom and Dad grew up on farms, but Dad is a school psychologist and Mom is a school bus driver when she's not volunteering....so....I'm not that versed in things silo, I'm more silo-adjacent. ha! But if I had to guess I'd say in real life it would take a while to cut a big enough hole to get the grain out quickly. Just to add, what Raja said is probably true as well. Edited again - I found quite a few articles on google regarding cutting silos to release the grain. Looks like it's a long process. One article I found talked about using that method along with a rescue tube during one emergency: https://blog.rocorescue.com/roco-rescue-blog/draft-successful-engulfment-rescue
  5. I have a personal connection to the piece of equipment they used (or tried to use before things went south) in the grain silo rescue. It's a relatively new tool and when they first came out with it, it was fairly expensive (I think?) especially for the small towns that would use it. (My home town has about 120 people, the community is larger at around 500.) My Mom is a volunteer first responder in our community and we helped her write an essay trying to win the tool and training for the local fire department - also volunteers - and other fire departments in the county. Well her essay won out of hundreds entered. The company that held the contest came and trained anyone who wanted to show up, and my twin sis and I went to watch. It was quite impressive. Even more impressive? Less than a year later a neighbor was trapped in his silo and they used the tool to save his life.
  6. I always refer everyone to www.imdb.com when they have questions about actors. It'll give you a bio, all of their credits, photos, etc. It's the Internet Movie Database and I started using back when it was literally just a database.
  7. I loved this episode, especially the enemies part. I actually laughed out loud at the Cole Hauser reference because he's been my #1 crush since I saw him in School Ties in 1992 and made my friends stay for the credits so I could figure out his name. I've seen almost everything he's ever been in and it's not a professional reference that I'm aware of. Maybe there's no connection they just thought it was funny.
  8. You and I are talking from two different perspectives. I was speaking from a storytelling perspective. Which I thought was obvious from the conversation Nemesis and I were having.
  9. I agreed with everything you said! It'll be interesting to see what's next for Agreus and Imogen. I would love for Vignette and Tourmaline to be a lasting couple, and you're right Portia's betrayal was a convenient way to get rid of Portia without Philo looking like some sort of jerk. Oh well, I rarely ship who the powers that be wants everyone to, so I'm used to not seeing couples I want together.
  10. Maybe I've watched too much tv in my 49 years, but that didn't flout my expectations at all! 😀Since they obviously think Philo and Vignette are some sort of star crossed lovers, they had to set Portia up to get rid of her somehow, so this was as good as any other reason. I shipped Portia/Philo, but that doesn't mean I thought they'd last. Now *that* would have gone against expectations.
  11. Okay, I did NOT like that you had Portia react that way, show. She and Philo were my OTP. (that's it, that's the comment)
  12. I already ship Philo with Portia Fyfe (the on/off) instead of Vignette.
  13. Probably the hair color, but he also looks like he put weight on for the part. He's the reason I even found the show (I fell in love when I saw in him School Ties and made my friends stay for the credits to see who he was).
  14. Oh for god's sake. The finale was so poorly written (when will I ever figure out the housing situation?) that even my love for Cole Hauser and Kevin Costner wasn't going to keep me watching and then I had to see the "new cast members" coming and Now I'm stuck.
  15. Easy to do! I think quite a few of them were on both shows. I'm a huge Jason Wiles fan, that's the only reason I thought you may be thinking of him.
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