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  1. NoSpam

    S03.E13: Tell-All Part 2

    I also think there is a lack of sensitivity in Annie. I suspect she has had an extremely difficult life and that it makes her a little hardened. We all know that women have to do terrible things sometimes just to survive, and I would never hold that against them. But it can make you lack empathy for others. I am probably reading into this too much, because a friend of mine was trafficked as a child in Cambodia. While she's a perfectly nice person, there's a coldness in her. E. G. She couldn't really express sympathy for a mutual friend when her mother died.
  2. I suspect it was the first time he told her "no wedding" and she couldn't bulldoze her way over him.
  3. If it was Anfisa, I think she'd admit it. But I agree with her when she says "who cares?"
  4. Clearly the people involved don't care. I'm kind of puzzled why some strangers are so adament.
  5. People said the same thing about me and my father. Just sayin.
  6. NoSpam

    S03.E13: Tell-All Part 2

    It's a subtle thing in his mannerisms, plus the way his family seemed happy to have him marrying *anybody*. I also got vibes from his ćbest friend" who went to the airport with him the first time Nicole went to Morocco.
  7. NoSpam

    S03.E13: Tell-All Part 2

    Statistics is required in all California state universities (E. G. UCLA or CSU) to get a bachelor's degree.
  8. Pao ttalked shit about Anfisa, and then pretended to like her to her face. So yeah, I'd say she's justified in calling Pao on it. would I ever advocate violence? No. But in this case I can understand why Anfisa was angry, and yet Pao continued to play the victim with her "I was trying to e nice and she threatened me" bullshit. Pao pretending to be nice turned my stomach.
  9. We've never seen Anfisa attack another person on looks AFAIR, but it's Pao's go-to insult. Pao is just the worst.
  10. Some C-sections are more complicated. And Melanie was 38 iirc.
  11. Pao is a bully and two-faced, and Anfisa called her on it. Bullies like Pao never like to be called on their shit, so Pao played the victim. Pao is an evil, vile, cruel narcissist who thinks she's some kind of beauty when all she is is a trampy cartoon. And then she's boring on top of it all.
  12. On the tell all Pedro said Luis was planning on going back.
  13. Recovery takes months. The baby was 4 days old in that scene, per Melanie's TH