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  1. Wait, I thought Madison scooped out Troy's eyeball? Why does he look like he has two good seeing eyes?
  2. So Madison has no loyalty to Ofelia? They were together longer than she has been with Otto.
  3. HOw come there aren't more walkers around in general. With all the shooting and cheering and noise, you would think that they would have walkers coming at them constantly.
  4. The past couple of episodes have been very good IMO. I was wondering if anyone thinks that Micah will reveal that he got raped/assaulted/molested in jail? I am worried about his reaction and shut down. It seems that they are going towards a reveal of something major. I would have him in therapy (I say that as a counselor) based on his reaction and not eating or talking to anyone. Why is no one considering that something may have happened to him? Why are they so blase about it? I agree that all around they ignored the situation with Micah and Blue when it happened. It needed to be talked about
  5. @Saber5055, meth may not have been popular in the '60s, but meth was used by Hitler and was also used by the US government during experiments on soldiers as well. Meth may not have gone by the popular street name, but it was around much earlier in scientific circles and used by doctors.
  6. I have been watching since the Japanese days and it seems to me that the American version keeps evolving every year. I have to wonder if there have been major changes since Kacy's first "win" and after that. It might account for her "seeming" lack of ability now. A real analysis of the courses would need to be made, but I really feel that the smaller women (and the few men that fit this profile) are going to be locked out from moving forward, unless they are unbelievable jumpers. Remember, that the opening stage, most trained people could run side to side with single steps. Now, the shorter
  7. Finally got to watch it. I agree with others regarding WHY do they not show Ryan Stratis and Travis Rosen? I think that every person who gets through the entire course, should be shown. A couple of the girls were impressive, but I cannot remember their names. Jessie was great, the rolling thunder looks pretty intense. She was very close, a few more feet and she probably could have jumped it. I loved the montage of all the little girls wanting to be like her, and the quote about Wonder Woman wearing Jessie's outfit was so cute. Loved the 75 year old and "Bootie", he was 48 and very impressive
  8. Another awesome episode. Tulip definitely has a backstory, That will add an interesting development.
  9. I am curious about when they started auditions for this season, if the producers asked for teams of two, OR singles applied and were selected to the semis round and then production put the twist on these people and they had to find a 2nd to be a part of a team? Does anyone know for sure? It would solve the question regarding the first two teams where you had one person who was excited and appeared to want to be there and the other who taps out almost immediately. I also wonder if they knew when they applied if there would be a large amount of hiking? I would think that Alex would have trained
  10. Stellar episode. The beginning with them singing in the car was classic.
  11. Where / how are they getting gas for the cars? How far into the ZA is this now?
  12. Didn't even know that this was back. Glad, though. Blue is still a doll. I will regret when he starts to grow out of his cuteness. He is just adorable. I have a fancy sports car, older now, but top shelf when new. If you have been driving and park and shut the engine off, you can still open the window, or sunroof, UNLESS you open the car door. Once you do that, you can no longer power the window down unless you start it, OR put it in that mode where you are using the battery but not turning the engine on. I mean, it would be a big pain in the ass when you stop for gas, to not be able to
  13. He probably didn't record it. I think they would have shown it, if there was anything. So, I stand corrected, my Mainers, did not do so well. I agree that the youngins seem to be a consistent weak link. Still team Brooke (she is awesome) and the team with one part Maine (Skowhegan). Jessie, I think. I have to say that the previews for the season, definitely spoil who actually make it to their partners. They really shouldn't show those. I was blindsided by the tap out. I like to be surprised, so I am staying away from the "here's what happens next week thing". I think that the season will st
  14. Finally got a chance to watch, although the On Demand on Comcast kept kicking me out at about the halfway mark for the preview, so I am not that familiar with all of the teams. I find it interesting that 2 of the teams shown during this episode were from Maine, so they automatically have my love. I have to wonder if Jordan and Alex know Fowler or got any tips from him? They live in a 30-45 minute or so radius of each other. I cannot remember where the other team is from, but I think it is farther south, but I could be wrong about that. It doesn't surprise me that some of the people that I lik
  15. Yes, I was wondering what that was about too. If she is pregnant, she should not be taking pain meds that are opiate based. However, hospitals generally do a pregnancy test on any woman of child bearing age when they come into the emergency department. It is standard practice where I live.
  16. I am so worried that Chuck blows his house up.
  17. One of the most devastating things that my psychiatric clients have told me that their parents have said to them is the , "I wish you were never born" line. The line that Chuck said to Jimmy, "I never really cared all that much for you" (paraphrased), is equal in its profound level of hurt that it brings to the person hearing it. I thought that Chuck was going to accidentally electrocute himself by poking into walls like that or fall off that ladder. He has relapsed hard. It is not surprising though.
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