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  1. IMO this is exactly why it was annoying. Why even bother to write that plot line? It reminds me of the last season of The Office, where they cooked up manufactured drama between Jim and Pam basically just to burn screen time. And it bothered me that they handled it on screen with Leonard's line about how "she didn't want kids, but now she does." Magical handwaving...
  2. I'm just quoting a couple of the more objectionable statements that have been made on this thread. There's a very clear and ugly suggestion in these posts, and it doesn't have anything to do with how hard it is to learn another language. I won't belabor the point (sorry, mods), but I hope others might consider why statements like this--especially when made without any supporting evidence--are potentially hurtful to people.
  3. LaChavalina

    S09.E10: The Final

    Came here to see others' opinions on this year's final and am pleased to see we're mostly in agreement about the silliness of the challenges! I liked Rahul all along, but I'm honestly stunned it wasn't Kim-Joy. Her showstopper was the most creative and appetizing, in my opinion, and I'm surprised she didn't get more recognition for the sugar work. I think Ruby could have more easily made her isomalt bowl if she'd turned a regular bowl upside-down and then poured/formed the isomalt around the sides. I respectfully disagree that they picked Rahul because they want a new Nadiya... if they were purely going for photogenic and diverse contestants, they would have picked Ruby. She is a total knockout, great attitude, and I can totally see her going into a presenting gig. Rahul and his little Eeyore personality were adorable at times to me, but he did struggle these last couple of weeks. This show manages to pull a lovely group of humans every year, but this group felt so special. I was all waterworks at the end esp. when they showed Terry hanging out with one of the other contestants and her daughter, recalling how lonely he'd seemed. In conclusion: Can't wait for 2019.
  4. Another American (non-Hispanic) here. Foreign language training was required in public schools in the state where I grew up. I'm bilingual today because I stuck with it from middle school through high school through college and beyond. I worked hard, studied abroad to develop my skills, and I still find ways to use my language skills in everyday life. There are definitely a lot of people who struggle and/or don't stick with it, but I think being bilingual is becoming progressively more common--particularly among college-educated young people, many of whom are now required to take language classes or study abroad in degree programs. It's opened a lot of doors for me. Not really crazy about the implications in this post (i.e. immigrants aren't making an effort to learn English and Fernanda must have learned by hooking up with other American guys or hanging out at bars). I can't speak for Mexico, but there are many schools around the world that start English language instruction for children in kindergarten. In terms of pedagogy, that is better than the approach used by many American schools (who introduce a second language in middle schools, after the ideal window for acquiring language skills has started to close). Is it so hard to believe that Fernanda (and/or her parents) also prioritized her ability to learn English?
  5. LaChavalina

    Season 6 Discussion

    The first clue that you're visiting a crap furniture store is that they can't even manage to display their furniture effectively. What was that place? It looked like a cut-rate Rent-a-Center. I kind of feel bad for Fernanda more than anything. She just isn't mature enough to be getting married, and I don't think she realizes that if she marries this guy this will be the rest of her life: Hanging out with his boring white bread friends, no more regular clubbing, two years of being his designated driver before they can even drink together, being away from her family months or years at a time, and probably getting pregnant in a few years and kissing her great body goodbye. A guy with more sense than Jonathan would see this and be willing to make real changes or let her go. He's a real estate agent and has family in Chicago, why wouldn't he consider moving there to be with her? She seems like she'd be a lot happier in a bigger area with a larger Latino population. Agrees with the posters above on Steven and Olga. He won crazy points in my book for trying to be there and support her. Can't we make some special visa category for Asuelu so he doesn't have to be here on a K-1? Maybe an Einstein visa for sexy moves and excellence in Polynesian dance? Leida's money-grubbing is disgusting. And for the 8 millionth time, none of this is how actual rich people would behave. That said, nice to see Eric following in the proud tradition of 90 Day Fiance partners who didn't bother to buy an appropriate bed before their SO showed up.
  6. There's a difference between egging someone on or starting verbal arguments and gaslighting. From what I see, she's been very blunt about telling him what she doesn't like about him, his life, and his family. That's not so much "gaslighting" as regular old acting like a high maintenance b*tch. That said, I have no doubt she nags him incessantly. She doesn't love him, she doesn't respect him, she resents that she's not getting the life that was represented to her by movies/TV/whatever. These are things that (unfortunately) happen commonly in a dysfunctional relationship, but that still doesn't make it right to respond with physical abuse. These are adults. In any normal relationship, if things had spiraled to this point the sensible thing to do would be to call it quits and walk away. But these two are so entangled in scamming each other and trying to get a fast buck and a little fame that they won't take an easy way out of the mess they made.
  7. LaChavalina

    Season 6 Discussion

    The food court cheese steak was by far my favorite moment. Leida, I'm sorry your ex is such a deadbeat that he doesn't want to support your kid and evidently doesn't care that you're carting him halfway across the world to live with a stranger, but that doesn't give you the right to begrudge someone else's child support. Leida wants her new husband to pay only to raise her kid and not his own. Right. Leida's father seeming so unaccustomed to international travel adds to my suspicion that they're not as rich as they've been made out to be. IIRC, she is still a college student. Asuelu is by far my favorite this season and possibly ever. Seeing him judged for being a parent that dares to want to be in his child's life is maddening. I'm scared Larissa might end up an ingredient in the next batch of "beef" stew if she keeps insulting the cats.
  8. I have zero sympathy for these guys that claim American women are too "feminist," because then they go overseas and find a foreign woman who turns out to be super high-maintenance. Every. Single. Time. IIRC, Colt's complaint about the American feminazi squad was that those women had the gall to suggest he shouldn't be living with his mother at 33. I guess being asked 30,000 times for flowers is somehow less demanding? It somehow pleases me that he will end up with this awful woman who will bust his balls every day of their lives together. Larissa is like some sort of fembot surgically enhanced to seek and destroy.
  9. I wonder if they haven't realized that some of these idiots are a real disaster waiting to happen. The last couple of seasons have turned up the ick factor on abusive behavior and kids in uncomfortable/unsafe situations. And these guys like Paul and Josh, who have an actual history of domestic abuse... not good.
  10. LaChavalina

    Season 6 Discussion

    I think she looks great, but she's also 19 and has had plastic surgery. There's got to be something to the relationship besides that. I had to laugh at this. I have a cousin who does the same thing-- both of her baby daddies have been her "fiances." Never has there actually been a wedding, or any wedding planning, or any rings exchanged. This couple just made me miss Devar and Melanie, TBH. This whole comment was interesting to me. A good friend of mine, who is Mormon, held out until her early 30s to get married. She was in grad school, then waited to get tenure at her teaching job. Once she said she was ready, she was engaged within six weeks to a guy who proposed the first time they met in person.
  11. LaChavalina

    S12.E03: The Procreation Calculation

    I noticed that, too. I wonder if they had considered her for the part. As unromantic as it is, the fact that they wanted to learn about each other and discuss unsexy stuff like finances is pretty smart. I don't know, I've been saying for a couple of years now that I would like to see the show go down this path with Raj and show this kind of "introduction marriage" in a light that Americans don't often see. Some of my Indian-Americans friends' parents met that way and have been happily married for decades!
  12. LaChavalina

    S12.E01: The Conjugal Configuration

    Last night they were making room for the previews of new seasons and new shows that I will never watch. The writers don't know what to do with Penny or Raj at this point. Particularly in Penny's case, I think the default story arc for female characters on shows like this is "love --> marriage --> baby." They're trying to resist that with Leonard and Penny, which is admirable to some extent, but they don't have much of a plan B for her. I hope I'm wrong, but I think that the end of the series will probably be something cheesy like Amy and Penny getting pregnant at the same time, then Sheldon getting competitive about who's kid will be smartest, true to form.
  13. LaChavalina

    The Miniaturist

    If anyone has read the book, I'd be curious to know if the third act felt as rushed and disjointed in the book as it did here. Given the book's popularity, Masterpiece could easily have given this four episodes instead of three to promote a little character development. I also found it bizarre that Nella did not tell Johannes that Marin had died, and he didn't question why his beloved sister wasn't visiting him while he was preparing for execution? I presumed that they would pass the child off as the daughter of Otto and that other servant girl. There seemed to be some hint of a triangle between her, Otto, and Marin, but that's another thread left dangling. The actor who played Otto was the best part about this series, so it's a shame he was missing for much of the story. So much potential for the character, too, given that he recognized something creepy with the miniatures almost from the beginning.
  14. LaChavalina

    S12.E01: The Conjugal Configuration

    Big meh. The "Sheldon-coercing-Amy-into-sex" story seemed particularly tone-deaf. At this point, I feel like I'm only tuning in to see if they finally manage to give Kunal Nayyar a decent story arc before the end of the series.
  15. LaChavalina

    Season 2 Discussion

    This may very well be the case-- We've had the discussion over in the Rachel/Jon thread that the father of her older daughter seems quite involved, while Lucy's biological father has a mess of other kids, is maybe (?) still married to someone else, and can't be bothered to even scrape together the money for a paternity test so he could go to court and get visitation rights.